Episode 185 – Why Geeks Rule the World

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Why Geeks Rule the World. That’s right. We rule the world. How did that happen? Well it all started with the Information Age. Now, that information and technology are so pivotal for our society those who can control that information and utilize the technology are in charge.

Why Geeks Rule the World

Chance did send us an email again this week. Evidently, it was his birthday and he was busy doing birthday things instead of doing what he should have been doing, supporting this podcast. Without any further complaining here’s his email.

Jason brings up reality. It intrudes on our comfy illusions. Why does it always have to ruin things. Also, there’s stuff about Girl Meets World.

Rhett talks about Assassination Classroom and Battlefront, which isn’t as good as Battlefield 1. He also brings up Cowboy Bebop.

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The Distracted Gamers Ep. 185 – Why Geeks Rule the World

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