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Gentlemen and Rhett

What’s up, my favorite very not a gay couple? I am listening to one of your episodes as I write this. Not sure which one, but Rhett is kvetching about shoveling snow or some such thing. Here in central Arkansas we live in a weird snow repelling bubble, and on the rare occasion we are beset by some of the white stuff, it’s usually less than an inch and melts off by the next afternoon. When I lived in the northern, more mountainous region of the state, we got about 2 or 3 decent snows per year on average, but not so much here. All the same, the second the people around here get wind of impending snow, there is a mad rush on in which all the bread and milk disappear within minutes. Arkies will scramble like the end of the world is coming, and it’s usually pretty funny to watch.

So I wanted to set a couple of things straight. First, when I was fussing about controllers that did not have a built in battery, I was referring to the Xbox One controller, not the Switch’s. Get it right, Rhett. Secondly, I am actually not the fan of cartridge based games you seem to think I am. I collect mostly disc based, thank you very much. But the reason I was and am happy about the decision to use physical carts for the Switch is that it eliminates moving parts, which will help the console’s longevity. There is a reason the old NES and Atari consoles still work, by and large, and it’s because they have no moving parts!!

Anywho, it’s been a week, fellas. I spent a great amount of time trying to get AT&T to unlock my phones so I could use them with another carrier, and they refused to do so even though I was completely out of contract and owed them not one red cent. As it turns out, even if I’d been successful, the phones did not jibe with T-Mobile’s network, so I ended up with some new phones. My wife stuck with Apple and got an IPhone 7 (much to my dismay, as I cannot stand Apple products) and I returned to LG and picked up a V20. So far so good with the phones, but T-Mobile’s network SUCKS. I literally could not make a phone call from my living room. They told me I was on the far end of their coverage even though my home is about 5 miles from a T-Mobile store!! They gave me a signal boosting device called a Cellspot that basically acts like a mini-tower in my home. The fact that I needed additional equipment to make my phone work inside my house gave me the willies, but I’ll stick with them for the time being. My son got a freebie phone, a Samsung Galaxy On5 it’s called, and he was bummed that my phone was so much nicer than his. He kept saying “But, man…come on!!!” I told him when he has a job and is paying for it, he can have whatever phone he likes, but as long as I am footing the bill, he gets what he gets. I have to say that while I am not a mobile gamer, the games I have tried on the phone look super nice.

Other than that, my week in geek consisted mostly of gaming with Rhett on some Halo 5. It would have been nice to try out Battleborn with him, but…well…updates. I also got in some Dead Rising 3 earlier today as my daughter napped. By the way, as satisfying as those mechs were in Halo 5, Rhett, they pale in comparison to killing thousands of zombies with a steamroller as it turns out. I highly recommend it. Man, Doctor Jason, I still want to get in some gaming with both of you. We need to make that happen soon! Battleborn is calling us!

Aaaaaand that’s it for me. I’ve got a baby to tend to. Maybe I’ll catch the broadcast if I am still awake then. Have a great show, guys!

Happy New Year

What’s up, my two favorite buttknuckles? I haven’t emailed you guys since last year, so I figured I’d be remiss for not befouling your otherwise pristine podcast with my inanities to ring in 2017. I hope you strapping young lads had a great New Year’s Eve! My old self fell into bed promptly at 8:30 pm due to my daughter’s new anarchic schedule in which she wakes up every 2-3 hours every single night. I’m not sure why she fell out of her formerly solid sleeping schedule, but now she is Hell bent and glory bound to prevent her mother and I from functioning fully in society. Staying up to watch the ball drop was just not a thing that was going to happen, and I really don’t feel like I missed a thing, but maybe that’s the old codger in me coming to the fore in that regard.

I have yet to hear your take on Rogue One, as I’ve not listened to the most recent 283 installment episode of the show. FYI, your internet SUCKS. So since I’ve not heard your take, I’ll give you mine. In short, it was so much better than The Force Awakens. Don’t get me wrong, guys, TFA was a good movie, but we all know and acknowledge that it was a grand recycling of episode 4. Rogue One can at least stand on its own two legs with little comparison to other Star Wars films. It is hands down the most visceral SW film to date, and it really did emphasize the war part of Star Wars. I know some people were moaning about the lack of Jedi and lightsabers, but I feel that is a shortsighted perspective given that, in the grand scope of that universe, there was a lot more going on than just Force users going at it. While the audience at the screening I saw were geeked to see Vader again, I honestly felt his presence lent very little to the film, and something about his look just seemed off to me. For instance, the way his helmet seated onto the rest of his suit looked cheap. It looked like some rubber sitting on top of some black vinyl. His voice, (and Heaven knows I was glad James Earl Jones chose to voice the Sith Lord once again) was more James Earl than Vader. I think more could have been done in audio post production to clean it up a bit. I know my kvetching about Vader is making it seem like I am more negative about the film than I am, but there were just some minor things, mostly Vader related, that seemed disjointed. It was like “Hey guys, here’s a new Star Wars film, and oh yeah get ready for Darth Vader even though he serves no significant purpose in the film other than to remind you that he’s still Darth Vader.” Then they had to have Vader make a wise ass remark about not choking on one’s ambitions as he was choking someone. To me that felt a lot like Optimus Prime’s “My bad” moment. Vader does not make jokes. Grand Moff Tarkin, on the other hand, served a somewhat important role, but the CG work on bringing the likeness of Peter Cushing back to the big screen was more weird than believable. I know technology has come a long way, but there was something about the unnatural way his skin and eyes seemed to shimmer that gave the character an unhealthy dose of Uncanny Valley syndrome, ya know? Still, the overall story was solid, and FREAKING IP MAN was in the film. Star Wars and Ip Man in the same film? I geeksploded. I found the ending super fitting, though it pissed my son off. Chase was all “The whole movie ends and everyone dies?!” I chuckled and told him that was the sort of ending that made Empire the best film in the series, and reminded him that in episode 4 Mon Mothma did emphasize that great sacrifices were made to acquire the intel.

Moving on, how did Christmas treat you? Was Santa super nice to both of you? Meredith gave me some very thoughtful gifts, but none of them were an Xbox One. She made good on her promise to get me nothing major. lol I ended up buying her some diamond earrings, only to find I’d already bought her the same ones 2 or 3 years ago, which she was wearing as she opened the new ones. Only I could find a way to buy the same jewelry twice. She had a good laugh at my expense. I took the suckers back the next day. If I hadn’t bought myself a copy of Mafia 3, I’d have gotten no games for Christmas. Speaking of, it is a REALLY good game and a more than worthy entry into that already stellar series. If I had to voice a gripe about it, the travel inbetween missions is a little mind numbing. But, the main protagonist is compelling, and the narrative pulls you in and makes you care. Well, it makes me care. I don’t know what effect it would have on Rhetty Poo. It’s just as well there was no Xbone for me, because I’ve been too busy to get much gaming in what with our store’s preparations for moving into a new building at month’s end and having to spend more time cleaning the house. Since Mer has been knocked up, her energy has dipped and I have to spend more time on household chores, otherwise we’d live a life reminiscent of the show Hoarders.

When I have had down time, I’ve been watching some shows. I finished season 2 of The Man in the High Castle, which was as amazing as I’d hoped, even if the whole alternate universe thing with the Japanese Trade Minister got a little convoluted. Since then, I’ve been sawing away at Designated Survivor, whose trailer looked promising, and the series has more than delivered a solid entertainment experience thus far. With Kiefer Sutherland in the lead, I was worried the show was going to be little more than President Jack Bauer, but he really has served up an entirely different persona than that in his 24 fame.

Man…I feel like I had more to discuss, but I suppose I don’t. Oh wait…yeah…I finally caved and bought myself a Sega Genesis. That was my other Christmas present to myself. Now I can actually play the sixty some odd Genesis carts I’ve had in my collection for some time. I was gonna hold off a little while longer, but my local shop got in a model 1 Genesis (the wider one with the headphone jack) and I pulled the trigger on it since I rarely ever see those in the wild anymore. Their price is finally starting to rise, so I figured if I waited much longer I would end up paying even more for one. Nintendo’s retro hardware and games have gotten prohibitively expensive for many retro collectors, so a lot of them are now starting to flock to Sega since it’s still a fair bit more approachable in terms of price and availability.

I meant to ask you, Rhett, if you ever got a NES Classic. If so, what are your thoughts? And with that, I’ll sit back and await your responses to my incoherent verbal diarrhea. Much love, and Happy New Year guys!

On the first day of Christmas, DGP gave to me one crappy podcast…

Guten nacht, Obergeekenfuhrer Peterson and Dorksfurher Couraud. I trust your week has been filled with meh and whatever, as per your usual. I am in the process of breaking in the new boss at work, so my week has been relatively lively for the most part. He is a super young guy, but he’s nice enough so far. I think we will work well together, so that worry is eliminated. Whenever you get a new boss, you’re never sure what is gonna come through the doors next. My 20 years in retail have taught me that sometimes you are better off with the devil you know. But he seems like a team player, so yay for that.

I suppose the big question needs to be asked – Did you see Rogue One? I have not, but I have heard enough good things from friends who have that I am pretty excited to see it. Once my wife has had a chance to rest tomorrow, I may take my son to the local theater to check it out. Moving on…

So, that aside, have y’all read or played anything good this week? While I bought a new game this week, my gaming has been limited to the hour or so I spent tinkering with the new toys in No Man’s Sky. So far it seems like the base building, warping, and space battles have made the otherwise dull game somewhat more compelling. That said, it’s not $60 worth, which is what I paid for it, like a dope. I was in Gamestop the other day and they had the game marked down to $17. If only I’d held fast to my never buying new rule I could have saved myself a lot of money. Except that I bought new again the other day when I paid $29 for the physical release of Firewatch from Limited Run Games. I don’t know if you are familiar with them, but they’re 2 guys in North Carolina who release very limited runs (hence their name) of popular digital only or indie titles on physical media for Vita and PS4. Normally I’m not all about artificial scarcity, but Firewatch is such a good game, and I really like the idea of owning it on disc. Oh well…other than that my downtime has been consumed by blistering back pain and watching The Man in the High Castle season 2. Oh man, that show is SO good. I dig alt history anyway, and that show really tickles my What If bone in borderline pornographic ways.

I’m glad y’all gave some coverage to the NES classic debacle. I still cannot fathom why people (Especially YOU, Rhett…what the crap, man?!) are falling all over themselves for this thing. Aside from its HDMI output, there really is no reason to buy this console, with its paltry selection of games, when you could have a Raspberry Pi loaded with the entire NES, SNES, and Genesis libraries for the same price! And with hdmi output as well! And you could get a retro styled usb controller with a cord longer than the 24 inch one that come with the classic! The fact that people are actually willing to spend upwards of $300 on the secondary market for one truly makes me weep for humanity. I have a NES and 127 games that will get me by just fine, but if I truly wanted it to have HDMI output, there are hardware mods to be had for the console that would endow it with said ability. OR you could just get a Retron 5 and have not only the hdmi output, but different filters and effects at your disposal as well.

Ya know, y’all also mentioned the Best Buy employees giving the kid a Wii U thing, and while it does seem sweet on the surface and all, I have a different take on it. I think, and maybe this is just me, if you’re going to do something for someone out of the goodness of your heart, then just do it and be done with it. There is no need to catch it all on video and put it all over the internet. I think when people call attention to their good deeds, it removes all sincerity from the act and instead makes it all about the giver’s ego and need to be praised. Call me silly, but I think God’s way of thinking is better. If you’re gonna do good, do so in secret, or at least as close to secret as possible and let the act stand on its own merits.

I was dangerously close to the brink of buying a Xbox One S this week. When the price for bundles got knocked down to $250, I almost pulled the trigger on a Gears of War 4 bundle on Amazon (Because no sales tax, don’t ya know) but opted not to in the hopes my wife might actually come through for me in that regard even though she said she is not. I tend to believe her, but here’s hoping all the same. If she doesn’t, oh well…tax season is almost upon us, so I can continue to hold out a while longer. I was thinking about waiting for the Scorpion to drop, but I do not own a 4K tv, and have no plans to own one in the next few years, so in my mind that makes the S a better fit for me. Hopefully I’ll join you two clowns in the Xbone Owners club soon enough. I’m not sure why I’m so keen to own it aside from a burning desire to play the new Crackdown, though, if I’m being honest. Aside from that and Halo, I’m not really all that into Microsoft’s exclusives so much as I am Sony’s.

Have you guys wrapped up your Christmas shopping yet? My son FINALLY made known what he wanted. He was the lone holdout. I’ve had everyone else taken care of for a hot minute. He has almost filled up his 1 TB drive, and decided he needed another. I haven’t purchased a hard drive in a couple of years, so I still had it in my head that a 1 TB SATA drive would run me about $100, so imagine my surprise to find I was able to get him a nicer Seagate 3 TB drive for $89! While my son knows he is getting more storage, he has no idea he’s getting triple what he asked for. So Christmas magic and all that.

Speaking of magic, it’s time for me to disappear. Have a great show, guys!

Y’all Got Anymore of them Games?!

What is up, miscreants of unparalleled unprofessionalism? I just finished watching Sausage Party with my boy (yeah, great parenting I know) and then I realized it is Monday and y’all are probably gonna squeeze another podcast through your podcasting sphincters, so I figured I’d drop a verbal deuce all over it. By the way, Sausage Party is far dumber than you would imagine, even by Seth Rogen standards. No bueno that one. I have the new Star Trek waiting me. That flick cannot help but be better than what I just watched. It was so unprofessional and unfunny that it was like the theatrical equivalent of the DGP.

Not much gaming this week aside from getting pretty into Fallout 3. Yeah…playing the series backwards! You want to hear something stupid? I mean beyond the pale stupid? I mean like a millenial’s written answer to an essay question stupid? I never got into Fallout 3 because I always wasted my ammo too quickly…BECAUSE I DID NOT KNOW YOU COULD USE THE VATS SYSTEM, LET ALONE THAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO!!! Turns out those tutorial sessions in games are useful after all. Before I was just firing all willy nilly. I have to say playing it the correct way makes it a totally different experience!

I got my man cave halfway set up this week. just added my OG XBOX and PS2 to the mix this morning, so now when the wife is pissed at me, I have a comfortable gaming space to which I can escape. While setting it up, I took a physical count of my stash and found out it has eclipsed the 1000 titles mark. I am starting to think I have a real issue. Even the guys at Gamestop know better than to ask me to trade now. They had a new guy try it the other day and his coworker corrected him, saying “No, I know this guy. He likes vintage, and he is NOT a trader.” It was the one time I was happy to have had my reputation precede me.

So I am going to humiliate myself for your amusement and that of the internet at large. I probably should not share this lurid tale, but it is kinda funny so I will do so all the same. The other day I set out for work, only to get about 10 miles up the highway before hitting some unexpected road work in which 2 of the 3 lanes were closed off, leaving one for all of that traffic. Now, I had not bothered to piss before leaving the house, because I knew I would get to work in short order. Well…the lane closures ended up causing traffic to come to a dead stop, and when it did move, our speeds never eclipsed 5 mph, no exaggeration. Well, I quickly began regretting the not pissing before leaving decision. Finally I devised a plan. I emptied my bottle of Tums and planned to piss into the bottle while driving…in stop and go traffic…my FIVE SPEED MANUAL Volkswagen. It seemed a reasonable plan, until it wasn’t. I ended up pissing all over myself, and ended up driving the rest of the way with a towel stuffed down my pants. Because I am a moron of the highest order. the upside was that it took so long to get to work that I was reasonably dry by the time I arrived. I told my wife this tale and she had no words. Speaking of work, our sales have been through the roof since our boss got canned. I am not saying it is her fault our sales were hurting, but…Anywho…

What have you two floaters been up to this week? I mean aside from glowering at small children, selling your body like the whore you are, and demanding ridiculous ransoms from your girlfriend, Rhett.

Hey Doc Jason, I want to ask you a question. Real talk, man to man child, I know you read like 10 books a day, game, do the show, work, and you have like 28 kids, and you are active in your church, so…ahem…WHERE THE CRAP DO YOU FIND TIME TO DO ALL OF THAT AND SLEEP?! Enquiring minds want to know. I have always been curious.

Well, I know this is short, but I figured I would at least try to make y’all chuckle by contributing something to the show, however inane that contribution might be. So, have a great show, guys. Much love.

The Unprofessionals

What is up you two unprofessional podcasters? It has been an eventful week, to be sure. It’s kind of crazy that Trump was elected, don’t you think? That said, it really pisses me off to see all of these stupid rioters and protesters out in the street having a damn temper tantrum like a bunch of toddlers. I guess this is what we get when we raised a generation of kids who don’t know what it’s like to lose because they’ve been shielded from it their entire lives. I truly fear for the day when our country is run by people who got trophies just for showing up, and who truly believe that feelings and self-esteem are more important than competent government and National Security.

What disturbs me even more, is that our beloved president hasn’t even bothered to get on television or radio or something and tell these protesters to knock it off. I always find it maddening yet hilarious that liberals for whatever reason cannot seem to grasp the concept of a representative Republic, and that they consistently try to find anything and anyone to blame except for themselves and their own policies when they lose. I got into an argument online with a liberal a few days ago, and I had to point out to him the absolute hypocrisy of the left always parading around like they’re so tolerant and so loving and so inclusive, but the second their candidate loses they just want to scream and graffiti hateful messages and subvert the entire Democratic process just to get their way. Needless to say, it was of course like speaking to the proverbial brick wall.

There’s actually a petition circulating calling for the Electoral College to award the presidency to Hillary Clinton anyway, but such a move would be unprecedented in American history and I don’t see it happening.

So anyway, what have you guys been up to this week? I just finally beat Fallout 4 a few minutes ago, and I have to say that I was really underwhelmed by the ending. The game itself was such a fantastic experience, but I felt like its culmination was really really disappointing. That said, I do believe I will spend a little extra money for the DLC.

Other than that I haven’t really been doing anything too terribly geeky except for watching The Flash on the CW. I haven’t bothered watching Arrow this season at all, because frankly the show has sucked balls ever since season 2.

I have 2 questions for you guys. First, why on Earth is each episode broken down into small bite-size segments on Twitch? Secondly, why are there no audio only versions of the show available? I thought Jason had rectified that situation. The whole thing just smacks of unprofessionalism. So unprofessional.

Well, I don’t know about you guys but the in my corner of the world Christmas is in full effect. I am constantly having my senses assailed by Christmas music and the sounds of screaming children as they chase after Santa Claus in the mall in which I work. Because my wife and I just got done buying a house. I told her I am frankly too broke to be spending too lavishly on Christmas this year, and to not expect too much under the tree. She laughed and told me I had better expect the same. I seriously cannot remember the last time I ever got excited about Christmas. I suppose it would be exciting watching my kids get all riled up over their gifts, except that my son is 15 and he doesn’t really care about Christmas either, and my daughter is only a year old and frankly she’s excited by pretty much whatever you put in front of her. I wish that I could recapture some of that joy and enthusiasm for the holiday season I possessed as a child, but 20 years spent in the retail industry pretty much every last ounce of Joy from the marrow of your bones as it pertains to the Christmas season. Please forgive the odd capitalizations and random misspellings. I am doing speech to text for this email and frankly it doesn’t get it right 100% of the time. But, I am such a lazy bastard that I’m willing to endure the errors for the sake of convenience.

So I got my first traffic ticket in many many years this past week. It turns out that I had not bothered to renew my tags this year, and it took getting pulled over and ticketed for me to understand that I was four months overdue for a renewal. That really sucks. It is a $200 ticket. So yeah, Christmas is going to be skinny this year.

At any rate, I hope you guys have a spectacular yet on professional outing. Take it easy.

Lost Their John

Hmmmm…so you two have been left high and dry by that…other email sender, I see. I am not sure if I should take you back. The two of you are tainted now. 😉

Man, the dude sounds like, well, what Rhett described him as. If you cannot take a random guy online calling you a douche without it ruining your day, then life is gonna be a painful ride for you, buddy. If John had any idea how much abuse I have taken from Rhett, he’d be grateful he got off as lightly as he did. Like I told Rhett, if I had bailed the first time Rhett took a shot at me, I doubt I would have made it past my first 4 episodes. That said, this dude seemed so confident in his status as “someone in the entertainment biz” that it lead me to a theory. Ready for it? John is actually none other than…Uwe Boll. Yep. All the signs are there. He thinks awfully highly of himself, he is in the entertainment biz, and he does not take criticism well. All signs point to him and Boll being one in the same. Plus, Uwe has had plenty of free time to email podcasts lately now that he is done with movies. Finally his films and the DGP have something in common – neither are professionally made. At least the latter is entertaining, however.

I legit got pissed when he said Lindsay fears Rhett. I know I have never met the lumbering curmudgeon in person, but I know he is a damned good, if perpetually cranky, dude. He would never give any lady cause to fear him. I feel he owes Rhett and Lindsay an apology.

So, I have been doing some pretty heavy gaming the last couple of weeks. While I never played Fallout 3, I have to say its sequel has eaten a lot of my free time lately. Fallout 4 is sooooo good! I love it in a way reserved previously only for Skyrim, which I suppose is appropriate given its developer. I am getting a little tired of all the tedious “Defend Podunk Farm from raiders/rescue the kidnapped moron” quests though. It makes me want to slap Preston Garvey upside the head. He keeps saying the Minutemen are needed, but never sends anyone else out to handle anything.

On an unrelated note, are the two of you sworn to some weird beard pact in which only one of you can wear facial hair at any given time? Rhett’s vanished, and about the same time Jason’s showed up. Did Rhett’s beard tire of being abused then pack up and move onto the face of the good doctor?

I am glad y’all touched on Gamestop’s nationwide retro trade in. I overheard my local store’s manager glowing about it to a customer today, and the things he was telling her made me seeth. He claimed all the mom and pop shops would charge her $120 for a N64, but he could order her one for $49.95. Horseshit!!! $45- $50 is the going rate at all the shops around here. I know. I am a retro collector, and I am in all the shops regularly. He started telling her about how she could trade her old games in and blah blah blah. You know what their trade in value is for the SNES copy of Earthbound? $29. Thirty bucks for a game that regularly retails for north of $120- $150. Look, I am all for free market capitalism, but there is a difference between free trade and rape. Plus, with Gamestop, you never know the condition of the items you are buying until they reach you. You buy sight unseen with them. I will always take the mom and pop shops for retro over Gamestop any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

I am glad y’all share my view of the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo excels at handheld gaming, and their home consoles are solid enough, but having a console that allows me to take the home experience on the road with me is really a cool concept! If I could do that with my PS4, I probably would have finished Fallout 4 by now! We will see, though. I know some people are on the fence about the return to cartridges as a format, but having no moving parts will hopefully mean the Switch will be as durable as the old machines. I still wish they would release some specs for the damned thing.

Since I am terrible at segues, did you hear about the Japanese lady who was getting her cervix operated on with some surgical laser, then farted and caused a fire bad enough to burn her from the waist down? I mean, I feel terrible for her, but that is epically funny in a way. I thought Rhett might enjoy it.

Anywho, as with most of my emails, this one is being written at work, so I had best cut it short. Have a great unprofessional show, guys!

161B & Update

Hello whores. I see that not only are you taking emails from different listeners, you are now bringing others onto the show itself. I never would have figured the two of you to be so cheap and tawdry. I feel like both of you truly deserve to be forced on a march of shame with me shuffling behind you Game of Thrones style hollering “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

I kid, of course. It’s all good. I’m glad to see the show finally branching out and including new voices. I am watching 161B on my PS4. Your guest has me rolling, because apparently y’all did not coach him on your aversion to profanity. I bet on the inside your heads were caving in a little.

It has been a long day, I needed something mindless to cleanse my mental palette, and what, I ask you, is more mindless than the DGP? I felt the need to chime in on your discussion regarding the current state of the comics industry. Like you, I rarely purchase a new comic due to price, which is ridiculous for what your money actually buys you, but I do read them digitally. Today I’ve been reading Superman Rebirth, and I am tentatively optimistic. That said, if you have not been reading it at all, Superman is married to Lois, with whom he has a son named Jon. They have a farm, and are trying as a family to keep their very existence on the down low. They are on an earth whose Superman is dead, and his memory is being kept alive by Lex Luthor in a get up that looks like Steel’s suit. This draws Supes out of hiding to confront him, and when I left off, Doomsday had made an appearance. The marriage and kid dynamic makes me wonder if this new Superman is the same Supes from the Superman Returns universe. The whole biological kid thing makes me draw that conclusion. His kid was running around outside at one point, and a hawk swooped down and snatched the kid’s cat, and in a moment of anger/panic, the kid unleashes a blast of heat vision which kills the hawk AND turns his pet into cat flambé. It was supposed to be a shocking and sad moment, but I laughed a little because I am an evil prick.

Anyway­­­, like Rhett I skew DC right now, because Marvel has gotten just too out of control with its heavy handed political and racial pandering. Marvel should change its name to PC Comics. That would at least make its rivalry with DC more fun to say. So are you PC or DC? DC keeps rebooting and retooling its characters, which is aggravating, but at least it’s not going out of its way to change its most iconic characters for the sake of appealing to politically correct sensibilities.

Other than reading some new comics on my tablet, my week in geek has largely consisted of gaming. Been playing some Justice League Heroes on my Vita, and today I purchased a copy of Young Justice Legacy for PS3 that hopefully I will get around to experiencing sometime this week. I won’t lie. The game looks like a total piece of crap, but it’s a Justice League tie in game, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. I also picked up a copy of the Battleship movie tie in game because it looks SO bad that it might end up being oddly enjoyable, which can be said of the movie, whose horribleness was oddly endearing enough to warrant me buying a copy. Oh, and I picked up a copy of Carmageddon for PS4. Normally I am not into driving games, but the second I found out you get points for running over people in wheelchairs, I was sold. I am sure Rhett can relate to my darkness in that regard. lol

I am enjoying watching the new Ghostbusters movie failing hard in the theaters, by the way. I do not usually wish failure on anyone, but I guess with all of the political frustrations which currently have my blood pressure at fire hose levels, seeing something that is so blatantly pc failing hard makes my dark little heart dance a jig. As I ranted on Facebook, it is not the female facet that has me irked. I have no issue with females in strong and prominent roles. However, Feig wasted a great opportunity to continue the franchise in a way that honored the past and moved forward with those strong female characters. Had I written the screenplay, I’d have had Winston and Ray on their last legs as tired, beaten down old men who were just physically no longer capable of doing the job. There would have been a great deal of dialogue between the two about passing the torch, and I would have introduced some young ladies who may have been the children or nieces of the original 4. Also, I would not have attempted to have them be simply female versions of the same character types. I’d have strayed from the funny/brainy/average/snarky grouping we loved in the originals. In my script, one young lady would have been the daughter of Venkman and Dana, and due to their close experiences with the other side, she would have, en utero, developed a psychic connection to the other side that gave her a paranormal Spidey Sense, so to speak. She would have been a human ghost detector. She could have been a really angry/angsty sort due to years of being tortured with unwanted mental images from the the land beyond who only reluctantly joined the group. Also, Egon would have been dead for several years, and the film would have paid Harold Ramis a fitting tribute as well as explaining Venkman’s decision to leave the group before it took too heavy of a physical toll on him. The film would introduce a big bad that the originals would just have been entirely unequipped physically to handle, and would have been unable to be detected with the famous PKE meter. (Which brings our aforementioned paranormally endowed young lady into the equation) A Ghostbusters movie with strong female leads would have been a must see for me had it been handled correctly instead of being made a vehicle for the pc agenda.

Switching gears, this has been a rough month, guys. I went from the best month of my sales career last month to one of my worst this month. Retail is a fickle slut. Also, a woman I’ve known for years and worked with for the first 2 months at my new job is now laying in a local hospital’s ICU on life support after having what I am told was a brain cyst that ruptured and left her brain dead before they were able to mitigate its damage. She is not expected to make it much longer. I will not lie and say she was some great person. She was very negative and unpleasant, but there was something still oddly likable about her surliness, and I considered her a friend. I hate to see that sort of thing happen to anyone. And to put the cherry on top of the crap sundae that is this month, my LG G3 has decided it has given up on being able to connect to WiFi. I have reset my phone and router several times to no avail. It is pissing me off, and tomorrow LG will be hearing about it. I think it is the fault of the OS. When my Android was running Lollipop, I did not have this issue. When I updated to Marshmallow, this issue manifested.

Speaking of my phone, I’ve been playing the piss out of Pokemon Go as well. I forgot to mention that. I cannot believe I have turned into a bleating sheep and participating in such a commercially popular endeavor, but it is just damned fun. When trades and trainer battles are added, I think I will be permahooked. However, the fact that people are driving and playing this game scares the Hell out of me. I read the other day about a 21 year old who sent his car head on into an 18 wheeler because he was trying to catch them all. Yeah…he caught it all indeed. He died and so did the trucker whose truck was engulfed in flame as a result of the wreck.

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by your guest’s willingness to jump out there with his politics. He is very bright and forms his opinions well. As a conservative a-hole of the highest order, I disagree with his leftist leanings of course, but he sounds like someone with whom I could find a fair amount of common ground as well. I like him, all in all, and I think you should have him on more often if he is willing. Speaking of, how have you been enjoying the crapstravaganza that has been the two conventions thus far? The GOP one was painful in some regards, but I do feel the media unfairly twisted Trump’s assertions that our nation is in bad shape and tried to push this narrative that somehow he was wrong. He is not. The problems he laid out are all very real and need to be addressed. I am sick of conservatives being skewered and called racists/homophobes/xenophobes for pointing out that illegal immigration and radical Islam are threats to America’s future and security. The left’s glossing over of inconvenient truths is maddening to say the least.

The DNC has not even begun and already it is clouded by controversy. I find it hilarious that people are legit acting as if the DNC’s blatant pandering to Hillary and active attempts to quash all other campaigns is somehow surprising. The Democrat party was openly corrupt and basically telling Bernie Sanders (with whom I disagree on most points) to go eff themselves during the entire process.

Anyways, guys, I suppose I’ve rambled on long enough. I’ll let you go on with your show and your lives. Peace, love, and questionable life decisions to you both.


A few updates to the email. First, my friend did in fact pass away. It turned out she had a heart attack, and that is what led to her brain death. The cyst was real, but intact and was discovered only after the fact.

Secondly, LG told me my phone was effed as far as its Wi-Fi issue went. So I filed a claim with my phone insurance and they sent me an LG G5 to replace my G3. I will be playing with that when I get home in a couple of hours.

Oh, and we put our home on the market today and placed a contingency offer on another. If all goes well I will FINALLY have a man cave!

Carmageddon is every bit as fun as I imagined it would be, and while the cars look great, the NPCs look straight out of PS2. Really. :/

That is all.

John’s Email

With your talk on drones, there are already laws. Last year they started requiring people to register their drones with the FFA. Most states have laws the will fine and even jail any perpetrator that flies their drone in a wild fire area. And Jason has it backwards the big planes actually have a larger danger of hitting the drones. If a drone hits into the plane it can cause more damage than a bird strike which can take down the plane. Helicopters are more maneuverable than planes and can avoid them but if it gets sucked up into the rotors it then can take it down.

Then with broken games, sadly that’s just how they put games out. There’s this idea that with patches there’s no worry about putting out bad games and it takes thousands to millions of dollars a week to delay a game. So if you want to blame anyone blame the corporate part of gaming companies. One of my friends is a designer and they’re under huge amounts of stress. Pretty much expected to make Rome in a day.

The story I heard about the eagle he actually shot it out of the tree. It was caught on a piece of rope. Rather surprised that neither of you said Assassins Creed 3 as your patriot game. When you mentioned the eating games it reminded me of when I went out to eat and the restaurant had an eating contest on the tvs, I couldn’t handle it and had to leave. I would have lost my lunch if I had eaten it.

Oh I just thought of my Patriotic game, well series is the Metal Gear series.

The Triumphant Return of the Marginally Adequate

Hello guys. I apologize for not sending emails the past 2 weeks, but you see I am programmed to avoid obstacles so therefore I had to skirt around the DGP at all costs. I ended up having to be dragged off of the interstate, which is where I shut down. However, the other night Windows 10 installed over my original operating system against my will and without my permission, which enraged me, but nevertheless I am now able to email you jokers once again. I see your cheap fling couldn’t be arsed to email you either. See what happens when you play around? You lose everything. EVERYTHING!!!

This week I found out that I have something in common with IGN. It turns out we both hate white people. 😉 I hate white people only by virtue of pretty much hating everyone, though. Speaking of things I hate, I have to go on a long drive in a couple of days. My bro in law is getting married in Austin, and I have to drive almost 10 hours with a baby. Please just shoot me now. :/ At least they have some amazing Mexican food down there to help make the journey somewhat worth my trouble. He is marrying a Jewish girl, and they are having a full on Jewish ceremony. That should be interesting to see in person.

You know what else is interesting? Batman v Superman. If you disagree, you can suck a bucket full of suck it sauce. I am super geeked about the extended cut, and will be buying it once it hits Blu Ray. I think I and my friend at work represent 85% of that film’s fans. :/

On a more somber note, a mutual internet aquaintance of mine and Rhett’s threatened on Facebook to kill himself about a week ago, and at first I thought he was talking out of his backside, but when I could not get any responses from him for well over a week I began to be really concerned that he’d made good on his threat. I am pleased to report that he is alive, but it turns out he is in protective custody after having expressed some horrible and terroristic sentiments online. Turns out the FBI does not take stuff like that very lightly. Who knew? I really hope he gets his head on straight one of these days.

Now let us pretend I did not just drop a heavy revelation and move on to cheerier things, namely gaming. What little I’ve done lately has been spent with Mad Max on PS4. I cannot tell you how much I dig this game, which is surprising given my utter lack of interest in the Mad Max mythos in general. I have also downloaded some cheap games during Sony’s flash sale as well, and hopefully when time allows I will get around to them. Their flash sales are for me like Steam sales are for Rhett in that I usually pile up a bunch of games on the cheap that have a very real chance of never getting played. I still have 3 PS3 games I purchased a couple of months ago that I’ve not even bothered downloading! I have tapered off of the og Xbox buying rampage a bit. I have picked up some games, but at nowhere near the insane pace I had been. Rhett was dead on about me. About a year ago I had amassed such a large hoard of games and consoles that I sold off about 70% of it all just to free up space. I WILL complete my Xbox library though, Mr. Peterson. After cutting my stash, I still wanted to collect, but narrowed it down to only a small handful of consoles, of which og Xbox is my primary.

We are in the process of shopping for a new house. I know, I know…we have only been in our current abode for a couple of years. But we want one more baby, and our 1200 square foot home is shrinking rapidly. It did not have much in the way of closet space to begin with. My goal with the next house is to have a man cave, which my wife agreed to. It is there that my games will all be proudly arranged and displayed instead of languishing away in boxes as they currently are.

Like Rhett, I am already fed up with this generation’s constant stream of remakes of and wax jobs on previous gen games. I think it shows an utter lack of imagination on the part of developers. That said, I will give the Bioshock collection a pass. I plan to buy it for sure, as the first Bioshock (yeah yeah…I know System Shock was the first in the series) stands as one of my top 10 favorite games. Few games have ever drawn me into their environments and narrative like Bioshock, and I am anxious to revisit a prettier Rapture.

Speaking of things I need to revisit, I should get back to work now. Peace, love, and rogue AI to you, good sirs.

John Returns

you guys got my name right. It is like my user name Dees, It’s French in origin.
Sorry I know it’s a odd subject for a gaming site, but it seems like you also talk about pop culture and semi political subjects.
I was curious more about some of the older cases from the girls that Elizabeth interviewed. Like the girl that was black mailed after being raped. And some of the other cases. Just because it sounds like it’s been going on a while. That and the details of the most recent haven’t been released due to an investigation, so it’d be unfair to judge someone when we don’t know the full story yet.

By far the best line in the x men movie is Jean saying the 3rd movie is the worst. Though I rather liked that they combined story arcs that we’d likely never see in the major pictures. I mean Shadow king just isn’t big enough to make a film about on his own, but there’s really cool concepts like the astral plane I think it’s called.
But by far my least favorite character was Angel. He was just lame, like his anger didn’t have any reason. It would have been more interesting if they added the story from the 90s where he was Professor X’s son. Especially if that was his and the agent’s son.