Episode 188 – Why the Order 1886 is Destroying America

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Why the Order 1886 is Destroying America. That shadowy secret society that is dedicated to protecting mankind from the werewolf menace is destroying America. What would America be without werewolves and vampires? We would still be living under the rule of a foreign government. If it wasn’t for the shadow dwellers coming here to find a place where they wouldn’t be killed just for feeding off the living we wouldn’t be here.

Why the Order 1886 is Destroying America

Again, no word from Chance or anyone else for that matter. We have here another opportunity for someone to take Chance down. They could definitely become the new reigning king of email, but again no one has stepped up.

The hosts of the DG Podcast want me to warn you that what they recorded may represent the entire overthrow of the free world. There is a possibility that in there incoherent ramblings are the dangerous seeds of a cultural revolution that could sweep the globe in a firestorm both figurative and literal. Words have power to build and to destroy. Most-likely you will be fine, but you have been warned.

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The Distracted Gamers Ep. 188 – Why the Order 1886 is Destroying America

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