The Mail of E

What is up, my two favorite unprofessionals? Sorry about the no email thing last week. I did have other things going on what with my birthday and all. That and I forgot completely. Well, it’s been a interesting couple of weeks in gaming both as an industry and for me personally. My lovely wife punched my ticket into Club Xbone, as you no doubt know by now. Rhett and I enjoyed some Halo 5 co-op last night and it was more fun than I expected. Normally I prefer gaming to be a solo experience, but I really enjoyed myself and am looking forward to playing with both of you in the near future.

Of course the big news was the Switch Conference. Now, I know back in October I said I was excited for this console, but after seeing the conference and having more details about it, I’m really not on board with it very much at all. Yes, it is cool that you can have the same gaming experience at home and on the road, but I think in 2017, a portable screen that displays in 720p is just inexcusable. Yes, it goes 1080p when docked, but come on…most phones and tablets have 1080p resolution or higher, so there is no reason for Nintendo to have skimped out on this like they did. Whereas Sony and Microsoft offer very similar experiences, Nintendo consoles sell for one reason only – to play Nintendo’s first party titles. The Wii U died an ignoble death because not only did it lack third party support, but their first party titles trickled out at such a ridiculously slow pace that it removed most of the reason anyone would want to own one. My concern is that this trend will continue despite Breath of the Wild being a launch title. Nintendo does not learn well from its errors, as only one of its last 3 consoles were a commercial success. The Switch is underpowered and smacks of the gimmickery for which the big N has become synonymous. Because I do not trust Nintendo at this point, I will sit back a couple of years and observe how they proceed with this new console. They are going to have to prove to me the Switch is worth owning, and the way to do that is with games, games, games. Another gripe I have with it is Nintendo is stuck in this “graphics don’t matter” mentality. I call garbage on that. No, pretty is not everything, but when your competitors routinely offer nicer looking experiences at a higher resolution, you might want to consider revising that position. I’ve heard the argument that increasing specs to match the competition would result in increased prices. Again I call horsecrap. If Microsoft and Sony can put the horsepower in for $300 and still make a profit, so can Nintendo. Now that I have thoroughly defecated all over it, I will say the device offers some cool features, and I love that they have abandoned the proprietary chargers in favor of USB C. I also am digging the return to cartridge based games. By removing moving parts, I think it will help the new machine hold up well over the long run. Maybe.

So as I said, Rhett and I played some Halo last night. I want to check out Battleborn with you guys soon. I still have no idea what the game is even about, but it should be fun to blow stuff up with y’all. I have a pair of 2 week Gold passes and another month free beyond that, so I can do so without ponying up any extra cash for the service for a little while. Now that I can do an apples to apples comparison of the Xbone and PS4, I will say I enjoy the Xbox’s controller a lot more. It feels more substantial, and I like the textured grip on it. I do not understand, however, why they have no internal battery that can be charged. That is a minor gripe, however. Also, as I mentioned to the angry one last night, I have what are called intentional tremors in my hands that sometimes mess with my gaming, and the offset sticks of the Xbone controller eliminate them. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the Xbone’s interface. It is so counterintuitive, but I did hear they are working on a newer version that will be dropped on the public soon. All in all, though, I really cannot say that I prefer one console over the other. They both offer some fantastic games, and are on pretty equal footing in most regards. Speaking of, I’m gonna cut this short for now and go play a little before heading off to bed for the night. Have a great show, guys!

Oh…and one more thing…the podcast updates on the DGP site seem a little backlogged, and I could not help but notice that the audio version of the show has gone AWOL again. 😛 Fix it!

Episode 184 – 7 Things Geeks Do That Annoy Us

7 Things Geeks Do That Annoy Us. Why only 7 things when there are so many things geeks do that annoy us? We had to put an arbitrary cap on our list otherwise we’d never be able to stop. This topic is like Lays Potato Chips – you can just have one. But why seven? My response it why 10? … That is the sound of your mind being blown.

7 Things Geeks Do That Annoy Us

No email from Chance this week. So, you won’t be subjected to his witty remarks and there won’t be an email jingle. I know you were looking forward to the email jingle.

Rhett talks about why the weather here has sucked the past month or so. Rhett also talks about the new movie Creed.

Rhett and Jason played one of the Battleborn operations and he is playing through the Witcher. More details in the podcast.

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The Distracted Gamers Ep. 184 – 7 Things Geeks Do That Annoy Us

Episode 183 – I Stabbed a Guy

I Stabbed a Guy. Well not me personally, but I saw it in a movie once. The guy was standing there talkin’ smack and the hero was all, “I don’t think so” and he stabbed the guy. Best part of the movie.

I Stabbed a Guy

Unfortunately, this podcast is being posted way after we recorded it. My New Year’s resolution is to actually post these thing on time. However, we did get an email from Chance. If I can find it. Here is the full text of his email if you want to read it for yourself.

Jason talks about Kubo and the Two Strings, a great movie. He saw it with his kids and they really enjoyed it. If you want more details you’ll have to listen to the rest of the podcast.

Rhett talks about the video games that were offer for our enjoyment this year, some great, some garbage, and lots in between.

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The Distracted Gamers Ep. 183 – I Stabbed a Guy

Happy New Year

What’s up, my two favorite buttknuckles? I haven’t emailed you guys since last year, so I figured I’d be remiss for not befouling your otherwise pristine podcast with my inanities to ring in 2017. I hope you strapping young lads had a great New Year’s Eve! My old self fell into bed promptly at 8:30 pm due to my daughter’s new anarchic schedule in which she wakes up every 2-3 hours every single night. I’m not sure why she fell out of her formerly solid sleeping schedule, but now she is Hell bent and glory bound to prevent her mother and I from functioning fully in society. Staying up to watch the ball drop was just not a thing that was going to happen, and I really don’t feel like I missed a thing, but maybe that’s the old codger in me coming to the fore in that regard.

I have yet to hear your take on Rogue One, as I’ve not listened to the most recent 283 installment episode of the show. FYI, your internet SUCKS. So since I’ve not heard your take, I’ll give you mine. In short, it was so much better than The Force Awakens. Don’t get me wrong, guys, TFA was a good movie, but we all know and acknowledge that it was a grand recycling of episode 4. Rogue One can at least stand on its own two legs with little comparison to other Star Wars films. It is hands down the most visceral SW film to date, and it really did emphasize the war part of Star Wars. I know some people were moaning about the lack of Jedi and lightsabers, but I feel that is a shortsighted perspective given that, in the grand scope of that universe, there was a lot more going on than just Force users going at it. While the audience at the screening I saw were geeked to see Vader again, I honestly felt his presence lent very little to the film, and something about his look just seemed off to me. For instance, the way his helmet seated onto the rest of his suit looked cheap. It looked like some rubber sitting on top of some black vinyl. His voice, (and Heaven knows I was glad James Earl Jones chose to voice the Sith Lord once again) was more James Earl than Vader. I think more could have been done in audio post production to clean it up a bit. I know my kvetching about Vader is making it seem like I am more negative about the film than I am, but there were just some minor things, mostly Vader related, that seemed disjointed. It was like “Hey guys, here’s a new Star Wars film, and oh yeah get ready for Darth Vader even though he serves no significant purpose in the film other than to remind you that he’s still Darth Vader.” Then they had to have Vader make a wise ass remark about not choking on one’s ambitions as he was choking someone. To me that felt a lot like Optimus Prime’s “My bad” moment. Vader does not make jokes. Grand Moff Tarkin, on the other hand, served a somewhat important role, but the CG work on bringing the likeness of Peter Cushing back to the big screen was more weird than believable. I know technology has come a long way, but there was something about the unnatural way his skin and eyes seemed to shimmer that gave the character an unhealthy dose of Uncanny Valley syndrome, ya know? Still, the overall story was solid, and FREAKING IP MAN was in the film. Star Wars and Ip Man in the same film? I geeksploded. I found the ending super fitting, though it pissed my son off. Chase was all “The whole movie ends and everyone dies?!” I chuckled and told him that was the sort of ending that made Empire the best film in the series, and reminded him that in episode 4 Mon Mothma did emphasize that great sacrifices were made to acquire the intel.

Moving on, how did Christmas treat you? Was Santa super nice to both of you? Meredith gave me some very thoughtful gifts, but none of them were an Xbox One. She made good on her promise to get me nothing major. lol I ended up buying her some diamond earrings, only to find I’d already bought her the same ones 2 or 3 years ago, which she was wearing as she opened the new ones. Only I could find a way to buy the same jewelry twice. She had a good laugh at my expense. I took the suckers back the next day. If I hadn’t bought myself a copy of Mafia 3, I’d have gotten no games for Christmas. Speaking of, it is a REALLY good game and a more than worthy entry into that already stellar series. If I had to voice a gripe about it, the travel inbetween missions is a little mind numbing. But, the main protagonist is compelling, and the narrative pulls you in and makes you care. Well, it makes me care. I don’t know what effect it would have on Rhetty Poo. It’s just as well there was no Xbone for me, because I’ve been too busy to get much gaming in what with our store’s preparations for moving into a new building at month’s end and having to spend more time cleaning the house. Since Mer has been knocked up, her energy has dipped and I have to spend more time on household chores, otherwise we’d live a life reminiscent of the show Hoarders.

When I have had down time, I’ve been watching some shows. I finished season 2 of The Man in the High Castle, which was as amazing as I’d hoped, even if the whole alternate universe thing with the Japanese Trade Minister got a little convoluted. Since then, I’ve been sawing away at Designated Survivor, whose trailer looked promising, and the series has more than delivered a solid entertainment experience thus far. With Kiefer Sutherland in the lead, I was worried the show was going to be little more than President Jack Bauer, but he really has served up an entirely different persona than that in his 24 fame.

Man…I feel like I had more to discuss, but I suppose I don’t. Oh wait…yeah…I finally caved and bought myself a Sega Genesis. That was my other Christmas present to myself. Now I can actually play the sixty some odd Genesis carts I’ve had in my collection for some time. I was gonna hold off a little while longer, but my local shop got in a model 1 Genesis (the wider one with the headphone jack) and I pulled the trigger on it since I rarely ever see those in the wild anymore. Their price is finally starting to rise, so I figured if I waited much longer I would end up paying even more for one. Nintendo’s retro hardware and games have gotten prohibitively expensive for many retro collectors, so a lot of them are now starting to flock to Sega since it’s still a fair bit more approachable in terms of price and availability.

I meant to ask you, Rhett, if you ever got a NES Classic. If so, what are your thoughts? And with that, I’ll sit back and await your responses to my incoherent verbal diarrhea. Much love, and Happy New Year guys!

Episode 182 – The Miraculous DG Podcast

The Miraculous DG Podcast. That’s right this podcast is miraculous. It will cure warts, baldness, hairiness, sniffles, mumps, chicken pox, the plague, and so much more. (It really is only miraculous that it has lasted this long.)

The Miraculous DG Podcast

We do have an email from Chance this week. If you didn’t know he tends to be very verbose when communicating, which is why Jason abbreviates his comments. You can read his full email here.

As for what has been going on. Well, Jason started playing Space Marine again. He played it for a while and then got distracted by another shinier game. He didn’t go back reluctantly, but gladly. Space Marine is a great game. The ending is a bit of a disappointment as there probably won’t be a sequel. He’s been busy with family things, church things, and other holiday distractions. Tis the season. Rhett has been watching Man in the High Castle and playing the Wood Elves expansion on Total War: Warhammer. There are other things in here, but you should listen to the podcast for the rest of the news.

We had broadcasting issues again this week so the video will be put up eventually.

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The Distracted Gamers Ep. 182 – The Miraculous DG Podcast

On the first day of Christmas, DGP gave to me one crappy podcast…

Guten nacht, Obergeekenfuhrer Peterson and Dorksfurher Couraud. I trust your week has been filled with meh and whatever, as per your usual. I am in the process of breaking in the new boss at work, so my week has been relatively lively for the most part. He is a super young guy, but he’s nice enough so far. I think we will work well together, so that worry is eliminated. Whenever you get a new boss, you’re never sure what is gonna come through the doors next. My 20 years in retail have taught me that sometimes you are better off with the devil you know. But he seems like a team player, so yay for that.

I suppose the big question needs to be asked – Did you see Rogue One? I have not, but I have heard enough good things from friends who have that I am pretty excited to see it. Once my wife has had a chance to rest tomorrow, I may take my son to the local theater to check it out. Moving on…

So, that aside, have y’all read or played anything good this week? While I bought a new game this week, my gaming has been limited to the hour or so I spent tinkering with the new toys in No Man’s Sky. So far it seems like the base building, warping, and space battles have made the otherwise dull game somewhat more compelling. That said, it’s not $60 worth, which is what I paid for it, like a dope. I was in Gamestop the other day and they had the game marked down to $17. If only I’d held fast to my never buying new rule I could have saved myself a lot of money. Except that I bought new again the other day when I paid $29 for the physical release of Firewatch from Limited Run Games. I don’t know if you are familiar with them, but they’re 2 guys in North Carolina who release very limited runs (hence their name) of popular digital only or indie titles on physical media for Vita and PS4. Normally I’m not all about artificial scarcity, but Firewatch is such a good game, and I really like the idea of owning it on disc. Oh well…other than that my downtime has been consumed by blistering back pain and watching The Man in the High Castle season 2. Oh man, that show is SO good. I dig alt history anyway, and that show really tickles my What If bone in borderline pornographic ways.

I’m glad y’all gave some coverage to the NES classic debacle. I still cannot fathom why people (Especially YOU, Rhett…what the crap, man?!) are falling all over themselves for this thing. Aside from its HDMI output, there really is no reason to buy this console, with its paltry selection of games, when you could have a Raspberry Pi loaded with the entire NES, SNES, and Genesis libraries for the same price! And with hdmi output as well! And you could get a retro styled usb controller with a cord longer than the 24 inch one that come with the classic! The fact that people are actually willing to spend upwards of $300 on the secondary market for one truly makes me weep for humanity. I have a NES and 127 games that will get me by just fine, but if I truly wanted it to have HDMI output, there are hardware mods to be had for the console that would endow it with said ability. OR you could just get a Retron 5 and have not only the hdmi output, but different filters and effects at your disposal as well.

Ya know, y’all also mentioned the Best Buy employees giving the kid a Wii U thing, and while it does seem sweet on the surface and all, I have a different take on it. I think, and maybe this is just me, if you’re going to do something for someone out of the goodness of your heart, then just do it and be done with it. There is no need to catch it all on video and put it all over the internet. I think when people call attention to their good deeds, it removes all sincerity from the act and instead makes it all about the giver’s ego and need to be praised. Call me silly, but I think God’s way of thinking is better. If you’re gonna do good, do so in secret, or at least as close to secret as possible and let the act stand on its own merits.

I was dangerously close to the brink of buying a Xbox One S this week. When the price for bundles got knocked down to $250, I almost pulled the trigger on a Gears of War 4 bundle on Amazon (Because no sales tax, don’t ya know) but opted not to in the hopes my wife might actually come through for me in that regard even though she said she is not. I tend to believe her, but here’s hoping all the same. If she doesn’t, oh well…tax season is almost upon us, so I can continue to hold out a while longer. I was thinking about waiting for the Scorpion to drop, but I do not own a 4K tv, and have no plans to own one in the next few years, so in my mind that makes the S a better fit for me. Hopefully I’ll join you two clowns in the Xbone Owners club soon enough. I’m not sure why I’m so keen to own it aside from a burning desire to play the new Crackdown, though, if I’m being honest. Aside from that and Halo, I’m not really all that into Microsoft’s exclusives so much as I am Sony’s.

Have you guys wrapped up your Christmas shopping yet? My son FINALLY made known what he wanted. He was the lone holdout. I’ve had everyone else taken care of for a hot minute. He has almost filled up his 1 TB drive, and decided he needed another. I haven’t purchased a hard drive in a couple of years, so I still had it in my head that a 1 TB SATA drive would run me about $100, so imagine my surprise to find I was able to get him a nicer Seagate 3 TB drive for $89! While my son knows he is getting more storage, he has no idea he’s getting triple what he asked for. So Christmas magic and all that.

Speaking of magic, it’s time for me to disappear. Have a great show, guys!

DGN Ep. 6 – Wild Guns of Ubisoft

Wild Guns of Ubisoft. Have you ever thought about playing a game where you get to blast away at Ubisoft products and titles. Now you can with Wild Guns of Ubisoft. Let’s send a message to Ubisoft and let them know how happy we really are.

Wild Guns of Ubisoft

More news in the world of internet and stuff. We are great believers in stuff. Unfortunately, we can’t vouch for the quality of the internet and stuff today. Mostly it is full of the following:

And these games:

We had some luck with this last episode. We got through the entire episode in one go. So, here you go, another scar on your psyche.

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The Distracted Gamers News Ep. 6 – Wild Guns of Ubisoft

DGN Ep 5. – Dead Rising Eats Spider-man

Dead Rising Eats Spider-man. That guy is a glutton. You know he can never just have one. Right now he’s eyeing Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Before long he’ll have eaten his way through the entire MCU. Then he’ll go after the Justice League.

Dead Rising Eats Spider-man

We have some good news and bad games for you this week. On with the bad news:

And now the good games:

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The Distracted Gamers News Ep. 5 – Dead Rising Eats Spider-man

Episode 181 – 4 Days to Rogue One

4 Days to Rogue One. Another Star Wars movie in a year. What did we do to be so lucky? I know we endured the prequel trilogy. Hopefully, this is going to be better than Episode VII. I need to get these out on time.

4 Days to Rogue One

Welcome to the DG Podcast. For all of you out there who don’t know what we are about. This is an attempt to simplify our podcast. Rhett and Jason, our two hosts, attempt to hold your attention for however long it takes to get through the podcast. Sometimes they have some good things to say, other times the Elders of the Internet pull the plug in mid-sentence.

During this segment of the show we talk about the things we have been doing this week. We talk about anything and everything that happens to cross our minds. Sometimes we get political, but it is always nerdy. What can I say, we are unprofessionally consistent. If you can handle that magnitude of discussions, we welcome you to the podcast.

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The Distracted Gamers Ep. 181 – 4 Days to Rogue One

DGN Ep. 4 – Final Fantasy Sweeps Game Awards

The video game awards is going on and we are predicting that Final Fantasy sweeps game awards. Maybe it won’t be this year. It might not even be in our lifetime, but it will happen.

Final Fantasy Sweeps Game Awards

This week there are quite a few things to be excited about. We have good news and strange games. Here’s the news.

Here are the video games.

Let us know what you think about the topics discussed tonight by commenting on our Twitter account, comment here on blog, or go to the forum. You can also email us at and support us on Patreon.

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