Episode 165B – Metroid Back from the Dead?

Metroid Back from the Dead?. It has been roughly six years since the last Metroid game was released. So, is the franchise back from the dead or is it just getting buried deeper?

Once again, Rhett was playing something, Jason was playing something, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. There were books, movies, and comics as well, but which ones they were…? I think that the Legends of the Nameless Dwarf was in there somewhere. Also, Saints Row the Third.

Metroid Back from the Dead?

Here are the games for this week. Whether or not they are any good…that’s up to you*.

* – The DG Podcast is not responsible for your enjoyment of the video games in question. We reserve the right to hate a game even if you love it.

Here are the faces to go with the voices. The object of your pain and derision.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 165B – Metroid Back from the Dead?

161B & Update

Hello whores. I see that not only are you taking emails from different listeners, you are now bringing others onto the show itself. I never would have figured the two of you to be so cheap and tawdry. I feel like both of you truly deserve to be forced on a march of shame with me shuffling behind you Game of Thrones style hollering “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

I kid, of course. It’s all good. I’m glad to see the show finally branching out and including new voices. I am watching 161B on my PS4. Your guest has me rolling, because apparently y’all did not coach him on your aversion to profanity. I bet on the inside your heads were caving in a little.

It has been a long day, I needed something mindless to cleanse my mental palette, and what, I ask you, is more mindless than the DGP? I felt the need to chime in on your discussion regarding the current state of the comics industry. Like you, I rarely purchase a new comic due to price, which is ridiculous for what your money actually buys you, but I do read them digitally. Today I’ve been reading Superman Rebirth, and I am tentatively optimistic. That said, if you have not been reading it at all, Superman is married to Lois, with whom he has a son named Jon. They have a farm, and are trying as a family to keep their very existence on the down low. They are on an earth whose Superman is dead, and his memory is being kept alive by Lex Luthor in a get up that looks like Steel’s suit. This draws Supes out of hiding to confront him, and when I left off, Doomsday had made an appearance. The marriage and kid dynamic makes me wonder if this new Superman is the same Supes from the Superman Returns universe. The whole biological kid thing makes me draw that conclusion. His kid was running around outside at one point, and a hawk swooped down and snatched the kid’s cat, and in a moment of anger/panic, the kid unleashes a blast of heat vision which kills the hawk AND turns his pet into cat flambé. It was supposed to be a shocking and sad moment, but I laughed a little because I am an evil prick.

Anyway­­­, like Rhett I skew DC right now, because Marvel has gotten just too out of control with its heavy handed political and racial pandering. Marvel should change its name to PC Comics. That would at least make its rivalry with DC more fun to say. So are you PC or DC? DC keeps rebooting and retooling its characters, which is aggravating, but at least it’s not going out of its way to change its most iconic characters for the sake of appealing to politically correct sensibilities.

Other than reading some new comics on my tablet, my week in geek has largely consisted of gaming. Been playing some Justice League Heroes on my Vita, and today I purchased a copy of Young Justice Legacy for PS3 that hopefully I will get around to experiencing sometime this week. I won’t lie. The game looks like a total piece of crap, but it’s a Justice League tie in game, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. I also picked up a copy of the Battleship movie tie in game because it looks SO bad that it might end up being oddly enjoyable, which can be said of the movie, whose horribleness was oddly endearing enough to warrant me buying a copy. Oh, and I picked up a copy of Carmageddon for PS4. Normally I am not into driving games, but the second I found out you get points for running over people in wheelchairs, I was sold. I am sure Rhett can relate to my darkness in that regard. lol

I am enjoying watching the new Ghostbusters movie failing hard in the theaters, by the way. I do not usually wish failure on anyone, but I guess with all of the political frustrations which currently have my blood pressure at fire hose levels, seeing something that is so blatantly pc failing hard makes my dark little heart dance a jig. As I ranted on Facebook, it is not the female facet that has me irked. I have no issue with females in strong and prominent roles. However, Feig wasted a great opportunity to continue the franchise in a way that honored the past and moved forward with those strong female characters. Had I written the screenplay, I’d have had Winston and Ray on their last legs as tired, beaten down old men who were just physically no longer capable of doing the job. There would have been a great deal of dialogue between the two about passing the torch, and I would have introduced some young ladies who may have been the children or nieces of the original 4. Also, I would not have attempted to have them be simply female versions of the same character types. I’d have strayed from the funny/brainy/average/snarky grouping we loved in the originals. In my script, one young lady would have been the daughter of Venkman and Dana, and due to their close experiences with the other side, she would have, en utero, developed a psychic connection to the other side that gave her a paranormal Spidey Sense, so to speak. She would have been a human ghost detector. She could have been a really angry/angsty sort due to years of being tortured with unwanted mental images from the the land beyond who only reluctantly joined the group. Also, Egon would have been dead for several years, and the film would have paid Harold Ramis a fitting tribute as well as explaining Venkman’s decision to leave the group before it took too heavy of a physical toll on him. The film would introduce a big bad that the originals would just have been entirely unequipped physically to handle, and would have been unable to be detected with the famous PKE meter. (Which brings our aforementioned paranormally endowed young lady into the equation) A Ghostbusters movie with strong female leads would have been a must see for me had it been handled correctly instead of being made a vehicle for the pc agenda.

Switching gears, this has been a rough month, guys. I went from the best month of my sales career last month to one of my worst this month. Retail is a fickle slut. Also, a woman I’ve known for years and worked with for the first 2 months at my new job is now laying in a local hospital’s ICU on life support after having what I am told was a brain cyst that ruptured and left her brain dead before they were able to mitigate its damage. She is not expected to make it much longer. I will not lie and say she was some great person. She was very negative and unpleasant, but there was something still oddly likable about her surliness, and I considered her a friend. I hate to see that sort of thing happen to anyone. And to put the cherry on top of the crap sundae that is this month, my LG G3 has decided it has given up on being able to connect to WiFi. I have reset my phone and router several times to no avail. It is pissing me off, and tomorrow LG will be hearing about it. I think it is the fault of the OS. When my Android was running Lollipop, I did not have this issue. When I updated to Marshmallow, this issue manifested.

Speaking of my phone, I’ve been playing the piss out of Pokemon Go as well. I forgot to mention that. I cannot believe I have turned into a bleating sheep and participating in such a commercially popular endeavor, but it is just damned fun. When trades and trainer battles are added, I think I will be permahooked. However, the fact that people are driving and playing this game scares the Hell out of me. I read the other day about a 21 year old who sent his car head on into an 18 wheeler because he was trying to catch them all. Yeah…he caught it all indeed. He died and so did the trucker whose truck was engulfed in flame as a result of the wreck.

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by your guest’s willingness to jump out there with his politics. He is very bright and forms his opinions well. As a conservative a-hole of the highest order, I disagree with his leftist leanings of course, but he sounds like someone with whom I could find a fair amount of common ground as well. I like him, all in all, and I think you should have him on more often if he is willing. Speaking of, how have you been enjoying the crapstravaganza that has been the two conventions thus far? The GOP one was painful in some regards, but I do feel the media unfairly twisted Trump’s assertions that our nation is in bad shape and tried to push this narrative that somehow he was wrong. He is not. The problems he laid out are all very real and need to be addressed. I am sick of conservatives being skewered and called racists/homophobes/xenophobes for pointing out that illegal immigration and radical Islam are threats to America’s future and security. The left’s glossing over of inconvenient truths is maddening to say the least.

The DNC has not even begun and already it is clouded by controversy. I find it hilarious that people are legit acting as if the DNC’s blatant pandering to Hillary and active attempts to quash all other campaigns is somehow surprising. The Democrat party was openly corrupt and basically telling Bernie Sanders (with whom I disagree on most points) to go eff themselves during the entire process.

Anyways, guys, I suppose I’ve rambled on long enough. I’ll let you go on with your show and your lives. Peace, love, and questionable life decisions to you both.


A few updates to the email. First, my friend did in fact pass away. It turned out she had a heart attack, and that is what led to her brain death. The cyst was real, but intact and was discovered only after the fact.

Secondly, LG told me my phone was effed as far as its Wi-Fi issue went. So I filed a claim with my phone insurance and they sent me an LG G5 to replace my G3. I will be playing with that when I get home in a couple of hours.

Oh, and we put our home on the market today and placed a contingency offer on another. If all goes well I will FINALLY have a man cave!

Carmageddon is every bit as fun as I imagined it would be, and while the cars look great, the NPCs look straight out of PS2. Really. :/

That is all.

John’s Email 7/23/16

To end your question of what the boys that fell off the cliff they were together. Now with all the negativity I could say the same about any sport. How many kids were hit by cars chasing a ball? Then you have the distractions, I’ve seen people reading books, so to blame people being stupid on a game is like blaming a gun for a shooting. Let’s face it humans are dumb and even if you leave them with a rock they’d find someway to kill themselves with it.

With Mcdonalds they have invested some money into the video game industry making their own gaming app.
Lindsay is right, it isn’t physical fitness but mental health that is increasing. Video games have become very toxic, just hop into a cod match to see what I mean. But when I went out to play the game I saw people on the different teams playing together, offering up to put lures, and this is happening all over the nation. Now me being an editor I don’t get to leave my desk much, and the egg system gave me a reason to walk five kilometers.

You should check this article out. http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2016/07/11/pokemon-go-reportedly-helping-peoples-mental-health-depression/

There is also players that will donate their lures to hospitals. It’s increased small business sells. This really is a revolutionary thing, and it shows the potential of vr in video games.

With the White House I’m surprised you didn’t joke about the gym leader being Brock Obama.

You keep bringing up people spray painting national parks, and that’s nothing new. Pictographs that are thousands of years old have been scratched up by couples.

For Lindsay to do a proper review she needs to be level ten since that’s when you start getting the rare pokemon to show up.

I don’t get why the movie industry release their movies at a really cheap price for a week and then the prices increase. Yet games are all over the map. I guess the theater releases helps pad the sales, but if a game isn’t going to be good I’d appreciate a tell like a lower price tag. I don’t like buying games right as they come out because I’ve been burned on bad games before. Superman 64 *shutters* never again.

and with that I have to pass out before work. Good night gentlemen.

Episode 164B – Commit Suicide Squad

Commit Suicide Squad. That’s right. That’s what the movie did this weekend. I can’t say that I was surprised. I have low expectations for this movie, but we’ll get into that more later.

What’s Going On

I really need to start typing this up the night we record the podcast. I barely remember what I had for breakfast (strawberry pop tarts) I can’t be expected to remember what Rhett and Jason were doing on Monday.

Commit Suicide Squad*

So, Suicide Squad came out last Friday, and Jason and Rhett went to see it so that you don’t have to waste your money. Does that give you a clue as to what we thought of the movie? I don’t want to give too much away since I want you to listen to the podcast, but let’s return to the comment at the beginning of the comments.

* – I think that’s what the title of this movie should
because that’s what I was hoping would happen.

No problems with Twitch and YouTube again this week so there’s crystal clear picture of the responsible parties, also Batman: Arkham Origins.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 164B – Commit Suicide Squad

Episode 164A – Pokemon Go Die

Pokemon Go Die. Really, go die Pokemon. I can’t stress this enough, I just wish this game would die and never return.

Fan Email

I’m still trying to catch up so, I don’t know if we got any emails this week. Listen to the episode and you will find out.

Pokemon Go Die

Here you go, the perpetrators have returned to the scene of the crime. Better memorize their faces. You may have to pick them out of a lineup.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 164A – Pokemon Go Die

Episode 163B – Batman Realm of Shadows…Good?

Batman Realm of Shadows…Good? I don’t know. You tell me. Telltale has been doing really well with the episodics recently, but will Batman really work as an episodic choose your own adventure?

What’s Going On

Rhett and Jason have both been doing stuff. “What stuff have they been doing?”, I hear you sigh with apathy. Probably nothing of any interest, but you’ll have to listen the the episode to be sure.

Batman Realm of Shadows…Good?

Here are some games coming out this week for your enjoyment*.

* – Any enjoyment you derive from the podcast is entirely unintentional and the management will not be held responsible.

This time the video uploaded to YouTube without a hitch. So, you can once again let your ire fester while seeing the faces of your tormentors.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 163B – Batman Realm of Shadows…Good?

Episode 163A – Comic Con Newsdump

Comic Con Newsdump. It has been a while since comic con, but I got a bit behind. I’m trying to catch up. This episode is going to be a little rough on the details.

Fan Email

In an update to this post. I went back and check and we did have emails from John and Chance. You get the comments of both of our listeners on the same podcast. The honors just continue to descend from on high from the DG Podcast. Don’t you feel special yet?

Comic Con Newsdump

Sorry, no video this week. We made one, but when I tried to upload it to YouTube the upload failed. Then when I went back to restart the upload it had been too long and Twitch overwrites your videos with the new ones coming in. So, no video.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 163A – Comic Con Newsdump

Episode 162B – Video Games Are Defective

Video Games Are Defective. No really, they are. Think about it. When was the last time that a game came out and it didn’t have massive patches that were required, sometimes on its release? I don’t think it will get any better. I hope it does, but with all the rabid, howling demand for new games the publishers are going to be pushing out unfinished junk faster and faster.

What’s Going On

Again, I have no idea what I had for breakfast let alone what happened a week ago. Although, I haven’t yet forgotten the plot to Star Wars. Though, I wish I could forget the pre-trilogy, especially Jar Jar. He should have been lit on fire in the first scene.

Video Games Are Defective

We have a bunch of video games that we review so you don’t have to. However, I don’t remember what they were. If you want to know, and I think you do, you will have to listen to or watch the podcast. That’s right, you will have to put in some effort. I know you can do it. You’re strong, smart, good looking, and popular. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Listening to one little podcast will be a walk in the park to someone of your stature*.

* – Remember objects in affirmation mirror may not be as strong, smart, attractive, and popular as they appear.

Here you go. Another look at the object of your ire. Your nemeses and mine – the hosts of the DG Podcast!

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 162B – Video Games Are Defective

Episode 162A – Another Newsdump

Another Newsdump. We are here with another newsdump. I actually have the news that goes along with the news dump. This one will be a little more accurate than the previous article.

Fan Email

We are again abandoned by our fans. Yes, I can put the ‘s’ on the end we have been getting regular fan mail from two people now. So, there you go. However, neither one of them thought it was important enough to send us an email this week.

Another Newsdump

Here are the articles that we chose to include for this particular episode. Remember, if you don’t hear it from us it probably wasn’t important.

We again assault your eyes with the faces behind the DG Podcast. Next time you visit your therapist you can show him our faces and you can both start attending therapy together. Won’t that be fun?

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 162A – Another Newsdump

Episode 161B – We Don’t Know What We’re Doing

We Don’t Know What We’re Doing. Seriously, we have no clue what we are doing. If we did would it have taken this long to complete the post? I don’t think so. Anyway, it’s about time that we go around to posting something.

What’s Going On

By this time I don’t remember what happened this morning let alone when we last posted something of value. Jason is probably doing something stupid and Rhett is playing video games. Although, truth be told, this can’t be worst than the American political system. I know we try not to delve into politics, but when you get completely depressed at the stupidity that is the American presidential race you can come here and get a pick-me-up. Take a look around and then take a listen to the DG Podcast. I’m certain that it will lift your spirits and your intelligence. If nothing else, you can feel superior to all those idiots contemplating voting for the two worst presidential candidates in history.

We Don’t Know What We’re Doing

I can’t stress how serious we are that we have no clue what we are doing. We have made 161 episodes and have two listeners. You would think that we would have a few more than that at this point, but we are sadly lacking in that department. We did have some video games that we reviewed this week. At this point, I don’t remember which ones they were. I encourage you to listen to the podcast as some of the games may be worth your time and money. We try to keep things on the “relevant to our interests level” and video games are definitely relevant*.

* – Relevant in this case being relevant to Jason’s tastes in video games. As such you will find RPGs, first person shooters, platformers, puzzle games, point-and-click adventure games, some mobile apps, trivia games, but not too many RTS’s. Also, no Call of Duty. He has a strong affinity for games with a fantasy theme.

Here you go with the visual. I know that you would rather stare at someone much more attractive, but until the money starts rolling in and we can hire models to lip sync to our audio this is what you get.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 161B – We Don’t Know What We’re Doing