A Tale of Two Hitlers

What is up, Lesser Hitler and Internet Ghandi? I just raped my ears with all of part A and 25% of part B. Hopefully your week has been going well. I imagine that Rhett has been doing a fair share of gaming what with the new Warhammer game being out and all. Usually when Doc Jason spiels on about a book he is reading, I bellow “NERRRRRD!!” in my best Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds voice right before my eyes glaze over, but this time out I actually find myself wanting to check out what he is reading. Sounds like a ripping good yarn. I will check it out, and I will make sure the narrator in my mind douchebaggily over pronounces all of the Italian names so as to provide myself with the full experience. Speaking of that, I have noticed a LOT of news anchors and other media personalities have lately begun strongly over pronouncing Hispanic names, and it drives me crazy. The names do not bother me at all. The lengths such news folk go to in an attempt to endear themselves to America’s growing Latino population comes across as disingenous to me, and I am sure the Spanish speakers roll their eyes at it as well. One football podcaster I listen to has the last name of Miranda. For the longest time he pronounced it like an American would. Then one day out of the blue he was no longer Steve Miranda, but Steve “Mee-ron-duh.” Smh Such adopted affectations are phony as crap.

I have gamed a fair bit this week, and spent most of it playing Uncharted 4. I rented it a couple of days ago, and I have to say it is hands down one of the most visually stunning games I have ever played. As gameplay goes, well…it’s Uncharted. Not much of anything has changed in that regard, save for the addition of a rope swinging mechanic that I do not recall being in any previous installment. The puzzle aspect has been disappointing, if I am being honest. Not that the puzzles for which the series is famous have ever been mentally taxing by any stretch of the imagination, but the ones in this game are so simple a child could solve them pretty readily. As I guided Drake to the crest of a hill, I was treated to a scene that made me sincerely wish the game could be played in virtual reality. The environments are breathtaking and vibrant in a way those in few other games are. If all goes well and the baby sleeps through the night, my plan to is to finish it this evening.

As for never having heard of anyone collecting original Xbox games, I’ll have you know that interest in the system and its library are starting to catch fire with the retro collecting crowd. Till now it’s flown under the radar for most enthusiasts, but that is changing rapidly. As Jason said, I’m collecting for it while the games are still relatively accessible in both price and availability. Earlier this week I knocked Jurassic Park Operation Genesis and Teen Titans off the list. If you wonder what’s so special about either, search for both on Amazon and Ebay, and you’ll see why adding them is a feat.

As Rhett said last week, I watched Civil War. Honestly, I have to say it was a movie that was just okay for the most part, but Black Panther and Spidey were the shining bright spots in the film. I think Black Panther was SPOT ON, and this iteration of Spidey is the closest any film has come so far to capturing his personality and movements. I felt the movie did a lot of things well, but I guess at this point I am just spoiled on superhero movies in general, because I was nowhere nearly as impressed as I imagined I would have been going in. If all goes well, I’ll be seeing Age of Apocalypse within the next few days as well, though so far the early reviews are not glowing.

So Rhetty Poo, what the crap was up with you fielding a phone call in the middle of a show? Doc Jason was pontificating about something, and you were steadily jabbering away as you tried to pry yourself off the phone with who I can only imagine was Lindsay.

Well, Nathan Drake is calling my name, so I’m going to let you two dwarves of unforgiving grudges proceed with the news dump. Cue the intro…

Episode 153B – Overwatch: Mutants in Manhattan

Overwatch: Mutants in Manhattan. A disbanded peacekeeping organization made up of superheroes must return to active duty to fight the Shedder, Krang, and there army of Foot Soldiers.

What’s Going On

Rhett is finished with Dark Souls III and so he has gone back to Fallout 4 and he’s finished multiple endings already. He’s also restarted the game because the DLC wouldn’t recognize his saved game data. Jason finished watching Assassination Classroom and started reading a book Baudolino. He liked Assassination Classroom and is enjoying the book. He’s never really gotten into Christian Mythology, but this is set during the Crusades during a search for the kingdom of Prester John.

Overwatch: Mutants in Manhattan

This week there are a few games worth mentioning*.

* – Worth is a relative term. Relative to the other offerings that are coming out this week these are the standouts. Pretty depressing isn’t it?

Here are the faces to put on the wanted posters. This travesty of entertainment can only go unappreciated for so long.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 153B – Overwatch: Mutants in Manhattan

Episode 153A – DC vs Marvel Newsdump

DC vs Marvel Newsdump. In this corner, owned by Disney, we have Marvel Comics. And in this corner, owned by Time Warner, we have DC Comics. Who will win? Fight.

Fan Email

We did get an email from Chance. We talk about his obsessions, his coughing up money for a PS+ subscription, audio troubles, video games, opening other people’s mail among other things.

DC vs Marvel Newsdump

Here are the two people who are to blame for this assault upon your sanity. Enjoy.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 153A – DC vs Marvel Newsdump

Defiler of Ears

How is life treating my two favorite violators of ears this week? The episode part A was excellent, even if I got the distinct notion that Rhett wanted to take a steaming crap all over Civil War, but opted not to. I have not had a chance to fill my cranium with B yet. I will listen to that on the way into work tomorrow. I downloaded it though. I want to say an enthusiastic welcome back to Lindsay! As I listened to the show, a few things occurred to me. First, Jason’s mic is WAY too hot. As I drive along, it’s like Rhett has normal volume, Lindsay has PERFECT volume (seriously, you other two need to use whatever kind of mic she uses) and when Jason speaks, it’s goodbye eardrums. I mean, I have to turn the volume down a bit on my Bluetooth speaker when I am driving, then back up again, then down again. Do you have any idea how tricky it is adjusting a Bluetooth speaker’s volume whilst simultaneously navigating the highways? You guys are putting the drivers of central Arkansas at unnecessary risk, I tell you.

So I finally put my finger on something this week. I’ve always known Lindsay’s voice sounded so familiar to me, and now I know why. You ever watch the show Daria? Lindsay sounds like her friend Jane, which is not a bad thing at all because Jane is freaking awesome. There is something about Lindsay’s vocal mannerisms that are just Jane all over the place.

Hopefully the week in geek has been good to you. After nearly two years of owning a PS4, I finally plunked down for a year’s subscription to PS+. I found an online outlet out of Canada that sells the 12 month codes for $38. They are meant for Canada, of course, but the codes work anywhere on the North American continent. The next morning I went and bought The Elder Scrolls Online and attempted in vain to play it. I could not even get it past the initial loading screen. Turns out they were having some sort of server issue, so I left my console on all night long. During the night it began downloading a nearly 30 gb update for the game. 30 GB!!!! ­­­­Anyway, I finally got to play it the next day, and it turns out that it’s quite enjoyable. I’d read some harsh reviews of it, but if you go into it not expecting a Skyrim sequel, you will not be disappointed, even though it totally feels like Skyrim in many ways. What I really dig is that while it is a MMO, you can completely disregard everyone else (or as Rhett calls it, a normal day) and enjoy the stories and side quests for what they are. I’m glad I purchased it, and I can see myself putting hundreds of hours into it like I have with past games in the series. Oh, and since Game Stop is having another one of their 4 for $20 deals, I picked up Destiny and Killzone Shadowfall for PS4. I figured since I have PS+ now I should at least try the former out just to have the experience and the latter I picked up just because I have heard it’s pretty.

As usual, I’ve been continuing my original Xbox collecting rampage. The other night I got a package in the mail that my wife opened for me. I love my wife, and I do not honestly care if she opens my mail, but seriously? I never open her mail. Even if you are married, that just seems like a boundary issue to me. She was all “I just wanted to know what you got.” I told her “Games. If I get a package in, you can feel pretty safe in assuming it contains games.” She replied “I’m starting to figure that out.” I love the big black box. What can I say?

I told Rhett that I was going to watch Civil War last night. Yeah…didn’t happen. The wife and domestic obligations had other ideas. I had to help get the baby to sleep. She used to fall asleep around 7 or 8 and remain comatose throughout the night, but I suppose that was just a phase. Now she likes to drift off around 9 or 10 and wake up, oh, 3 or 4 times each night. Sometimes she is hungry, but mostly she just wants to play. Gotta love babies. Anyway, they both will be visiting her parents all weekend, so I will have a chance to see it then. She is playing in her crib as I write this while listening to Nirvana’s Unplugged in New York album, aka the greatest recording in the history of music.

It seems like I had something else I needed or wanted to say, but I cannot recall what it was. Senior moments are hitting me with more frequency since the baby arrived. That said, I guess I will wrap this up to save Doc Jason any further paraphrasing effort. Take it easy guys and gal!

Episode 152B – Why Civil War Sucked

Why Civil War Sucked. Spoiler Alert: Captain America: Civil War is one of the best superhero movies to date. This is just a little bait to get you to listen. Was it a perfect movie – no. Was it awesome – yes.

What’s Going On

Jason’s been working his way through Assassination Classroom. It is very enjoyable. The story centers around the class ranked lowest in the school and their attempts to assassinate their teacher. Their teacher is a being of immense power who has threatened to destroy the Earth, but he has a condition. Let him teach this class and he will let the kid attempt to kill him. If they succeed they save the world. He also recently started the Cosega Search. It attempts to be The DaVinci Code and fails hard. Rhett finished Bloodborne finally. He’s a completionist and so finished everything possible before finishing the game and said that may have made it easier to defeat the final bosses. He also brought up a video recently published by the Know about some stolen Kickstarter funds. That is a whole can of wyrms.

Why Civil War Sucked

There are some games coming out this week, and here’s the list I made. However, we don’t dwell on it. We cut to the Captain America: Civil War spoilercast*.

* – Everything you hear is going to be spoiler-laden. If you haven’t seen the movie yet you might want to come back later, or not.

So did we like the movie? Yes. Unlike Batman v Superman this movie did almost everything correctly. It was a fun movie to watch. Each superhero was given time to shine and to showcase their powers and abilities. The story was well written and their were no glaring plot holes.That said, were there improvements that could be made? Yes. The justification for fighting and regulating the superheroes was weak. The villain this time around was incredibly lame. The death order on Winter Soldier seemed premature and unwarranted. Should you go see this movie? Absolutely. Should you praise it like the best thing since sliced bread? No. Does it make Batman v Superman look like it is a pile of raw sewage? Yes, definitely.

More fodder for you anti DG Podcast dartboard.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 152B – StarBreak: A Thief’s Memories

Episode 152A – Powerless to Stop the Newsdump

Powerless to Stop the Newsdump. You can’t help it and you can’t stop it. The newsdump is coming. I guess if you could keep anything from happening then the newsdump would have to report on the lack of anything happening, and still the newsdump would come. Resign yourself to it.

Fan Email

No email this week, but Lindsay has joined us in the form a pink-haired anime girl. Don’t look at me that way. Rhett was the one who chose her avatar. I’m just the one writing it up.

Powerless to Stop the Newsdump

The two culprits behind the DG Podcast do have faces. Now you will know what they look like. You still don’t know what Lindsay looks like or maybe she is a pink-haired anime girl.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 152A – Powerless to Stop the Newsdump

Episode 151B – StarBreak: A Thief’s Memories

StarBreak: A Thief’s Memories. This is a video game where you and your team fight vast hordes of dangerous aliens while you help your brother look for archeological artifacts in cyberspace? Who wouldn’t want that game?

What’s Going On

Jason has been watching Assassination Classroom. He doesn’t really remember the other things he’s been doing recently besides watch YouTube videos and reading. Rhett has been trying to do other things after finishing Dark Souls III. To that end, he got the Order: 1886 for Lindsay and hung out with her. The Order gets a bad rep fro being short. That seems to be the only complaint that anyone has. Doesn’t that mean that the game is good?

StarBreak: A Thief’s Memories

As usual, we now present you with the most interesting* games that are coming out this week.

* – This week we define interest as those video games chosen by Paul the Octopus. You know these games are going to be good. Paul chose them.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 151B – StarBreak: A Thief’s Memories

Episode 151A – Be Reasonable

Be Reasonable. What is wrong with being reasonable? I know that it is passe, but that doesn’t explain why we can’t be grown ups and conduct ourselves with decorum or have a reasoned conversation. Look around you. What is going on where a man can’t express his opinion without receiving a death threat? Last I checked the Freedom of Speech was still part of the Bill of Rights. Which means that we are both still entitled to our opinions and I don’t have to agree with you and I can say so without repercussions. And just because I have an opinion it doesn’t suddenly invalidate your opinion.

Fan Email

First off, thanks for the email Chance. We appreciate your efforts to communicate with two obscure guys from the deeps of the internet. Chance has been buying original Xbox games like a madman. He’s also enjoying his new job, pumped for Red Star, lamenting about the current crop of under-talented, over-priviledged idiots of the younger generation and more.

Be Reasonable

What ensues is very akin to chaos. Our two hosts begin by discussing being reasonable. Look at the internet and our celebrities, video games, comics whatever. Mass Effect and Last of Us for instance. Mass Effect came out and what was everyone talking about? The fact that you could have same-sex relationships and relationships with aliens. The Last of Us released some DLC and what was the discussion? It sure wasn’t the content of the story. It was the protagonist, an underage girl, romantically kissing another underage girl. We are tired of special interest groups pushing their radical agendas on the majority. We aren’t saying that you can’t have rights or hold opinions, but if you can have rights and hold opinions then so can We. You seem to think that we play video games or watch movies or read comis for social reform, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. We do theses things for entertainment. If we want social reform we’ll look for it elsewhere. So stop trying to force your ideals down our throats.

Can’t wait to put a face to the voice and thereby associate blame for the rest of our existence? Here you go.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 151A – Be Reasonable

Lions and tigers and emails, oh my!

What is, for you two miscreants, pointing in a northwardly direction at this moment? Hopefully y’all have been having a kick ass week thus far. I would have sent an email last week, but by the time I got home and saw the little one finally drift off into a coma, I was too bleary eyed to even think properly, let alone convince my fingers to sail across the keys in concert with my faltering mental capacity. I listened to the latest episode on the way to work this morning, and I have to say I cannot recall a show like this in which you two brought the topics of conversation down into the gutter without my input or influence. Lesbians? Sex dolls? Geez, y’all were like some Mormon Howard Stern clones. I keed I keed! For the record, I am a red blooded American male, and I cannot see the draw of lesbians either. I guess we must both be gay, Rhett. :/

But for real, though, I found it interesting that close to a quarter of young folks would be willing to date a robot. I am surprised you did not ask for Lindsay’s input, seeing as how she’s currently dating one. 😉
Rhett was correct about one thing, to be sure. This current generation of kids SUCKS. They do. I think they suck so badly that even many of their own number are aware of it. I know every aging generation believes its successors are ill informed, brain dead little half tards, but I think this time our generation might just be correct. It is difficult for me to communicate with the younger crowd without feeling my i.q. dropping by 5 points for every minute I spend engaged in conversation with them. Never before has one generation had so much access to knowledge and possessing so little of it themselves. I am becoming increasingly concerned that by the time my daughter is an adult the accidentally prophetic film Idiocracy will have seen its content become reality.

My week in geek has seen me doing almost no gaming, but I have been going on an original Xbox Goodwill Auction website rampage. I have picked up 2 consoles, 4 controllers, and close to 30 games, and have another 50 on the way. Even though the shipping fees are ridiculous, if you catch the right deal, sometimes you can come out ahead. The last lot I bought had 10 games, of which 3 had a collective retail value of $100. One of the games was Futurama, which is a notoriously tough game to come across for the system. I need to lay off for a while now, though. I have spent way more than I should. I am already taking my new job money for granted. Speaking of, the new gig is going really well, and I’m super glad I jumped ship. My boss is fantastic and my coworkers are great people. I could not ask for a better working environment. I could do without days like today, however. I had over 10 thousand dollars in sales lost today because the people to whom I was selling did not have sufficiently good credit to secure financing. Ugh. I did my job, sold them on the products, only to have the sales wither on the vine due to a variable which was not in my power to control. Now that is utterly frustrating. Anways…

I really dug your discussion about roms and custom tweaks to classic games. I have a few hacked roms for NES on my tablet, and while some are either perverse or worthless, some are really well done. There are more than a few really good Zelda games that are custom jobs, and every year some group produces a new Tecmo Super Bowl with updated rules and rosters. They even produce cartridges for them. Since y’all also mentioned that unreleased Neo Geo game, I had to share an experience I had online earlier this week. A guy in Canada with whom I am friends is in the process of producing custom cases and disc art for Red Star, which is an unreleased game for the OG Xbox. He will also be providing the ISO files for the title and it will allow members of his group to add the game to their collections. I have never really gotten into the homebrew stuff too much before, but I am excited for this one.

I have a friend at work who hosts video gaming tournaments for charity, and he was expressing to me his interest in starting up his own podcast that focused on gaming and general geekery. I told him, not wanting at all to dissuade him, that the podcasting world is a tough nut to crack, but he told me also that he plans to sink money into advertising and marketing for it. I was wondering if maybe you might be able to impart any wisdom for him that might be useful in his endeavor. Y’all have come this far, and there has been a lot of trial and error from which you’ve learned, so I figured you would probably have some tips and pointers for me to share with him.

Well guys, I need to wrap this up and get my old, fat, deteriorating Caucasian posterior into bed so that I can recover enough energy to haul my carcass unwillingly through another day tomorrow. Much love, fellas.

Episode 150B – Battleborn Fragments of Rain

Battleborn Fragments of Rain. In the far future, around the 1990’s, when the universe is dying you must investigate the mystery surrounding your death and the impact you have had on the lives of your friends and family while fighting off hordes of aliens and monsters bent on hastening universal destruction.

What’s Going On

Once again, I wasn’t listening when Rhett and Jason were explaining what they have been doing. If I know those two, and I think I do, Rhett was playing Dark Souls and Jason didn’t really do anything. What can I say, he’s lazy. He basically just phones these things in.

Battleborn Fragments of Rain

Again we bring you, trolled from the depths of the internet, the most interesting games of the week*. We have aliens, death, superpowers, mystery, suspense, 8-bit, and more, though maybe not altogether.

* – This is based on the opinion of one obscure guy on the internet who does a Google search, but you should totally listen to him because his opinion is better than yours. If it wasn’t true it wouldn’t be on the internet.

As always you are welcome to look at the faces of the DG Podcast while you listen to us ramble if that is your poison.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 150B – Battleborn Fragments of Rain