Episode 123B

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

The podcast is a little late. Jason needs sleep like the other flawed members of the human race. So, he went to bed rather than upload the podcast. However, you still get your fix and the DG Podcast rolls on. I think we are gaining some small amount of traction. We had two visitors during the stream. They didn’t stay, but that is up from one. Soon it will be three visitors and then the world! (insert maniacal laugh)

So, Rhett and Jason chat about this and that. All the while delaying the inevitable, that Rhett has been playing Phantom Pain and he throws us a curve and has been playing Vermintide. We are still in talks to interview one of the programmers. They have been extremely busy with the recent release. Evidently, some players have been gaming the system by finding places to hide from the Skaven and then ridiculing people who actually want to play the game the right way. Rhett and Jason are going to try to play tonight. We also find out that this is the worst week ever. Period. Jason hasn’t really been doing much. He’s been so busy with work that he usually goes to sleep rather than doing anything fun. Sorry, he’ll try harder.

This week the discussion revolves around superheroes. The DG Podcast loves superheroes and comics even though comic companies are trying to get us to hate them. With the recent success of superhero movies there has been increased speculation on which superheroes should make it to the big and small screens. We have Jessica Jones, Nick Cage, and Ironfist coming to Netflix. Aquaman is getting his own movie. So, which superheroes should get their own shows. Jason reviewed several lists for this discussion and rather than go through a top ten he pulls out the characters that we mentioned across several lists and we talk about these. Some of the heroes include:

  • Moon Knight
  • Cloak and Dagger
  • Aquaman
  • Shazam
  • Static Shock
  • The Runaways
  • Booster Gold
  • etc

If there was a superhero that you would like to see in a film or on TV. Let us know.

The final part of the podcast, after we ran long, was to continue the debate from episode 122B: Who would win Cloud Strife or Bill Rizer and Lance Bean. After a deep sigh from Rhett, Cloud emerges the victor. We both like Cloud and Final Fantasy VII and while we think that Cloud can be beaten. We don’t think it will be by the Contra Force. In the next match up Ryu Hayabusa will face off against Link. It should be an interesting match.

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The Distracted Gamers Episode 123B

Episode 123A

The insanity that is the internet was once again disrupted by the mediocre influence of those two underwhelming internet denizens that host the DG Podcast. That’s right. Rhett and Jason have returned for another passable episode of the podcast to which you are most indifferent. We could put forth the effort to become above average, but we’ll wait until your interest level is above tepid.

Chance sent us an email tonight, which you can read in its entirety. He also listened to the live feed for some strange reason. We don’t know either. Possibly he’s into self punishment like a closet emo. Rhett has been the one to drop the ball this week as far as geekery goes. These things come in waves. One of us will get the yen to do something and the other will really drop the ball. Jason finished watching the first season of Powers. Unfortunately, he doesn’t recommend the series. The comic was interesting and had some very good story arcs, none of which were used in the Playstation series. The acting was a little over the top, but that is to be expected in a superhero series. We also discuss the new Star Wars trailer that recently surfaced. We even bought our tickets already. We will be crushed if the movie is a massive fail, but we are going to see it.

We finally make it to the news dump. That portion of the show that really highlights the fact that idiots run the internet.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 123A

Jason OutJason’d

What is up, you turd goblins? I’d like to begin this email by apologizing for the train wreck I caused last week. I had no idea that my camera/microphone was not capturing quality audio. I find it kind of hilarious that in the act of substituting for Jason, I managed to screw things up worse than he ever could. I somehow, against all odds, OutJason’d Jason.
Oh well, as far as 122 A goes, we will always have Youtube, Rhett. That said, today I went out and bought a quality headset that purports to boast a professional studio quality microphone. So in the future, should I be given another substituting job, I will be equipped with a means of producing passable audio. Apparently the crap I sent over was nuclear ass. On top of the audio being terrible, it took me a solid 2 days to even get it over. At first I tried one of those online large file sending services, and not only did it take over 8 hours, but it did not even make it to your inbox. Nothing but Dropbox for me from now on.

I would like to get some tips from you, Jason, about setting up an ip camera. What I found online seemed to be geared toward cameras that have an Ethernet port built in. Mine does not. I am sure there is a way to set one up without harvesting them into my modem. It would be cool to be able to do the split screen thing one of these days.

What have you punks been up to this week? What little free time I’ve been able to scratch together has been spent watching the first season of Gotham. I am close to the end, and I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying the show. I like the little bits of Batman foreshadowing they weave in with Bruce’s part of the story. I could live without the whole Jim Gordon’s girlfriend getting down with another woman thing though. What purpose did that even serve? It is something they perhaps could have simply implied without getting all icky about it like they did. I have also been reading The Walking Dead. Man…the tv show is such a different beast than the books. Certian characters die in ways other than the show depicted. Some that were killed off on tv did not die at all, and some characters are not even in the books at all!! No Darryl! No Merle!

Other than that, it has been all work and baby prep. Meredith is 9 months along as of today, so our little monkey should be moving out of her studio apartment any day now. The wife has been having contractions like crazy the last few days, so I really do not see little bit holding out till her projected November 19th birth date.

Oh…and as I told Rhett, we are getting a new store manager next week. I have heard little about him other than he is supposedly pretty nice, and he is LDS. Rhett apparently has a plan to surround me with Mormons, or so he tells me. As long as he is respectful and professional we will get along just fine. Our current manager has not even been here for a solid year, but he has done such a bang up job getting numbers up for our store that the company made him a regional boss for the Colorado area. When you hit the store level of management and up, this company tends to move you around often.

As usual, I still have not listened to part B. I will probably do that tonight at work if it stays slow like it has been.

Well…I honestly do not have anything else for you guys. This baby eats up a lot of time and she is not even here yet! So with that I will say peace out bros!
#KillRhettsUnderwearWithFire #DoNotPeeOnMyParadeRhett

Episode 122B

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

I can hear you asking yourselves, “Since when does Episode 122B come before 122A?” And you are correct. 122A does come before 122B. Since Jason was out of town, Rhett was flying solo. He did the podcast with Chance and had difficulties with the audio. He’ll get to it when he can and we’ll post it.

So, Jason is back. We know it is an extreme disappointment, but he can’t stay away forever. He’s also been doing geek stuff. Don’t be too surprised. He does that from time to time. Rhett and Jason start out by talking economics. This makes sense once you listen to the show. We also talk about Vermintide, more Phantom Pain, and little about Gods and Monsters. Jason’s contribution to the conversation is watching Batman Vs Robin, Powers, and the Muppets. Jason has always been a Muppets fan and so he is trying to like the new show, not succeeding, just trying. He is also a fan of the Powers comic book series and is going to dump the show after the first season. As for Batman Vs Robin, let’s just say go read Court of Owls.

In the bout tonight Cloud Strife is pitted against Bill Rizer and Lance Bean. Jason favors Cloud while Rhett favors Bill and Lance. We don’t come to a conclusion and we hope to induce more comments from Comic Vine and Chance and anyone else who wants to have an opinion. So we will finish this one up next week.

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The Distracted Gamers Episode 122B

Episode 121B

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

We have returned. The DG Podcast has made it another week. We might start thinking you didn’t like us. We wouldn’t care, but we might start thinking it. The show tonight was a little different. Rhett has been playing the beta for Star Wars Battlefront and invited Jason over to experience it. So, we did the entire podcast, streaming and all, from Rhett’s place.

Rhett and Jason haven’t been up to much. Rhett has been playing Battlefront and Phantom Pain. Jason has been reading and watching shows. The show comes into it later and becomes the focus for the show, but more about that later. Rhett also played some Mordheim for the stream, which we also get into.

The bulk of the conversation tonight revolves around the DC cartoon Gods and Monsters. This is another what if cartoon in the vein of The Flashpoint Paradox. In this alternate timeline Superman isn’t the son of Jor-El and Lara. Instead, he’s the son of Lara and General Zod. Then when he lands on the Earth he is adopted by migrant Mexican workers instead of the Kents. As Rhett points out, Superman is both illegal and an alien. The changes don’t stop there. Batman isn’t Bruce Wayne. Instead he’s Kirk Langstrom. Langstrom tried to treat his cancer with a combination nanotech and a serum he developed from bats. The procedure worked and Langstrom was cured. However, he then became something of a vampire, needing to feed off the blood of others. Wonder Woman’s origins are different as well. She is a New God fleeing the slaughter of Darksied and the rest on Apokalips. She married Darksied’s son Orion to create peace, but ended up fleeing to Earth after the New Gods betrayed Darksied and killed her husband. In all it was an interesting movie. Lex Luthor was a good guy, Amanda Waller was the president, and the Justice League was a lethal force for good. We finish out the show with some game and movie trivia about Aliens and Contra and how they are connected. Then some discussion of the game Mordheim and the Star Wars Battlefront Beta.

Tonight we finish the debate of who would win the Prince of Persia or Simon Belmont. As you know this is the original Prince of Persia, pre Sands of Time. He has some acrobatic skills, not to the extent of the new Prince as well as skill with a sword. Simon is also a tough combatant, fighting the supernatural with a vampire killing whip and magic. The next bout in the tournament will feature Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII against Bill Rizer and Lance Bean from Contra. Let us know who you think will win.

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The Distracted Gamers Episode 121B

Episode 121A

Rhett and Jason again streamed the DG Podcast to Youtube. You could have seen them live, though why you would want to is very much up for debate. Maybe you could get online and find other victims of the DG Podcast and set up a support group. Or you could warn the unwary about the dangers of becoming addicted to the podcast, talk to Chance about that one. In any case enjoy.

Rhett and Jason go throuugh their lives in the past few days. It’s like mental Novocaine, especially Jason. He’s been reviewing and learning programming languages. He’s also, despite Rhett’s comments, trying to get Google to talk with the website. If you see ads popup on the website you can blame Jason. Both Rhett and Jason suffer from similar maladies. They do interesting and geeky stuff during the week and immediately forget it when they start to do the podcast. Jason did play some video games and watch some movies. He played Vermintide as we talked about last week. Rhett played the beta for Star Wars Battlefront. His opinion is not favorable. We also get to know what happened in Chance’s life. He sent us an brief email. He and Rhett played Battlefront together and neither of them liked it. Chance also had an interesting experience this week. He tuned in live while Jason butchered his email. Jason should probably ask him for pointers on how to dumb the emails down even further.

This week our news dump features the following:

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 121A

Another Week, another Email

Buenos Aires, schmucks. What are you two reasons daddy drinks up to this week? The last show was great, as usual. Well…great in the way frozen pizza is great. Not as awesome as freshly made, but still pretty good. I would say y’all are the DiGiornos of podcasting. I haven’t been up to much of anything different except that Rhett and I threw together a political rantfest last night. I still need to get the audio over to him. I will let him fill in the details, but suffice it to say, everything we said would cause liberals to label us with all sorts of their favorite pejoratives.

I haven’t gamed much. No surprise there. As I write this, I am downloading the Star Wars Battlefront Beta that I hope to play with Rhett. I would invite you, Doctor Jason, but…well…this is a meeting of the cool kids, and since you are bereft of a PS4, you are just s.o.l. I don’t really have a whole lot to talk about. I worked day 10 of 12 today. My coworker is on vacation, and somebody has to be there. Since I am the only other employee in that area, I get to be that person. Yay.

Some bummer news – one of my aunts passed away this week. She was a fantastic lady, and even though I wasn’t super close to her, she is my mom’s sister, and my heart is breaking for my mom. She isn’t taking it too well. None of her kids are either. She was caustic, did not mince words, and would put someone in their place in a quick fast hurry if they needed it. She would have gotten along with Rhett just fine.
Anywho…I stopped by Savers this morning and picked up a few sets of the old Playstation Underground demo disc packs that used to come with Playstation Magazine. They were a buck apiece and one of them had a demo of a relatively rare PS1 game called Einhander. Unfortunately my gaming life is centered more around acquiring new games to my already bloated library than it is actually playing any of them. One of these days…

Something funny happened too this week. My insurance claim was closed out back on 9/24, and I kept waiting and waiting for the check. It never came, or so I thought. I finally called the insurance company today to ask where the check might be. They said it was sent…to my wife. She has had it this whole time. Oh well…on Monday I plan to get some estimates and see about getting my car to where it no longer looks like a stroke victim.

Well, that’s pretty much it. I really don’t have a lot to say other than that. See what happens when I don’t wait two weeks to send an email? I run low on content. I’m gonna go try to play Battlefront in a few, so I will cut it short.
#KillRhettsUnderwearWithFire #DoNotPeeOnMyParadeRhett #NarfleTheGarthog

Episode 120B

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

The DG Podcast returns like the unwanted house guest who just won’t leave. We keep getting hints that we aren’t wanted, but we just won’t go. “What is it going to take to get rid of these guys,” you ask the cosmos. And the answer comes back with hints of mocking laughter, “Nothing!” Sounds like you better get used to it.

So, what have our two host been up to this week? Well Jason and Rhett both got invited to the Beta test of the new Warhammer game Vermintide. The Beta started on Monday and goes till Wednesday. The kind people over at Fatshark also gave us a few extra beta keys to give to our friends. I think we might have one left. We don’t go into detail so we can save that for when we talk to Victor over at Fatshark. Rhett has also been playing more and more and more Phantom Pain, who’d have guessed. Jason, our resident bookworm, brought up a new novel that he had heard of recently, Station Eleven, about a traveling Shakespeare troupe in post-apocalyptic America.

Tonight on the podcast we talk about 10 Crazy Superheroes From Around The World by Kevin Stewart:

  1. Zebraman – Japan
  2. Cicak Man – Malaysia
  3. Super Commando Dhruva – India
  4. Bananaman – England
  5. Antboy -Denmark
  6. Super Gran – Scotland
  7. The Bulb – Mexico
  8. Superdupont – France
  9. Zooman – Mexico
  10. Rapeman – Japan

So, at the end of the podcast we come to the bout of the evening: the Prince versus Simon Belmont. The Prince is the Prince of Persia from the original trilogy, that’s pre-Sands of Time. He is an expert swordsman. He is a gifted athlete and a smart, determined individual. Simon Belmont is a vampire hunter. We can assume that he is also a gifted athlete with his combat training. He also possesses a whip called Vampire Killer, that kills vampires. He also has magic at his disposal. We debate the outcome, but can’t come to a conclusion. So, we are postponing the outcome till next time to allow more comments from Comic Vine.

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The Distracted Gamers Episode 120B

Episode 120A

First off, sorry. I was going to do this earlier, but I fell asleep and then I went out of town early the next morning so I didn’t get to it until now. But we are back. I know that some of you got your hopes up, but the DG Podcast perseveres in obscurity. We managed to stream the show to Youtube again. This time without too many problems. We’ll keep it up.

We have another email from Chance. He didn’t forget us this week. He has quite a bit to do, you know, with the baby coming. Jason has been doing some hardcore nerd stuff this week. Learning new programming languages and reviewing ones that he’s learned before. He promises to do better. Rhett promises that he’ll do better as well. Rhett has also been playing more Metal Gear Solid, like we didn’t know. There’s more to tell, but you can get it from the show.

This week in the news dump you will find:

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 120A

Email Time for the second week in a row!!

What is up, you two burnt kernels in the popcorn bowl of life? Been listening to Part B, and I have to say I gagged a little in my mouth when Rhett asked directed the world to never sniff his old underwear. Honestly, were I to ever run across his old drawers, I would kill them with fire. Then I would pour acid on the ashes just to make certain they were blotted from existence. Well, September 23rd and 25th have come and gone, and the world is still here, despite the internet’s best “prophetic” claims of imminent doom on those dates. Heck, the fourth blood moon even passed without so much as a whimper. Oh internet preachers, I love you sometimes. In case you hadn’t heard, there was supposed to be an asteroid strike that would have obliterated most of the life on earth. Either that or, as they also said, the financial markets were supposed to collapse in such a way as to make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park on a sunny day. And the rapture. That was supposed to have happened too, but not before the LHC at CERN was supposed to have ripped an interdimensional hole in the cosmos through which demonic hordes were to have escaped from their prisons and decimated the earth.

Little did they realize something far, far worse was to occur, and did – another episode of the DGPodcast. Where were their prophecies regarding that tragedy?

You know what prophecy did come to pass, though? Rhett’s prophetic vision of the complete failure of the Retro VGS to secure financing for their ambitious project did in fact prove him correct. They put out a long post on Facebook yesterday explaining that, more or less, they were going back to the drawing board and would later return, working prototype in hand, to try again. Like you guys, I wish them all the success in the world, but I just don’t see it. I know I am not the only gamer who was once enthusiastic about the console to bow out of that arena. They just could not have handled any aspect of their plan any worse than they did. Everything from p.r. to design was a complete train wreck. A lot of people complimented them on their willingness to eat crow and listen. I think the damage has been done at this point, and even if they come out with a fantastic piece of hardware to show, the ill will they have created with what would ultimately be their core consumer is too much to overcome. One guy was defending them pretty hard, though. He compared them to Steve Jobs, and made the point that Steve Jobs never asked for or considered consumer input in his design process, so they would do well to just do what they’re doing. I fired back, saying that Steve Jobs also never asked his consumer base to fund any of his projects, so with Retro VGS being dependent upon the consumers for venture capital, they’d do very, very well to listen to them. I love old cartridge games. I find the idea of a new cart console very cool, but way too niche to succeed. Carts are dead. Heck, physical media in general is on its way out and everyone knows it. Well, except for the CEO of Gamestop that is.

He made the claim recently that “Physical games will be around forever.” I sincerely hope he spouted that sort of optimism for the benefit of his company’s shareholders, because he cannot seriously believe this to be the case. The fact that Gamestop has, for the last several years, been slowly diversifying its business model suggests to me that they are preparing for the day when the last disc ships. We old farts are, for the time being, keeping physical copies of games a viable business, but as much as I hate to admit it, the younger generations are growing up in an all digital/streaming world, and they will not share our sentimental attachment to physical media. Streaming killed Blockbuster, and it will eventually kill the used games market. Everyone kind of accepts this on some level at this point. I know the day will come when even we crusty old jokers will adapt to the idea of not having games we can hold in our hands or put on our shelves. To be sure, given that physical media formats all eventually stop working, it will eventually be the ONLY way you can play.

So what have you two fellows been up to this week? I have been keeping the wife happy by building and installing whatever she wants built and installed. As usual, gaming time has been limited for me, and outside of playing some retro on my phone for a few minutes here and there, I have not played anything of note. The little bit of downtime I’ve had has been spent watching movies. I watched a couple of Christian movies that were surprisingly good. I have given my life to Christ, by the way. That is another story for another time, though, and it was something with which I have wrestled with for most of my life and I had to come to it on my own terms. Yeah…my email just got real, yo. The acting and production values of those kinds of films are really coming into their own and are not the unwatchable mess they used to be. I TRIED to watch Mad M­­ax Fury Road, but guys…yikes. I just could not get into it. I gave it about 20 minutes and shut it off. It did an atrocious job of character development in my opinion, and I just could not drum up a single solid ounce of care. I fail to see what everyone was going on about.

I saw something that was all over social media this week that just turned my stomach inside out. I don’t know if you caught it or not, but there was this woman who bought her 14 year old son “her” first dose of female hormones. The kid thinks he is a girl, and the mom just wants to be soooo supportive of her little “girl.” Everyone was gushing about how great this woman is for her kind gesture to her child. I say she should be slapped upside the head for doing this. This is not kindness. It’s child abuse. I don’t care what your kid thinks he or she is, you do NOT aid them in tinkering with their natural body chemistry, especially when they are nowhere near finished with their natural physical development. If that was my son, he would dress like a boy and remain a boy so long as he was under my roof and relying on me for financial support. My house, my rules. Period. This kid is too young to know up from down, let alone be of sound enough mind to go around deciding to switch genders. What the crap is wrong with our world?! I fear the day we are governed by men and women who, as children, were never told no. I truly do. There are no boundaries anymore. Nothing is sacred. Everybody wants to turn everything into some perverse nebulous construct and push moral relativity. Every great nation that has ever existed always exhibited this sort of self destructive behavior shortly before its fall. I know this has nothing to do with gaming or geekery, but it just is eating at me to wake up and hear about foolishness like this almost every day.

Anyways…now that I have finished ranting a serious rant I suppose I had better call it a wrap for another email, which, by the way, is my second in a row. What what?! Take it easy, guys. Don’t do anything lethally stupid. (that needs to come back)

#KillTheNewAuntMay #DoNotPeeOnMyParadeRhett #DoNotSniffRhettsOldUnderwear