Episode 128A – The Weekly News Dump

Happy Thanksgiving from the DG Podcast. We hope that you are recovering well from your Thanksgiving food induced coma. We ate too much, but we still managed to put together something halfway coherent. We even managed to stream the thing live without much of a hitch.

Chance managed to send us an email. His new baby was asleep, so he took a few moments to make contact. With a new baby in the house, you almost become a hermit trying to take care of it. You can read his comments for yourself, just be aware that he isn’t a fan of the Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe a turkey savaged his dog or spit on his shoes when he was a child.

Rhett and Jason reminisce briefly about their respective Thanksgiving dinners. The opportunity to spend with family. The desire to be antisocial in social settings. Their respective treatment of people they don’t like. If you are a psychologist I’m sure you will find it revealing.

The news dump stories that we have chosen for this week are:

At the end of the podcast we also talk about the new Captain America trailer that was recently released. In case you were unaware, the movie is going to be Captain America: Civil War. I don’t know what it is about the new superhero movies, but I want to see the superheroes fighting the bad guys, not each other. I don’t read comics to see Ironman and Captain America duke it out. I go to see Captain America tear the Red Skull and Hydra apart. Plus, the trailer makes Captain America, the paragon of virtue, the hero the other good guys look up to, it makes him look like the unreasonable party. One thing we know about Captain America is that he always makes the right decision. We can’t have him portrayed as the villain. Maybe it’s just the trailer and the movie will put a better light on the Captain, but I still cringe when watching the trailer.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 128A

Thanksgiving Email

Happy Thanksgiving to the two biggest turkeys I know! I am more than a little surprised that you two are actually going to shart one out on one of the major holidays! Anyway, I hope you two were a pair of gluttonous savages as you celebrated the wholesale theft of land from and genocide of this country’s native population. The wife and I did not really do the whole big meal for several reasons, most notably that I despise the following foods: turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, cranberry sauce, any and all beans, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Basically, the entire traditional Thanksgiving meal is utterly repulsive to me. Even if I were into all of that, switching off on baby duty doesn’t leave a lot of time to cook. We did do a ham for Meredith and my son, plus rolls and apple pie. I had my traditional Thanksgiving frozen pizza. Anywho, the little lady is out like a light for one of the few times today, so I figured I’d better get an email in while I still could. My mother and her husband came up earlier in the week to meet Charlotte and see our house for the first time, so
I did get in some kinda sorta Thanksgiving related family time this week. Mother came bearing gifts for all. She gave me this shirt with my birth year and the word vintage on it. Mom is making old man jokes now? Oh well, she balanced it by gifting me a Generation 1 (G1) Transformer she picked up in a thrift shop. She had no idea what it was, but I knew very well which figure she bought. He was missing some parts, which I have since ordered from Ebay, but he was recognizable as Perceptor. Oddly enough, he was one I once begged my mom as a kid to buy me and she did not because he was stupid expensive at the time, so mom finally came through for me 30 years after the fact.

Sorry for not emailing last week, but I kind of had my hands full with Charlotte and the accompanying sleep deprivation for which she is personally responsible. Did either of you two slip out and participate in the Black Thursday Evening madness? I know it’s not up either of your respective alleys, but Rhett is a tightwad, so I figured the deals might stand a chance of luring him out of his cave. There were some deals that piqued my interest, to be sure, but I just do not do Black Friday. Period. I scarcely possess the patience necessary for the suffering of fools when they are on their best behavior, but when they’re acting like a bunch of slobbering knuckle draggers? Nope with extra nope sauce. I did buy a couple of things today, but I did so from the comfort of my sofa. I grabbed a $29 Android tablet from Best Buy for me and found a great deal on my wife’s present on Groupon of all places. The latter saved me close to $300. She and I had a pact not to spend over $50 on each other this year, but I just cannot resist spoiling my wife a little at Christmas. I won’t say what it was I bought, but it is something she mentioned a few months ago. Needless to say, I already blew that budget out of the water. :/ Right now we are keeping close tabs on Amazon for this $149 50 inch hdtv that they supposedly will be selling as an app only deal. It will be a co-present for both of us. We have turned into hermits who do nothing together but watch movies for fun, so we want something a little more…more…than the 32 inch tv I have owned for the last 8 years.

For the first time in the last couple of years I have a legit reason to fret over Black Friday. My corporate office decided to dump a ton of my area’s merchandise into clearance and then run an extra 40% off special on it. On the bright side, my commission check will be a little better, but the downside is that I have to spend the first 4 hours of the sale trying to deal with customers while monitoring my new hire. He is a nice guy, but he knows less than nothing, and he will be a liability during the first big sale we have had in a long time.

So I was really impressed with your Verminterview. I was genuinely impressed with the degree of professionalism the two of you showed. I never would have imagined y’all having interviewing chops, but you pulled it off. It was compelling even for me, and I could not give less of a steaming pile about the whole Warcraft universe if my life depended on it. Oh, and in the last podcast, y’all had me wanting to scream because I kept hearing one of your mice clicking every 5 seconds. It was driving me out of my gourd! “So yeah, Jason, this week I was…click…blah blah blah…click…blah…click…blah blah blah blah…click…” It was maddening I tell you! Maddening!! It was almost as bad as listening to the vocal mannerisms of that chick Laura Ashby on Jeopardy. If you haven’t heard about her, just Google her. She is an uptalker who draws out and upward the last syllable of every word she utters. You will want to throw a shoe at her after listening to her upward droning.

You know what else y’all did that got my dander up? Ragging on my French flag profile pic. Not to be a douche, but did it ever occur to y’all that maybe most of us who chose to memorialize the victims of the Paris terror attack did not do so with any delusions of about it? When I changed my pic, I was under no delusion that doing so had any real world effect whatsoever. I did not do it to make myself feel better about anything or because I thought it would change anyone’s situation. I simply did it as a show of respect to those who lost their lives. When my father passed away several years ago, I lost count of how many people offered their condolences. Did their well wishing better my mood any? No. Did it make my life brighter? Not in the least. Their words had less than zero effect on my world, but it was damned nice of them to at least take the time to recognize his passing. Did any French people see my pic? Probably not. But whether or not it was an empty gesture is neither here nor there. I just felt doing so was my way of showing that I felt badly for their tragedy, regardless of how feeble it may have been. Turds. 😛

My gaming this week has consisted of a few minutes of retro here and there on my handheld device. Played a little Double Dragon yesterday and was pleased to find I was still as good at it as I was when I was a kid. I used to be able to beat the game in the arcade on one quarter. All you had to do was throw elbows all game and there was no enemy you could not defeat in short order. If, by some miracle, tomorrow is slow at work, I may game a little more. Even when work is over I still have more to do, since the wife will have me going into the spider’s den to retrieve our well worn plastic Christmas tree. Hey, we have gotten our $40 out of it. We do not believe in setting the tree up on minute sooner than the day after Thanksgiving. People who do so before Turkey day ought to shampoo my crotch.

Anyway, I need to wrap this up. My little girl has been sleeping in her Rock N Play for a while and she is starting to stir. I figure I have about about 2-3 minutes before she starts wailing. So take it easy!

Episode 127B – Internet Activism

The entertainment value of the internet has skyrocketed since the advent of the DG Podcast. Not only can you hear our voice, you can see our faces as well. Now for the bad news. We’re still here.

Rhett has been playing Fallout 4 for the Nth straight week in a row. This from the guy who collected all the achievements on Fallout 3 and New Vegas. He’s also been playing Mordheim. We also talk about the new Netflix series – Jessica Jones. Evidently Rhett was only able to make himself sit through the first four minutes of the show before it made him want to turn it off. He’ll go back and try to finish it, but that may be it for the series for him.

We take some time to make some complaints about the hypocrisy of the internet. The recent terror attacks in France have created a spate of internet activism. Facebook photos with French flags, rainbow overlays, tweets, Facebook posts and how meaningless is it all is.

We finally get back to our tournament. Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury and King of Fighters against Ryu from Street Fighter. Both combatants excel at hand-to-hand combat. They are highly skilled fighters. They are strong, versatile, and resilient. This was a difficult fight to call. They are very similar in many respects. In the next bout Mario has to face off against Mike Haggar.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 127B – Internet Activism

Episode 127A – The DG News Dump

This is it. The triumphant episode to follow up to our amazing interview with Victor from Fatshark. I know that listening to us is kind of a let down, but we do our best. Without Victor’s sparkling conversation you will have to settle for us.

We have plenty of news to cover later this episode, but we go into our regular conversation. Unfortunately, or not as the case may be, we don’t have an email from Chance. He’s been involved with his new baby. Jason will overlook it this week, Rhett won’t. Ask again next week, Jason won’t be so forgiving. Jason has been dealing with computer issues. Rhett has been playing his new usual, Fallout 4. It appears that he, along with others, have been caught in the minutiae of the game rather than actually following the story-line and completing quests.

In the news dump tonight contains quite a few worthy stories:

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 127A

Episode 126B – Vermintide

The DG Podcast makes its triumphant return. There have been some moments of computer difficulty and uncertainty that still need to be resolved, but we didn’t delay the podcast for those lame reasons. No, we had an awesome reason for delaying the podcast this time and his name is Victor Magnuson. That’s right, we got to talk to Victor Magnuson one of the game designers at Fatshark, the producer of Vermintide.

We get to spend about an hour talking with Victor about Vermintide. We talk about everything that we can talk about. Obviously, there are a few things that Victor can’t talk about like future, unconfirmed DLC, but we do get to talk about things like: what made it into the game that he was surprised didn’t get cut, the patch that they are finishing up, game balance and mechanics, and their experience working with Games Workshop. From talking to Victor we were able to get a sense of some big things coming for Vermintide. As we said, he couldn’t be definite, but they have been surprised and pleased by the positive reception from critics and fans and want to keep us happy. To that end, they are going to be striving to the utmost to keep us coming back. He did tell us that there are plans for new maps and new playable characters, new weapon classes, and more.

Both Rhett and Jason thoroughly enjoyed talking to Victor and hope to be able to keep in touch with him to provide you with future updates about Vermintide and other projects coming from Fatshark.

If you haven’t checked out Vermintide yet, we hope that our discussion with Victor will intrigue you enough to check it out. If you want to discuss it with us further or set up a time to join us on Vermintide, send us an email.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 126B – Vermintide

Episode 126A

The DG Podcast has returned. Just like a bad penny, we always turn up. And we have turned up on YouTube yet again. It looks like we are actually making progress in the streaming department. We actually streamed twice in a row without a hitch. I know, I can’t believe it either. We must continue the sacrifices.

Jason hasn’t really been up to much recently. His computer is giving him errors and he’s trying to figure out how to stop them. He’s also getting ready to build a new computer. He’s going to wait a little longer until the new AMD processor comes out. We talk about computers for a while, real engaging stuff. Rhett wishes that he’d broken his toe rather than just bruising it. We talk about Fallout 4 for a while. Rhett is a big fan of the Fallout series. There are some spoilers so be aware of that going in.

Chance wrote his email a little earlier than usual. He will be having no time to do it. As we were recording the podcast, Chance was a new father. Yes, he has a kid, but now he also has a new born. He’s had a great time in the past few days, but you can get that from his email, enjoy. Hopefully he will be able to contribute next week. He won’t be sleeping he’ll be taking care of baby.

In the news dump tonight we have a few gems:

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 126A

Last Email before Baby

Gutentag, you two scourges of all that is right and good. I will not be watching your live stream this evening, seeing as how by the time you two are at it, my baby girl will have arrived into the world. On Monday, Meredith had her weekly baby doctor appointment, and after measuring Charlotte at 40 weeks, he advised my lovely wife to induce on Thursday at 6 a.m. She had not planned on doing so, but after the doctor explained that letting the baby get any bigger would only make delivery more complicated, she decided to take his advice. So yeah…there it is. Charlotte is going to have to preempt my regularly scheduled Thursday night entertainment. Since I am going to be missing work later this week, yesterday I went in on my day off and worked open till close, and I will be doing so again today. Unfortunately, I do not get paid days off unless it is vacation, and I do still need to keep the lights on. Last night was kind of interesting. It seems we are giving away a Power Wheels Jeep as part of some contest, and I was tasked with assembling it because, in the words of our visual merchandising girl, the rumor around the store is that I am “handy.”

For whatever reason, there are 3 myths about me that have been perpetuated around my store for years and years. The first is that I am some sort of computer wizard. I am not. The list of things I don’t know about computers could fill the Library of Congress, whereas the things I do know might make for a good truck stop pamphlet. I fixed a couple of laptops for some people many years ago, and now everyone comes to me with every problem on every device under the sun. Recently a lady asked me if I could fix her tablet. Smh. I do not even own a tablet, and have spent all of ten minutes even playing with the devices. The second myth is that I can draw. How that one got started I will never know, because I couldn’t draw blood with a scalpel in a room full of hemophiliacs. The third is that I just know how to build everything. Again…I don’t . But I was bored, so I agreed to assemble the thing. I did, and I have to tell you that it is not super hard by any stretch of the imagination, but getting the steering assembly in place is a bear. Still, I think people would be amazed at what they would be able to accomplish for themselves if they weren’t too afraid or too lazy to attempt figuring things out for themselves. When I fixed those laptops, I consulted the internet. What is stopping these people from doing the same? Ugh. There is literally an entire planet’s worth of information if people would just take a freaking moment to seek it out!

Not much been going on this week on the gaming front, as usual. The closest I have come to gaming is a few minutes here and there on this handheld Sega Genesis emulator I bought last year. It came with 80 games already installed on it, but since it has an SD slot I added 940 some odd more to its lineup. It actually is a cool little device. My only gripe is that, even though it has an SD slot, there is no option to save games, which makes rpgs on the device pretty much pointless.

So Fallout 4 is upon us. Yesterday I saw where Target was carrying some Nuka Cola made by the Jones Soda Company, and apparently it sold out so super fast that morons on Ebay were paying upwards of $70+ for a bottle. It is soda. Blue soda. People astound me. They really do. The game looks really pretty, but since I still have Fallout 3 and New Vegas sitting as yet unplayed on my shelf, I will wait till I’ve gone through those before even considering picking up 4.

Well, I truly do not have a lot of time left to ramble, so I have to cut this short. We are going to be up at 4 in the morning, and I did not sleep the last few nights because my wife has turned into a nocturnal fog horn with her snoring. It sometimes sounds like somebody vacuuming up a fat sack of marbles every time she does it. Anywho…wish me luck. This time tomorrow I will have a brand new baby daughter to love and corrupt with geekery!

Episode 125B – Swords and Sorcery

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

The DG Podcast had a successful stream. Finally, am i right. There have been so many attempt to stream this sucker and we finally did it. There we were the two talking heads and Dark Souls taking up the post of entertainment diva. You should have seen it.

We initially discuss the weather, it snowed here. Then we moved on to the new trailer for the World of Warcraft movie, which we proceed to tear apart. This leads into our discussion later in the podcast. Rhett has preordered Fallout 4. We expected this from his track record. He complains a bit about the mail service. His house is closer to the post office, but Jason gets his mail sooner. Jason hasn’t been very busy in the geek arena. He has attempted to play the first Destiny expansion the Dark Below. Whenever Bungie has pushed out expansions for Destiny they kind of break the way the game plays. So he tried to start the Dark Below quests by talking to Eris Morn, but she no longer starts the quest or gives bounties apparently. So, he found a map he hadn’t played and destroyed the end boss without playing the first two levels of the expansion. He also made his kids watch Labyrinth with him. If you haven’t watched this gem you really need to do so. Be warned this is a Jim Henson movie, but it isn’t the Muppets you are used to seeing.

Whether you care to admit it or not The Lord of the Rings has played a huge role in nerd culture and Swords and Sorcery genre in particular. It may not be your favorite, but chances are that it heavily influenced your favorite fantasy movie, game, or book. Dungeons and Dragons was created as a direct attempt to play out the adventures in the Lord of the Rings. The Lord of the Rings did so well at the box office that a hundred lookalikes reared their heads. Unfortunately, they paled in comparison. We talk about:

  • The Lord of the Rings
  • Willow
  • Dragonslayer
  • The Beastmaster
  • Krull
  • Conan the Barbarian
  • Dungeon Siege: In the Name of the King
  • The Highlander
  • and more

If we didn’t talk about a particular favorite or a particularly bad sword and sorcery movie let us know.

We return to our Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters with Ryu Hayabusa against Link. Ryu is the lead protagonist from the Ninja Gaiden series. The first Ninja Gaiden for the Nintendo was brutally difficult and Ryu was up to the task with his various master level ninja skills. Link is a straight forward fighter with a magic sword and shield, not to mention all the other gadgets and magics that he has at his disposal. Both have fought and overcome monsters and demons in the pursuit of their goals. In next week’s bout Terry Bogard will face Ryu from Street Fighter. It should be an interesting discussion.

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The Distracted Gamers Episode 125B

Episode 125A

The DG Podcast got off the ground with nary a hitch the other night. Chance even had the opportunity to join us for our live stream. And what were you jokers doing? You were probably doing the right thing and getting some well needed sleep. You could have been hanging out with us, and I understand why that has little appeal, but you were resting up like a responsible adult.

What has been going on for our two internet dwellers, I fail to hear you ask? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. Jason has played Battleborn. The closed technical has extended for longer than he thought with no close date declared. He has also received his new hard drive and can now start the long process of trying to fix his computer. Rhett has also been dealing with computer issues and bleeding. He sells his plasma and they didn’t do a very good job staunching the blood the last time he went in.

Since Chance was with us last night he had the undoubted frustration of listening to Jason summarize his email. Lots of good stuff in there. Unfortunately, geekery has taken a backseat in his life at the moment, completely understandable if you have been following.

In the news dump tonight we have a few gems:

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 125A

Baby, Baby, Baby

What is up, you two slimy barnacles on the rusting hull of the good ship Internet? I hope your week has been gee golly swell thus far. My week has been the same as any other week in recent memory. The baby is pretty much 99% of my focus. The other 1% is allocated to sleeping, working, and pooping. And listening to the DGP, which is not all that different from pooping now that I think about it. As we speak, my lovely wife is borderline in labor. She is having contractions like crazy but she still insists on going to work. That lady of mine is tough as nails, for sure. At this point, I have to leave my phone on at night just in case she goes into full on labor.

Been an interesting few days at work. My new boss is a lot more involved with the employees than was his predecessor. He checks in with me every day to see if the baby has arrived. Every day he looks at me and says “Any news?” It is so weird having a boss that seems to legit care about his people. In my almost 20 years in retail I have never had such a manager. Yesterday was super slow. Them late in the afternoon the phone rang. It was Mrs. Dillard. As in THE Mrs. Dillard. My butt kinda puckered when I saw her husband’s name pop up on our called i.d. She was super nice though, and we had a good chat about headboards. One of the Dillard daughters comes in to see me every once in a while, but she does not make me nervous. She is pretty much like anyone else that works here, and she does not act like she is who she is at all.

I haven’t gamed much. As has been my usual course of action lately, my free time has been spent getting caught up on Gotham. I did play Godfather 2 on PS3 a little, but even though I love gangster movies and games, I really wasn’t feeling it too much. I really just have not even remotely cared about gaming for months now. I go through these spells once in a while, but I will get into it again eventually. I did pick up some new old games though. Got the Katamari Damacy and its sequel for PS2 for $2 apiece. Got some Godzilla game for it too. AND…drumroll please…my original NES collection is now officially over the 100 mark. I said I was going to stop at 100, but there are still about 10 or so games left for the console that I would like to own. People who are obsessed with having several hundred games for the NES are odd. Honestly, a huge percentage of its library was crap!! Snake’s Revenge, Strider, and some other title whose name eludes me put me at the mark.

So I am getting rid of my $10 gaming pc. A friend of mine had her house burglarized while she was at work. The thief took her laptop, her husband’s laptop, her 3DS, his 3DS, their PS3, and a Nintendo handheld she had saved up to buy and put back for her daughter’s Christmas present. So I am giving her my perfectly good gaming pc, a broken PS3 her husband has the skills to repair, and I threw in something else special for her daughter. They are super good people, and I do not believe in holding onto things other people can put to better use. Not 2 days before her house was burgled, I ran across a nice Razer gaming keyboard for it too. I freaking hate thieves. :/

Other than that the only crap to happen was having a Facebook friendship come to an end. Rhett knows all about it. He is a good dude, and I wish him well, but damn he is high strung.

What have you two been up to this week, by the way? Still playing those betas? I was into your casting list and feel by and large y’all were pretty spot on. That said, I freaking love Idris Elba, but I just cannot see him as Cloak. That just does not work for me. Well, I really need to get back to pretending to work now. You two take it easy. I may even watch the podcast tonight. Peace.