Episode 119B

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

The DG Podcast has done it again. This time our streaming went pretty smoothly. I can’t say that it was flawless, but it still went off. We will keep trying to improve the DG Podcast experience, you’d better appreciate it.

What can we say about our two host, you know, other than they should get lives? Rhett is back to playing Phantom Pain and Assassin’s Creed: Unity. He keeps swapping because game fatigue is setting in. Some games just have so much content that you get bored of the game before you finish playing. Jason watched Seventh Son and read the book it was based on, The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch – let’s just say they got the names right. Both the book and the movie were okay, not great. We also discuss some news about the last episode. Evidently, Chance posted our podcast, where we roasted the Retro VGS, to the Retro VGS official Facebook page. Understandably they weren’t happy with our comments. We’ll correct anything we got wrong, but we aren’t going to change our opinion of the system.

After that Jason get’s into his topic: Skill Trees. He started to play Path of Exile again. It’s been a while so all his skill points got reset and the spaghetti mess that is the Skill Tree from Path of Exile. So we talk for a while about the skill trees that made the game better and skill trees that practically ruined the game. This covers the skill trees from a number of the Final Fantasy games, like Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy X Sphere Grid, and the License Board from Final Fantasy XII. Our major complaint is that the complexity of the skill tree makes character creation nearly impossible. You almost need to play the game then play again and learn from your mistakes.

Finally, Sonic the Hedgehog, the world’s fastest hedgehog, battle Liu Kang, the Mortal Kombat Grand Champion. Sonic is fast. That is his main power. He also has his spin dash attack. We aren’t giving him his chaos emerald powers. Liu Kang is a martial arts master and the winner of the Mortal Kombat tournament. He is fast and strong, not Sonic fast, but still highly skilled. In the next bout the Prince of Persia will fight Simon Belmont to the death.

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The Distracted Gamers Episode 119B

Episode 119A

The DG Podcast has some news. We got a follower on Youtube. We also ticked off the Retro VGS people. Chance made some comments about the developments in the Retro VGS system and Rhett and Jason proceeded to discuss the Retro VGS in a less than favorable light. Chance then posted our show to the Retro VGS facebook page. They were not happy.

Rhett and Jason discuss their weekly exploits. Jason finally got Destiny updated after the big Taken King update and gives a review on his experience. Rhett has been playing Bloodborne, just kidding, Metal Gear Solid 5. We also finally get an update from Chance this week which you can read over at the following link.

The news dump this week features:

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 119A

Chance’s Email

What is going on, you two cantankerous butt whistlers? Allow me to welcome the both of you the latest installment of my biweekly email series. The closer the baby gets to being born, the more crap I seem to have on my plate. As I told Rhett earlier, tonight’s project will be the installation of a bifold door in the baby’s closet. With that being the case, I have the choice of either penning an email here at work or not at all. I didn’t listen to part A. Haven’t listened to part B yet either, but I plan to rectify that on the way home. Apparently Rhetty Poo had himself quite the rant, or so he told me.
So yeah…I caused a wreck. My poor car got the worst end of the deal. The lady I hit barely had any damage at all to her vehicle. It was just some scrapes and paint transfer. My car, however, has its bumper being held up with nylon rope right now on the driver’s side if that tells you anything. Basically, my car looks like it had a stroke. Supposedly the check for the repair is in the mail and should be in my hand soon. Then the problem becomes scheduling the repair. I do need my car for getting to and from work and can ill afford to be without it. I still cannot believe I hit the lady. I did what I NEVER do by going forward before I could see 100% in every direction. Rookie mistake. Right after that I had ambulance chasing chiropractors blowing up my phone. Ridiculous. The impact wasn’t even hard enough to make you spill your coffee. When I told them that they were all “Oh. Well okay then. Bye.” They were genuinely disappointed nobody was hurt. Lovely. Just lovely.

I actually did manage to squeak in some gaming the other night. Still on Mafia on the original Xbox. I think I am about done with it, though. I got to this level that requires you to drive in a race, and I keep losing, even on the easiest setting. I have always been terrible at racing games, but this game has legit bad driving controls. I even looked for codes to see if there was a way to cheat past that particular mission, but nope. I also got in some retro gaming this week on my laptop and phone. Apparently MAME for Android is a thing. Who knew? Speaking of, Rhett, do you remember when I mentioned the Retro VGS (video game system) to you some time ago and suggested you try to interview the guy behind it? Yeah…I was super excited for this system. Notice I used the past tense WAS. They came out with a price point, and they want $300 for what amounts to 25 year old technology. I get that a new cartridge based system is a novel concept in today’s gaming market, but there is nothing on earth that justifies what amounts to Xbox One money for yesterday’s tech. They switched their crowdfunding campaign from Kickstarter to Indiegogo for whatever reason. They have a launch goal of close to 2 million dollars and they are nowhere near that. The guy behind the system has basically gotten on his social media and tried to whine and guilt people into chipping in, but not many people are biting. To make matters worse, he has done tons of interviews, pounded the virtual pavement left and right to gin up interest, and now that the crowdfunding campaign is underway, HE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A WORKING PROTOTYPE to show anyone. I am just done with it. It is no longer on my radar. I think even $150 would have been too much to ask for what was being offered. Anywho…I assume y’all have been gaming this week. What have you been playing?
Oh Rhett, you were so right about So I Married and Axe Murderer. I saw it a week or so ago because I found it on Crackle and remembered you saying it was a reasonably decent flick. It was. I got quite a few chuckles out of it. Too bad Myers lost his funny somewhere along the way.

On an unrelated note, did you hear about the hedge fund manager who bought the rights to a drug used to treat toxoplasmosis in infants and AIDS patients? This prick bought the 65 year old drug and raised its price from $13 per pill to $750 per pill. PER. PILL. He tried to rationalize it a hundred different ways, but no matter what he said, that dog just don’t hunt. He had this smug gloating grin on his face during the entire interview. You ever see those people whose face just looks like it needs a fist in the middle of it? That is this guy times 10000. He is a 32 year old punk who made a bajillion bilking people on the stock market, (all hedge fund managers should be dragged out into the street and shot in my opinion) then I guess he got bored and decided it would be more fun to bilk people through medicine. There is a special place in Hell for scum like him.

To keep this email as random as possible and full of terrible segues; did you hear the rumblings about Sony VR? (aka the artist formerly known as Morpheus) Word has leaked about its pricing and they are talking like the headset will be priced about the same as a new PS4. A lot of people online were losing their blasted minds about it too, which I did not understand. I fully expected it to be as much as a console if not more. If it can deliver a truly immersive experience and developers get on board with crafting truly worthwhile experiences for it, I’ll definitely plunk down for one. My concern is that all games will require you to use what amounts to Playstation Move sticks in either hand instead of a standard controller, because thus far in every video I’ve seen of anyone using the headset, Move sticks were used for tracking. I’m not saying good games cannot be made to utilize Move, but come on…who are we kidding? The other concern I have is Sony’s disastrous track record with supporting its ancillary products and peripherals. I think if they want VR to succeed, that thing had better be bringing the A game right out of the gate.

Hey, are you two as geeked as I am about Heroes Reborn? I cannot wait to watch it! I already watched all of the pre-show webisodes that set up some of the major characters, and guys…it looks really good. I was a huge fan of the original series, even if it did jump the shark halfway through the final season. Claire is dead. Call me a prick, but I am happy about that. I never cared for her character. I WISH they would bring Sylar back, but from what I gather that isn’t happening. Not sure if they don’t want to or if Zachary Quinto just isn’t on board or what. Between Heroes Reborn, The Flash, Arrow, and Gotham, this tv season will be awesome on the geek front.

Well, that’s it. I’ve got to go. Have a great show!
#KillTheNewAuntMay #DoNotPeeOnMyParadeRhett #WhereTheHellIsLindsay?

Episode 118B

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

We here at the DG Podcast are toiling away in obscurity so that we can bring you the best podcast possible. Let’s just say that if we could do software development we would know what we want to do. We end up running so many different software programs all at once because they claim to do what we want, but fall short. So, we run more programs to make up for the short comings in each.

Rhett has been playing more Ground Zeroes. Apparently if you play well enough you unlock content in the Phantom Pain. That said you have to get an “S” rating. Why and “S” rating? We don’t know. Apparently an “A” just isn’t good enough and we have to have “S”. So, he’s gotten bored with Metal Gear Solid and has been playing Assassin’s Creed Unity to break things up. Jason has been watching videos and searching through Steam’s Free-to-Play games there are quite a few. Recently he started playing Spiral Knights again.

So in relation to his recent searches, Jason is going to try to play some of the free-to-play games on Steam and let you know what he thinks of them. We start out with Spiral Knights. Without getting into to many details we discuss the artwork, the weapons, and the game mechanics. We also discuss some of the changes that have taken place as the game has gone through various updates. As is so often the case the changes may and may not have been good.

Finally we get the argument that you have all been avoiding: Pac-Man versus Spyro the dragon. That’s right Pac-Man has the ability to power up and eat stuff. Can he eat a dragon? Spyro can breath fire, do a dash attack, and is capable of limited flight. Next week we will debate whether Liu Kang can take Sonic the Hedgehog. Let us know what you think.

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The Distracted Gamers Episode 118B

Episode 118A

The DG Podcast soars triumphantly back into your life like a duck trying to land on a frozen pond, awkward and poorly managed. We persevere in trying to broadcast our podcast live on Youtube, with a modicum of success (read dismal failure and you’ll get the picture). We are out here as a voice of intelligence and reason on the internet. What are you doing?

Sorry, no email from Chance. You just get to listen to Rhett and Jason rant about what they have been doing. Jason has been playing Metal Slug 3, an odd but fun game. He’s been watching Red Dwarf and reading. Not to sound too lame, but he did some research for this podcast. Rhett has been playing Metal Gear Solid 5 when he can and ranting about the political situation in the world.

The features from this week’s news dump are:

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 118A

Episode 117B

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

The DG Podcast is broadcasting live again. We really need to come up with a better solution. The video kept freezing and we had issues with broadcasting the game, but we will persevere. We haven’t given up and we aren’t likely to do so.

Jason has been reading Red Dwarf and wanting to watch the show. Rhett has been playing Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros. Jason has also been playing Fallout 3 which is why we are discussing Fallout related trivia this week. That and Red Dwarf and MASH trivia.

Tonight we review 10 Fallout Facts You Probably Didn’t Know by Gameranx

  1. Matthew Perry as Benny – New Vegas
  2. Japanese version can’t denotate bomb/Nuka Launcher
  3. More survival – surgery mini-games
  4. Fallout 2 – same sex marriages
  5. Banned in India – Brahman cow
  6. Fry’s dog – New Vegas
  7. Gojira giant fire gecko – New Vegas
  8. Vaults
  9. Explosive cars – Ford Nucleon
  10. A Boy and His Dog

Bonus – thumbs up

After this we talk about some of the changes that are going on with amateur videos on Youtube. Evidently companies will have to make sure that a video actually violates acceptable use before they can issue a takedown. No more bots. Plus with the success of amateurs on Youtube, big companies with deep pockets, like Disney, are taking an interest and these amateur videos are going to have to start disclosing the fact that they are doing paid promotions or there are going to be huge consequences. We go into this quite deeply which leads to freedom of speech and other politics that we support. Hope you can cope.

We take up the bout between Solid Snake and Strider Hiryu. This time we put it out on Comic Vine and got some good responses. We decide the bout and next week Pac-Man takes on Spyro the dragon.

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The Distracted Gamers Episode 117B

Episode 117A

The DG Podcast successfully streamed the last episode straight to Youtube. Do I hear applause? No, I don’t. Mark my words – one day there will be. Maybe not for us, you know. Maybe just a kind of general clapping and exuberance, but it will come.

The DG Podcast hosts slave away tirelessly and Chance finally delivers a thoughtful email that Jason immediately guts without mercy. Here’s the original.

The news dump featured the following articles – read’em and weep for the idiocy in which our country currently wallows:

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 117A

Blah blah blah

What is up, you two men whose mothers were hamsters and whose fathers smelt of elderberries? Well, the DGP’s adventures in video continue, and even though Rhett was flying solo last week on part A, I still enjoyed the slideshow he put on. I haven’t watched part B yet, but I am listening to the squishy warm audio loaf you two dropped into the bowl of the internet. I am sure it will turn out to be the DGP Book Club hour as usual. 😉

Rhett, I too cannot stand how people lose their minds over Star Wars toys. Or…any toys for that matter. I say this as a former action figure collector. I remember once I met this kid and his dad who had stacks of Star Wars toys in their basket, and I kind of inquired about it. They were super friendly and explained that his son has, literally, one of the biggest Star Wars merchandise collections in several states. He then showed me pictures, and it was ridiculous. I used to collect because I enjoyed the artistry behind a well made figure, but those people who collect them with the idea that they’ll ever be worth a substantial sum are simply out of their blasted minds. I think once you get past the mid to late 80s, you can forget about toys ever having any real market value. The fact of the matter is, the original Star Wars toys are worth piles of cash in good condition because they were not made with collectability in mind. They were made to be what they were – toys to be played with. As such, finding them in good condition now is tough because back then Star Wars was in its early years, and none of us 80s kids would ever have thought about them as potential investment vehicles.

Once you get into the 90s on, the industry did kind of shift gears and people began to falsely assume that collecting and holding onto newer toys would one day pay off. Wrong. When millions are pumped out, with some being blatantly labeled “COLLECTOR’S ITEM!!!” you end up with an overly saturated market, with way more supply than demand. I bought a few Star Wars figures in the mid 90s, and they are worth now about as much as I paid for them then. It’s ridiculous. Basically, collecting anything outside of real estate, precious metals, antiques, etc, is not a wise investment. I remember when the death of Superman issue came out, there were people on tv being interviewed by local news anchors and some were saying stupid stuff like “I got me 5 of them, and these will pay for my kid’s college one day!” It is unbelievable. Fad collecting always manages to find suckers. There are always bubbles, and they always pop sooner or later.

I think this will be the case with the current rage for vintage video games. I think some games will consistently hold a solid value due to legit scarcity, but there is no reason why a copy of Contra for NES should cost upwards of $50 for a loose copy, given that literally MILLIONS of them were made. People got wind that there was a little money in retro gaming, and the stampede of stupidity was on. The prices are getting so out of hand now that people are being priced out of the hobby, and frankly I really see the bubble bursting eventually. I think you will eventually be able to pick up a copy of Contra for $20 or less once this madness subsides. What sucks about retro games, though, is that even if you honestly love and adore the games you own, eventually they WILL stop working. Tough as they are, even those cart based games are deteriorating slowly but surely.

About the Deus Ex Preorder bonuses…ummm…yeah. It couldn’t suck worse if someone taped broken glass all over it and hurled it at your face. That’s all I have to say about that. I am a huge fan of the Deus Ex universe, and have yet to play a game from that series that I did not like, but man, if that’s the best they can do for preorder bonuses, they might as well not even bother.

So you helped build a cabin, did you, Doc Jason? I have to say, having recently built and installed new closet shelving for my wife, that nothing makes you feel manly quite like forming wood and making stuff out of it. I was almost kind of jealous when I heard you were doing that. It’s funny that I enjoy working with my hands now, because I HATED it when I was a kid. My dad was a carpenter, and he was always dragging me along to help him when I had days off. I despised getting up early and helping him do remodels and new constructions, but as an adult I am glad I have those skills at my disposal when the wife wants some carpentry done. For whatever reason it really impresses her that I know how to do that kind of stuff. Maybe I’ll just keep its simplicity a secret and continue to let her be impressed. If you know how to read a tape, run a saw, and swing a hammer, congratulations – you’re a carpenter. (more or less)

Oh, I think I should let you know you shouldn’t have to edit my emails for obscenities anymore. I’m trying very hard not to swear. I have my little girl on the way, and I figure if I can get my mouth under control now I won’t have to worry about words slipping when she gets here. My son is already fluent in that regard (thanks, public school!!) and I’d rather keep my little lady’s mouth free of foul language as long as possible. So far so good. Quitting swearing isn’t quite as hard as quitting smoking, so if I could do that (16 years smoke free!) I can definitely Jason up my language. 😉 That, and I’ve been spiritually convicted about the way I conduct myself, so it’ll be a good change for me. I’ll still be a raging douchebag, but I’ll have to find more creative ways to get that across that don’t involve swearing.

I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to whip out the usual “What have you been playing? Here’s what I’ve been playing” rambling. So, what have you been playing? You whip out that Metal Gear yet, Rhett? I have a confession to make. I have never played a single one of those games, despite owning several on PS2 and original Xbox. Heck, I even have the original Metal Gear on NES. What I have played this week is Telltale Games The Walking Dead Season 2. Normally I try to be as good as possible, but I ended up making a couple of decisions that most people would think were a little heartless. I let a young girl get eaten by zombies to save my own skin. Why? Because she was whiny and she got on my nerves. The second I had a chance to remove her from the equation, I took it. Pure evil. Mwahaha. One of the other characters was all “Why did you leave her?! Did you really have to?” It was quite a moment. All in all, though, I found the game was a lot harder to connect with than its predecessor. I actually teared up at the end of season 1, but once I reached the end of 2, I was basically…meh. I think this game just really didn’t do as good a job of making you care about the characters as the first season did. If you haven’t played it, I still recommend it, but just don’t expect it to be half as good as the first.

Well guys, as usual I am writing this at work, so I’d better hang it up for now. Have a great show!
#KillTheNewAuntMay #DoNotPeeOnMyParadeRhett

Oh…Rhett! I forgot to tell you this. As I watched you on the last show, it dawned on me who you remind me of. Like…a lot. You remind me of Simon Pegg. That’s a good thing because I freaking love Simon Pegg!

Episode 116B

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

We tried it again, the whole streaming thing. Manycam wouldn’t work and Xsplit doesn’t like to talk to Yawcam. We eventually stumbled upon a solution and were able to stream our conversation while Rhett played a Call of Warhammer. We hope to figure it out. What we can’t figure out is why we can’t run Xsplit on both our computers and have them talk to each other.

We have both been reading quite a bit recently. Jason finished the Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander. If you aren’t familiar with them they are older books, one of which is the Black Cauldron. Let’s just say that it ends quite differently than the Disney movie of the same name. Rhett has finished one of the Horus Heresy books, one from Warhammer fantasy, and another. He has also been playing Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Jason also finds some more misleading plot descriptions to see if Rhett can guess which movies they describe.

In this episode we review 10 Famous Movies That Would Have Been Better Off With Their First Choice Actors by John Quigley

  1. Christopher Walken as Han Solo
  2. Steven Baldwin as Jack Traven – Speed
  3. OJ Simpson as the Terminator
  4. Will Smith As Django Freeman – Django Unchained
  5. Chris Farley As Shrek
  6. David Bowie As Captain Hook – Hook
  7. Christopher Lee As Dr. No
  8. Chevy Chase As Lester Burnham – American Beauty
  9. Mel Gibson As Harvey “Two-Face” Dent – Batman Forever
  10. Sylvester Stallone & Arnold Schwarzenegger – Face/Off

Then in the bout for this episode Solid Snake faces Strider Hiryu. Solid Snake has some superhuman abilities due to the various modifications that he has undergone. He is stronger, faster and more durable that an ordinary human. He is skilled in the user of military weapons as well as hand-to-hand combat. His mind if fortified against psychic intrusion and his nanomachines are also hardened against tampering. He is able to blend into his surroundings and is highly resourceful. Strider is a techno-ninja. He is also superhuman, but his abilities, especially his speed surpass Snake’s (he can dodge bullets and move faster than the eye can follow). He is a master of hand-to-hand combat and master of the plasma blade. He can summon cybernetic animals to fight for him as well. Unfortunately, Rhett and Jason haven’t declared a winner and hope that you can help them do so. Let them know who you think will win.

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The Distracted Gamers Episode 116B

Episode 116A

This episode of the podcast is unknown to Jason. He was out of town. He recorded part of the episode and Rhett did the rest. So, enjoy his rant about the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided preorder systems and his incoherent ramblings about Powers, both the comic and the Playstation series.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 116A