Episode 187 – Ban Robot Immigrants

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Ban Robot Immigrants. You know that we are just going to have more and more problems with those darn robot immigrants. We should just ban them as a kneejerk reaction to the growing trend of artificials coming into our country.

Ban Robot Immigrants

No email from Chance this week. Evidently, no one wants to take over as king of the email. We are waiting for change to be dethroned, but so far no one has toppled his empire.

Wait till you hear what the hosts of the DG Podcast have been up to! You won’t believe your ears, your eyes, or any of your other 12 senses. That is how describable their lives actually are. Just take it slowly and if you need to pause you had better do so, or your head might just explode.

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The Distracted Gamers Ep. 187 – Ban Robot Immigrants

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