Episode 161A – Pokemon Go Newsdump

Pokemon Go Newsdump. It’s been out for just over a week and we have so many stories about Pokemon Go it is ridiculous. We can’t stress how stupid this new game is with people trying to play it while they drive, live, work, eat, disturb the peace, mug people, and more. Please don’t be one of the idiot who have been taken in by this idiocy.

Fan Email

Sorry, no fan email this week. We have been deserted by both of our fans. Be the first in your neighborhood to earn the stigma of being a regular emailer so that we don’t suffer this dearth of emails for another week.

Pokemon Go Newsdump

We have so many Pokemon Go stories this week. Pokemon Go has become the most downloaded app in history in less than a week. No one thought that the game would be this popular and so far there is no cure. Fortunately for humanity there are still some individuals that are immune and are holding strong. With patience and hope we can find a cure. Until then, if you are infected, don’t be stupid. If you aren’t infected, watch out for idiots.

What do you do with a video showing the perpetrators of a crime against the internet? I don’t know. So far the Geneva Convention has yet to be invoked otherwise there might be some serious trouble.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 161A – Pokemon Go Newsdump

Episode 160B – The Chaos Interview 1

The Chaos Interview 1. Jason decided to bail on us this week. He decided to spend the entire day with his family. He must like them more than the podcast. So, Rhett and Lindsay teamed up to put something together. Usually Rhett has to pull Lindsay into hosting the podcast, but this time she volunteered. Guess Jason should watch out or he could find himself out of a job.

What’s Going On

Jason was gone. That really covers it. Rhett had planned an interview, which we had to postpone to next week. We were going to cover a number of controversial topics in the gaming arena, but you will have to slather with anticipation until episode 161B.

The Chaos Interview 1

Have you ever wondered what bizarre answer two random people on the internet would give to some ridiculous questions that were haphazardly culled from the depths of the internet? We didn’t think so, but that is what this episode is all about. It is rather surprising what happens when the host of part B isn’t there to enforce structure. Still random questions with random answers are still going to be entertaining* whether you like it or not.

* – We make no promises that the content you are about to experience is in any way entertaining. Any entertainment that you draw from this experience is entirely unintentional and the DG Podcast denies any responsibility.

There might be some video, there might not. I was told there wasn’t, but I did see something on Twitch. However, the unique nature of this episode might mean that not all the video is present on Twitch. So, no video until further notice.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 160B – Furi Max Damage

Episode 160A – The Problem Newsdump

The Problem Newsdump. There are so many problems, like am I violating my children’s human rights today? Or Link’s gender apparently, the pope isn’t a gamer, and the list goes on. So enjoy the chaos. Unfortunately, it’s not going to get any better until we stop making stupid people famous.

Fan Email

We did get two emails this week. Both Chance and John participated. From Chance, we got this gem. And from John, we got these words of wisdom.

The Problem Newsdump

Now we move on to the newsdump. Now the problems commence in earnest.

Hopefully the video is working right this week and we will only be infringing on your right to have famous, attractive people insult your intelligence.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 160A – The Problem Newsdump

John’s Email

With your talk on drones, there are already laws. Last year they started requiring people to register their drones with the FFA. Most states have laws the will fine and even jail any perpetrator that flies their drone in a wild fire area. And Jason has it backwards the big planes actually have a larger danger of hitting the drones. If a drone hits into the plane it can cause more damage than a bird strike which can take down the plane. Helicopters are more maneuverable than planes and can avoid them but if it gets sucked up into the rotors it then can take it down.

Then with broken games, sadly that’s just how they put games out. There’s this idea that with patches there’s no worry about putting out bad games and it takes thousands to millions of dollars a week to delay a game. So if you want to blame anyone blame the corporate part of gaming companies. One of my friends is a designer and they’re under huge amounts of stress. Pretty much expected to make Rome in a day.

The story I heard about the eagle he actually shot it out of the tree. It was caught on a piece of rope. Rather surprised that neither of you said Assassins Creed 3 as your patriot game. When you mentioned the eating games it reminded me of when I went out to eat and the restaurant had an eating contest on the tvs, I couldn’t handle it and had to leave. I would have lost my lunch if I had eaten it.

Oh I just thought of my Patriotic game, well series is the Metal Gear series.

The Triumphant Return of the Marginally Adequate

Hello guys. I apologize for not sending emails the past 2 weeks, but you see I am programmed to avoid obstacles so therefore I had to skirt around the DGP at all costs. I ended up having to be dragged off of the interstate, which is where I shut down. However, the other night Windows 10 installed over my original operating system against my will and without my permission, which enraged me, but nevertheless I am now able to email you jokers once again. I see your cheap fling couldn’t be arsed to email you either. See what happens when you play around? You lose everything. EVERYTHING!!!

This week I found out that I have something in common with IGN. It turns out we both hate white people. 😉 I hate white people only by virtue of pretty much hating everyone, though. Speaking of things I hate, I have to go on a long drive in a couple of days. My bro in law is getting married in Austin, and I have to drive almost 10 hours with a baby. Please just shoot me now. :/ At least they have some amazing Mexican food down there to help make the journey somewhat worth my trouble. He is marrying a Jewish girl, and they are having a full on Jewish ceremony. That should be interesting to see in person.

You know what else is interesting? Batman v Superman. If you disagree, you can suck a bucket full of suck it sauce. I am super geeked about the extended cut, and will be buying it once it hits Blu Ray. I think I and my friend at work represent 85% of that film’s fans. :/

On a more somber note, a mutual internet aquaintance of mine and Rhett’s threatened on Facebook to kill himself about a week ago, and at first I thought he was talking out of his backside, but when I could not get any responses from him for well over a week I began to be really concerned that he’d made good on his threat. I am pleased to report that he is alive, but it turns out he is in protective custody after having expressed some horrible and terroristic sentiments online. Turns out the FBI does not take stuff like that very lightly. Who knew? I really hope he gets his head on straight one of these days.

Now let us pretend I did not just drop a heavy revelation and move on to cheerier things, namely gaming. What little I’ve done lately has been spent with Mad Max on PS4. I cannot tell you how much I dig this game, which is surprising given my utter lack of interest in the Mad Max mythos in general. I have also downloaded some cheap games during Sony’s flash sale as well, and hopefully when time allows I will get around to them. Their flash sales are for me like Steam sales are for Rhett in that I usually pile up a bunch of games on the cheap that have a very real chance of never getting played. I still have 3 PS3 games I purchased a couple of months ago that I’ve not even bothered downloading! I have tapered off of the og Xbox buying rampage a bit. I have picked up some games, but at nowhere near the insane pace I had been. Rhett was dead on about me. About a year ago I had amassed such a large hoard of games and consoles that I sold off about 70% of it all just to free up space. I WILL complete my Xbox library though, Mr. Peterson. After cutting my stash, I still wanted to collect, but narrowed it down to only a small handful of consoles, of which og Xbox is my primary.

We are in the process of shopping for a new house. I know, I know…we have only been in our current abode for a couple of years. But we want one more baby, and our 1200 square foot home is shrinking rapidly. It did not have much in the way of closet space to begin with. My goal with the next house is to have a man cave, which my wife agreed to. It is there that my games will all be proudly arranged and displayed instead of languishing away in boxes as they currently are.

Like Rhett, I am already fed up with this generation’s constant stream of remakes of and wax jobs on previous gen games. I think it shows an utter lack of imagination on the part of developers. That said, I will give the Bioshock collection a pass. I plan to buy it for sure, as the first Bioshock (yeah yeah…I know System Shock was the first in the series) stands as one of my top 10 favorite games. Few games have ever drawn me into their environments and narrative like Bioshock, and I am anxious to revisit a prettier Rapture.

Speaking of things I need to revisit, I should get back to work now. Peace, love, and rogue AI to you, good sirs.

Episode 159B – Furi Max Damage

In Furi Max Damage you have been taken prison, tortured, beaten, interrogated, etc. Now you have a chance to escape, but to do so you must defeat the Jailer. So, get into your car/murder weapon and destroy everything that stands in your way while you explore this beautiful prison designed by Takashi Okazaki.

What’s Going On

Jason’s been a little busy, you know, doing constructive things like grading assignments, working, etc. Though he has pursued some worthwhile diversions. He’s been playing Saint’s Row 2. Not the best game, but it is entertaining and it is also full of game logic that completely defies real-life logic. Kill a someone? Hide out until the heat dies down. Steal a car? Stash it in your garage. Break out of prison? Make a clean escape. He also watched Oblivion. Not the greatest sci-fi movie, but still good. Rhett’s been watching the new Voltron series that’s been airing on Netflicks. There was another series, but he didn’t recommend it.

Furi Max Damage

This week we have several games that should prove interesting*:

* – These games shouldn’t melt your brain with boredom. We make no guarantees on this however. Sometimes you just can’t tell. Plus we give you some information so you can make your own judgement.

This week if you want to tune in you can see and hear the podcast. Last week would have been a rather interesting experience trying to guess what Rhett was saying based on Jason’s reactions.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 159B – Furi Max Damage

Episode 159A – Subscriber Wars Newsdump

Subscriber Wars Newsdump. What happens when YouTube decides to delete a plethora of inactive accounts? That was a rhetorical question. I’ll tell you what happens. Idiots who have 45.6 million subscribers throw hissy fits and whine like babies. That’s what happens. Are we bitter about it? Maybe, but suck it up you whiners. Your losses are insignificant and you are making no friends with your rich-boy whining act.

Fan Email

Again, no love from anyone, but this especially hurts from you Chance. I thought we were closer than that. We’ve even invited you to guest host. We promise that John didn’t mean anything. *Wink to John, and mouth “call me” while holding hand up like a phone.*

Subscriber Wars Newsdump

And here are the miscreants for this week. There’s more details on the YouTube purge, WWI sexism, another Bioshock release, idiots getting themselves arrested, and white hate. Plus we got some idiot that is actually trying to defend that travesty of a superhero movie: Batman V Superman – The Movie That Never Should Have Happened (It’s the new title. Do you like it?).

We’ll post the video later. Rhett accidentally forgot to unmute his mic while we were streaming. So, the people on Twitch only heard Jason talking.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 159A – Subscriber Wars Newsdump