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What is up, my two favorite unprofessionals? Sorry about the no email thing last week. I did have other things going on what with my birthday and all. That and I forgot completely. Well, it’s been a interesting couple of weeks in gaming both as an industry and for me personally. My lovely wife punched my ticket into Club Xbone, as you no doubt know by now. Rhett and I enjoyed some Halo 5 co-op last night and it was more fun than I expected. Normally I prefer gaming to be a solo experience, but I really enjoyed myself and am looking forward to playing with both of you in the near future.

Of course the big news was the Switch Conference. Now, I know back in October I said I was excited for this console, but after seeing the conference and having more details about it, I’m really not on board with it very much at all. Yes, it is cool that you can have the same gaming experience at home and on the road, but I think in 2017, a portable screen that displays in 720p is just inexcusable. Yes, it goes 1080p when docked, but come on…most phones and tablets have 1080p resolution or higher, so there is no reason for Nintendo to have skimped out on this like they did. Whereas Sony and Microsoft offer very similar experiences, Nintendo consoles sell for one reason only – to play Nintendo’s first party titles. The Wii U died an ignoble death because not only did it lack third party support, but their first party titles trickled out at such a ridiculously slow pace that it removed most of the reason anyone would want to own one. My concern is that this trend will continue despite Breath of the Wild being a launch title. Nintendo does not learn well from its errors, as only one of its last 3 consoles were a commercial success. The Switch is underpowered and smacks of the gimmickery for which the big N has become synonymous. Because I do not trust Nintendo at this point, I will sit back a couple of years and observe how they proceed with this new console. They are going to have to prove to me the Switch is worth owning, and the way to do that is with games, games, games. Another gripe I have with it is Nintendo is stuck in this “graphics don’t matter” mentality. I call garbage on that. No, pretty is not everything, but when your competitors routinely offer nicer looking experiences at a higher resolution, you might want to consider revising that position. I’ve heard the argument that increasing specs to match the competition would result in increased prices. Again I call horsecrap. If Microsoft and Sony can put the horsepower in for $300 and still make a profit, so can Nintendo. Now that I have thoroughly defecated all over it, I will say the device offers some cool features, and I love that they have abandoned the proprietary chargers in favor of USB C. I also am digging the return to cartridge based games. By removing moving parts, I think it will help the new machine hold up well over the long run. Maybe.

So as I said, Rhett and I played some Halo last night. I want to check out Battleborn with you guys soon. I still have no idea what the game is even about, but it should be fun to blow stuff up with y’all. I have a pair of 2 week Gold passes and another month free beyond that, so I can do so without ponying up any extra cash for the service for a little while. Now that I can do an apples to apples comparison of the Xbone and PS4, I will say I enjoy the Xbox’s controller a lot more. It feels more substantial, and I like the textured grip on it. I do not understand, however, why they have no internal battery that can be charged. That is a minor gripe, however. Also, as I mentioned to the angry one last night, I have what are called intentional tremors in my hands that sometimes mess with my gaming, and the offset sticks of the Xbone controller eliminate them. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the Xbone’s interface. It is so counterintuitive, but I did hear they are working on a newer version that will be dropped on the public soon. All in all, though, I really cannot say that I prefer one console over the other. They both offer some fantastic games, and are on pretty equal footing in most regards. Speaking of, I’m gonna cut this short for now and go play a little before heading off to bed for the night. Have a great show, guys!

Oh…and one more thing…the podcast updates on the DGP site seem a little backlogged, and I could not help but notice that the audio version of the show has gone AWOL again. 😛 Fix it!

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