Gentlemen and Rhett

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What’s up, my favorite very not a gay couple? I am listening to one of your episodes as I write this. Not sure which one, but Rhett is kvetching about shoveling snow or some such thing. Here in central Arkansas we live in a weird snow repelling bubble, and on the rare occasion we are beset by some of the white stuff, it’s usually less than an inch and melts off by the next afternoon. When I lived in the northern, more mountainous region of the state, we got about 2 or 3 decent snows per year on average, but not so much here. All the same, the second the people around here get wind of impending snow, there is a mad rush on in which all the bread and milk disappear within minutes. Arkies will scramble like the end of the world is coming, and it’s usually pretty funny to watch.

So I wanted to set a couple of things straight. First, when I was fussing about controllers that did not have a built in battery, I was referring to the Xbox One controller, not the Switch’s. Get it right, Rhett. Secondly, I am actually not the fan of cartridge based games you seem to think I am. I collect mostly disc based, thank you very much. But the reason I was and am happy about the decision to use physical carts for the Switch is that it eliminates moving parts, which will help the console’s longevity. There is a reason the old NES and Atari consoles still work, by and large, and it’s because they have no moving parts!!

Anywho, it’s been a week, fellas. I spent a great amount of time trying to get AT&T to unlock my phones so I could use them with another carrier, and they refused to do so even though I was completely out of contract and owed them not one red cent. As it turns out, even if I’d been successful, the phones did not jibe with T-Mobile’s network, so I ended up with some new phones. My wife stuck with Apple and got an IPhone 7 (much to my dismay, as I cannot stand Apple products) and I returned to LG and picked up a V20. So far so good with the phones, but T-Mobile’s network SUCKS. I literally could not make a phone call from my living room. They told me I was on the far end of their coverage even though my home is about 5 miles from a T-Mobile store!! They gave me a signal boosting device called a Cellspot that basically acts like a mini-tower in my home. The fact that I needed additional equipment to make my phone work inside my house gave me the willies, but I’ll stick with them for the time being. My son got a freebie phone, a Samsung Galaxy On5 it’s called, and he was bummed that my phone was so much nicer than his. He kept saying “But, man…come on!!!” I told him when he has a job and is paying for it, he can have whatever phone he likes, but as long as I am footing the bill, he gets what he gets. I have to say that while I am not a mobile gamer, the games I have tried on the phone look super nice.

Other than that, my week in geek consisted mostly of gaming with Rhett on some Halo 5. It would have been nice to try out Battleborn with him, but…well…updates. I also got in some Dead Rising 3 earlier today as my daughter napped. By the way, as satisfying as those mechs were in Halo 5, Rhett, they pale in comparison to killing thousands of zombies with a steamroller as it turns out. I highly recommend it. Man, Doctor Jason, I still want to get in some gaming with both of you. We need to make that happen soon! Battleborn is calling us!

Aaaaaand that’s it for me. I’ve got a baby to tend to. Maybe I’ll catch the broadcast if I am still awake then. Have a great show, guys!

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