Substitute Episode

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Welcome back to the podcast. This is going to be a substitute episode. We are trying something new, plus we are going to be a bit busy this weekend with our personal lives. What this means for you our horde of adoring fan, is that we have decided to play Borderlands 2 and shoot the breeze. True to our nature we this is a DG Podcast video. We play Borderlands 2 and talk about whatever pops into our mind.

During this video you will hear Rhett and Jason playing and trying to keep the conversation going. Jason is playing as Axton the Commando, and is the one that keeps missing and soaks up the damage. Rhett is playing as Gaige the Mechromancer, and is the one with the sniper rifle that keeps saving Jason’s digitized butt. Whether you like it or not we hope to do more videos like it in the future, so you better like it.

Let us know what you think about the topics discussed tonight by commenting on our Twitter account or comment here our blog or go to the forum. You can also email us at

The Distracted Gamers Podcast Substitute Episode

One thought on “Substitute Episode”

  1. Ugh. Well…I made it about five minutes in and had to stop. I love the show, and you guys are great, but I simply cannot watch other people play video games. That is why I think Twitch and other such nonsense is a waste of time.
    If I have time to watch games, I could use that time to actually be playing games. :/

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