Gentlemen, let’s broaden our minds. Lawrence?

Gentlemen, I hope your week is going well. I started my new job yesterday and then was off today because my background check had not come in. That came in late this afternoon, so I’ll be returning tomorrow. Man, I’m already wondering if I made a mistake signing on with them. Yeah, it’s retail sales, and I’m used to that, but this company has such a script they follow and they ask you to be a lot pushier than I am by nature. Nothing ventured nothing gained is normally my philosophy, but sometimes if you have something that works, you might do well not to try fixing it. I will give it some time, but I cannot see myself being the sort of sales personality for which they are looking. Time will tell. Honestly I would prefer to get out of retail altogether. I am so tired of having my livelihood dependent on convincing people to part with their money.

As usual, I’ve gotten no gaming in this week, but I have had time to finish some tv. A couple of days ago I wrapped up watching Daredevil’s second season. Oh my…fellas…it was so good! Like Rhett, John Bernthal is now far and away my favorite Punisher. His storyline was so well done that I honestly began getting annoyed when the show’s focus shifted to Daredevil. I was all “No, screw Daredevil, let’s get back the Punisher’s storyline!” I do hope Netflix makes good on the rumors of producing a standalone Punisher series. Unlike Rhett, however, I had no problem with Elektra. The actress looked the part, and my familiarity with the character was scant enough that I lacked sufficient point reference to be annoyed by any deviations. I did think the final battle left something to be desired, but all in all I was more than satisfied with this season as a whole.

I also have been keeping up with The Flash, which in my opinion is the best comic book based show on tv. I am surprised y’all really do not talk about it more. Or, ya know…ever. My hope is that it does not follow Arrow’s example. That show was fantastic for the first 2 seasons, and now it is horrible. They have turned the character into an emotional, whiney turd, and the shift in focus to his romantic relationship leads me to believe the show has hired former Lifetime Channel writers to script each episode. I do still watch Arrow just because I am morbidly curious to see where the train wreck will lead, but I no longer really care. But yeah, The Flash is such a fun show. It is the most comic booky series, and it does not take itself too seriously. It is purposely campy and goofy, which endears it to me. That, and I have just always loved the character of Barry Allen anyway. I have one more episode of the current House of Cards season and then I will be finished with it as well. The downside to Netflix series is that you can mess around and burn through them too quickly. Last season it kind fell off a little, but this season it came roaring back to the standard I have come to expect.

I STILL have not seen Dawn of Justice. (or Deadpool for that matter) I had a talk with my wife two days ago, and she agreed to watch the baby for me later on Tuesday and let me go enjoy it. I do not care much for the opinions of critics, and I’m not expecting mind blowing acting and intricate plot weaving. I’m going into it expecting it to be a fun, popcorn munching good time, and I believe it will not disappoint. I know even Kevin Smith said the film was terrible, but then this is the same director who keeps making the same low brow stoner movies over and over, so take his assessment for what it’s worth.

I have been spending a fair amount of time on the retro game hunt this week and came away with some halfway pricey gems for my original Xbox collection. I picked up Def Jam Fight for NY, The Dukes of Hazzard, and a handful of others. Eventually I plan to hook my OG Xbox up to the big tv in the living room, but honestly I need a VGA to HDMI converter if I want it to work halfway competently.

Oh, did you hear that today the PS2 is officially dead? Well…according to one article I read, anyway. Apparently Final Fantasy XI has been online this whole time and as of today they are finally shutting off the servers. I was shocked to learn it was still a thing, but apparently it was. Oh well, it will not affect me. I have 3 PS2 consoles and collect games for it, because it is still a fantastic system with lots of great games.

Well guys, as usual I do not have a whole Hell of a lot more to add, so I’m gonna let y’all get on with the show. Peace.

Episode 145A – Dawn of Lies Newsdump

Dawn of Lies Newsdump. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out this week and the reviews are starting to come in. On the one hand we have the fanboys that can’t stop heaping effusive praise upon the movie and on the other we have the professional movie critics who are almost universally panning the film. So, what is the truth. What do we know? We’re just a couple of ignorant guys on the internet. Id doesn’t look good for Dawn of Justice though.

Fan Email

Sorry no email from our superfan this week. This would have been the perfect opportunity for you to write, but you missed it. You can try again next week.

Dawn of Lies Newsdump

For those of you out there who just aren’t satisfied by the sound of our voices:

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 145A – Dawn of Lies Newsdump

Episode 144B – Day of the Trackmania Battlemage

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

Day of the Trackmania Battlemage. It has finally arrived. You knew it was coming and you couldn’t stop it even if you tried. You couldn’t delay its coming for a minute. The only thing you can do is hunker down and wait for its passing.

What’s Going On

First, Rhett plays Dead Island while we record the podcast. In addition, there were a number of things going on this week. Rhett has been busy with Total War: Attila. He also watched a number of shows on Netflix recently. He watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, and season 2 of Daredevil. He was basically glued to his Xbox for the weekend. You’d probably be surprised about his opinion of the Pee-wee Herman movie. We talk quite a bit about Daredevil season 2 while trying to keep it spoiler free. Jason has been doing his usual, getting caught up on Doctor Who. Plus he has been watching creepy YouTube videos. He’s been checking out a number of channels that deal with the supernatural, conspiracy theories, and the unexplained. He’s into that stuff. We spend some time talking about sleep paralysis which is completely natural and weird at the same time.

Day of the Trackmania Battlemage

We have more reviews of new games we have never played. There are some interesting looking games coming out. And as always you can rely on our totally impartial judgement* in these reviews.

* – Any claims to impartiality are totally specious. Out reviews are only impartial in that so far we aren’t being paid for our opinions.

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

We run slightly over time on this podcast and as such will finish the tournament in the next part B. We have finally whittled it down to two contenders for the crown: Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden and Ryu from Streed Fighter. Let us know your opinion on who would win and why.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 144B – Day of the Trackmania Battlemage

Episode 144A – Top of the News

Top of the News. Why top of the news? Well, this news was deemed to have actual news worthy content. By what standard are they deemed news worthy? Do we have an objective measure that distinguishes a news worthy article from another? Do we base our choice for news worthiness on the criteria set up by a detailed rubric? Of course not, what do you take us for. We choose articles that interest us. We have things from television, movies, video games, virtual reality, hackers, and more. And let me just say, the Russian hacker in the news is an idiot.

Fan Email

Chance has once again sent us an email to prove that he is still alive. Rejoice for Jason will once again demonstrate that all prose no matter how eloquent and thoughtful can be reduced to the intelligence level of the average internet dweller.

Top of the News

For those of you who, just need a visual, you can see us over at our YouTube channel.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 144A – Top of the News


What are you two mange ridden mongrels up to this week? I hope all has been well with y’all. I know y’all are probably super bummed out that the GOP debate that was scheduled to take place in Utah has been cancelled. It’s probably hitting Rhett hardest of all since I know he’s a diehard Donald Trump supporter. I am sure he’s crying into his Sprite at this very moment. Trump said it’s because there have already been enough debates. If the truth were known, he probably just did not want to go to Utah. Cannot blame him there. I keed I keed! I’m sure Utah is a lovely state with lots to offer like…Mormons, sand, more Mormons, more sand, and ummmmm…cacti? But for real, while we are on the topic of politics, I got a census long form in the mail from our lovely government the other day. They say you are legally required to answer all questions, but I have to say it is the most intrusive piece of crap I’ve ever seen. It used to be that the census was only concerned with numbering citizens. Now they want to know if you work, where you work, how often you work, how much you make, the cost of your bills, how far you drive, whether you own a toilet and shower (for real, they want to know that) and a million other questions that are absolutely none of their business! Have either of you gotten this thing in the mail yet?

This week has been as uneventful as usual on my end. Work, baby, food, pooping, showering, more work, baby, food, pooping, and showering. That’s the story of my life. I only have a week left at my current job before I join on with my new place of money earning. I am kind of bummed about it too. My current gig frustrates the crap out of me, but it’s mostly all I’ve known for the bulk of my adult working life. I have been with them for almost 20 years. It’s hard to say goodbye, but I’ll still be working in the same mall, so it’s not like I will not still see everyone on the regular. I’ve been tempted a time or two to change my mind and stay with them, but I cannot say no to considerably more money. It would be nice to make enough scratch that I could buy a $20 item without having to consider how badly it might ding my budget, ya know? As much as I love my company, I am beyond weary of playing the paycheck to paycheck game. I mean, I only have a PS4 and no Xbox One to go with it for Pete’s sake! Being poor sucks!

Speaking of, I suppose by now y’all have read about the supposed allowing by Microsoft of cross platform play with PS4 owners. Sony came out and hemmed and hawed and gave the kind of non-response only a giant corporation could deliver. They did not say they would not work with the big M, but they did not say they would not either. IF…and right now that’s a big if, this ends up coming to fruition, what effect do you think it would have on the console war? The only thing that would differentiate them in light of a shared online play experience would be exclusives, and I’m not sure that alone would be enough to drive potential customers to either one. I think then it would be price driving sales more than anything. Still, even though I DESPISE online multiplayer, I find the idea of cross platform play awfully cool.

While I am on the subject of PS4 related fare, did you catch the news about Playstation VR? They finally priced the thing and announced a release date. In October, the headset can be yours for $399, which is what many had speculated would be the price point. Also, supposedly there will be some Star Wars Battlefront related exclusive content for the device, which, if I actually liked Battlefront, would be awesome. I am excited for this, and I plan to either pick one up or drop hints to my lovely wife for the last quarter of this year that “Gee…those new Playstation VR helmets sure are cool. They would make an awesome Christmas gift!” I am excited about VR. I do believe eventually it will be ubiquitous in gaming. Maybe not this generation, mind you, but mass adoption of it has to start somewhere. One bummer is that it requires the Playstation camera, which will set you back another $60 bones.

Something else that excited me this week was a dirty rumor that began circulating regarding one of my favorite franchises, Red Dead. Word leaked out that Red Dead Redemption 2 has been in development for 4 years, will debut at E3 this year, and will be available next year. I cannot begin to tell you how much fun I had with the last entry into the series. Rockstar promises (supposedly) that there will be more than one playable character this time around, and that the overall world will be WAY bigger than in Redemption. That game was so pretty on PS3, so I’m really pumped to see how alive the world will be on PS4.

I have managed to get in a bit of gaming this week. I downloaded Assassins’s Creed 3 Civilization on Vita for $6.84 during the Playstation Network’s Assassin’s Creed sale they had last week. So far it’s okay at best. It’s a good time killer if nothing else. I also tried out Playstation Now. Yeah…I guess my internet connection is not hot enough to run it. I tried playing Saints Row 4 Gat Out of Hell, but it froze and crashed in less than 5 minutes. Also, I found out that just because a bunch of PS3 games can stream to the Vita does not mean they are fully playable on the device. For some you need an R2 and L2 button, which the Vita lacks. Oh well…I am going to cancel my trial before Sony starts charging me for it.

Well, that’s it for now, boys. Have a great weekend. Don’t do anything lethally stupid!

Episode 143B – Salt and Tetrobot Tournament

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

Salt and Tetrobot Tournament is the name this week. See if you can pick out which games make up the titles this week. There are a couple of games that look interesting this week, but the fare is rather measly unfortunately.

What’s Going On

Jason has been watching more Doctor Who. He is almost through the 7th series and Matt Smith’s time is coming to a close. I hope Peter Capaldi is going to do a better job. He can’t blame everything on Matt Smith, the writers are also to blame turning Doctor Who from a sci-fi to a fantasy. He finished Lego Marvel to 100%, played Deponia, and played a little Destiny. Rhett has playing Total War: Attila. He’s had to kind of backtrack a bit in order to beat it. He conquered, but still didn’t win. He’s also watched all of House of Cards and watched some Samurai Champloo. He and Lindsay are playing Halo despite her nausea.

Salt and Tetrobot Tournament

After exhaustive research we have again compiled a list of video games coming out this week. We do this research so that we can form solid, scientific opinions on which to judge the following games*.

* – Unless the video game sounded lame, then we judged it right then and there.

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

Well, Ryu and Cloud have been fighting for a solid week. It has even spread over into They weighed in on the fight and we got a fanboy or girl for Samus. However, we addressed the issue of Samus quite some time ago. We finally have an elimination and next week we finally finish the tournament and assign the winner – the most legendary character in classic video games.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 143B – Salt and Tetrobot Tournament

Episode 143A – Trailer Trash News

Trailer Trash News coming at you. Why trailer trash, I hear you grunt in apathy? Because we have a new trailer from Ghostbusters and it is pretty much trash.

Fan Email

Chance has not died in spite of what he have reported in the past. He did become ill recently, unfortunately not deathly ill. So, we do have an email from him. We share his emails because, like a virus, they need to spread to survive.

Trailer Trash News

Since we are now a very shallow society, I say now, but we’ve always been pretty shallow, you can look at us, but please – no touching.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 143A – Trailer Trash News

Yes, there is an email this week

Buenos tardes, you two gangrenous pustules on the rectum of the cosmos. I hope your week has been going well thus far. Should I apologize for the lack of emails for the last three weeks? I mean…would Rhett even care one way or the other if I did? I think I won’t, but it can just be assumed that the sentiment stands all the same. I have had a lot going on. We are getting in an entire floor’s worth of new furniture, so I’ve been busy rearranging my entire department, which I assure you is a feat requiring no less than a Herculean effort. On top of that I have been sick for weeks with some lung infection. I finally began a round of antibiotics last night, and today I felt quite a bit improved. Of course, if it’s not sickness or work related drudgery keeping me from penning emails, it is my babysitting duties. Grown up responsibilities suck. Speaking of, I have to be a groomsman in a wedding on Saturday. It would not be so bad, but I had to spend $220 on my tux RENTAL. For that kind of money I should get to keep the thing. Maybe it sounds kind of petty, but the guy getting married was one of my groomsmen, and I paid for his tux. I know tradition holds that the groomsmen and bridesmaids pay for their own tuxes and dresses, but I always thought that sucked. If YOU are asking ME to be a part of your wedding, I should not have to be out a considerable sum of money to make that happen. But that’s just my opinion.

Well, today I was offered a new job with a company that already employs two friends of mine. I have till tomorrow to let them know if I am going to accept it. The issue is that, like my current job, the pay is a base rate combined with commission, but the base rate is basically half of what I make now. BUT…the commission is ridiculous. Both of my friends average monthly commissions that dwarf what I make all month. So yeah, I’d be taking the hit on the guaranteed money, but the possibility exists to make considerably more than I make now. They both showed me their pay stubs for several months, and they do quite well. Still…my current job has a guaranteed rate of pay. I am really torn on what to do here. One of my friends there made close to twice my income there last year, so it is a lot to think about.

Anyway, I have gotten absolutely no gaming in for the last few weeks. After I finished Uncharted on my Vita, I was at a loss for games to play. I bought another game for it that I ended up not caring for very much. I am seriously considering subscribing to Playstation Now and having its library available to play on the device. I have been engaging in gaming related activities lately however. I’ve been building up my original Xbox library, and I’ve picked up some titles for the PS2 as well, one of which was Zone of the Enders yesterday for $3 at a local thrift shop. I’ve heard it is a great game, and maybe one day I will even get to find out. Oh, and I managed to score 2 dvds for cheap – Return of the Dark Knight Parts 1 and 2 for $3 apiece at a local flea market. I am inching ever closer to completing the entire run of DC Animated flicks. I plan to make Batman Bad Blood and Gods & Monsters the last two I buy because they suck the most.

Now that my little girl is asleep for the night, I am going to look into that space exploration game “Into the Stars” you were talking about, Doc Jason. I was intrigued by the premise.

As I informed Rhett on Facebook, the Coleco Chameleon/Retro VGS could not be more deceased now. Those guys were apparently scammers from the word go. Coleco gave them one week to produce a working prototype or they were going to pull their name and support for the destined to fail console. Well, not surprisingly, they did not, so it is now a bad memory. They even took down their Facebook page. It seems to me that if I were to design a new console, I would keep tinkering and tinkering until I had a working prototype to show before I even thought about asking anyone for support. Why that was not their first move is beyond me.

Did you hear that Lionhead studios are rumored to be closing? Apparently Microsoft is planning to close the doors on that and Press Play studios, with Fable Legends being cancelled. That is a real bummer, because I have always enjoyed the Fable series. The gaming industry is so volatile. You can be King Crap of Hump Mountain one minute and be shuttering your doors the next. Game designers must be career nomads. I just cannot believe that the same studio that gave us the Fable series is going under. Fable Legends was deep into development too, so my hope is that Microsoft tasks another studio with finishing it.

Well that is really about it for me, guys. Not a lot of geekery going on for me to report. Take it easy. #DoNotPeeOnMyParadeRhett

Episode 142B – Jump Tanks on the Moon Hunters

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

Jump Tanks on the Moon Hunters, kind of a parody of Amazon Women on the Moon. If you haven’t seen that movie, it is a bizarre nerd fest. As for this podcast you get to look forward to Jump Tanks and Moon Hunters. By the way Rhett is going to be playing Battleblock Theatre.

What’s Going On

Rhett has finally finished Dragon Age: Inquisition, not just finished but maxed out the achievements. He’s been watching Samurai Champloo, playing Arkham Knight – he got some new DLC, Banner Saga and Final Fantasy VI, plus reading Word of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson. He’s also been watching Batman: Bad Blood. Jason has been watching Doctor Who, he’s still trying to get up-to-date with the current series. He’s also trying to finish the Lego Marvel game to 100% and practicing Italian. We also talk about the stupidity surrounding Luke Skywalker and Mark Hamil. Remember that Luke Skywalker had a wife and children at one point.

Jump Tanks on the Moon Hunters

Another week and another round of video games and yet more impressions and reviews based on actual scientific methods and empirical evidence*.

* –

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

We have a spectacular bout tonight – Street Fighter Ryu versus Cloud Strife. Ryu is a formidable fighter with mystical powers. He trains to win to the exclusion of all else. Cloud Strife is quite OP. He has a number of powers that are unique to him, namely the Limit Breaks. He isn’t using the materia this is limited to his innate abilities only. We will be extending this another week as we didn’t come to a conclusion.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 142B – Jump Tanks on the Moon Hunters

Episode 141B – Gunscape Doomsday in the Black Desert

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

Gunscape Doomsday in the Black Desert. In case you haven’t guessed it yet my podcast titles where we review upcoming video game releases are mashups of the video game titles we are going to review. You can look forward to Black Desert, Doomsday, and Gunscape featuring in the podcast. Now, don’t you feel enlightened?

What’s Going On

Rhett has been finishing Dragon Age: Inquisition and playing Total War: Attila. He beat all of the Dragons in Inquisition. We complain about the cost of DLC and Game of the Year Editions, etc. He finished watching the Wire season 3 and moved on to season 4. Played some Torchlight 2, Banner Saga, Final Fantasy VI, and XCOM and reading up on economist Milton Friedman. Jason has been watching more Doctor Who and has some criticism to level against it. He also started watching the prequel to Fate/Stay Night – Fate/Zero. Jason hasn’t even finished the episode he started and he’s not sure that he likes it.

Gunscape Doomsday in the Black Desert

We are once again reviewing* video games based solely on the merits of the information Jason can find online. We haven’t actually played these games so our reviews are pristine and unspoiled by actual experience.

* – Actual reviews are based on the prophecies and prognostications of the famed seer and futurist Norman the car wash attendant. We make no guarantees about his accuracy or his abilities to short change customers, just be sure to count your change and your fingers after dealing with him.

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

This week Ryu Hayabusa the epitome of the mystical ninja fights Simon Belmont the vampire slayer. Ryu has his awesome ninja skills and his ninja magic. Simon Belmont is armed with his vampire slaying whip and his magical skills. In the next round of combat Ryu from Street Fighter will attempt take down Cloud Strife and stop his run on the championship.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 141B – Gunscape Doomsday in the Black Desert