Email email email email!!

You know what? Since I had to play the part of Evil Doctor Jason last night on the podcast (okay…maybe I didn’t have to, but I did, and I had fun with it.) I ended up spewing a lot of this in episode B, but since I have a movie I plan on watching tonight, I’m gonna keep this email as it was before I went on. I can’t be arsed to pen a new one. I will be curled up with a bowl of cereal and watching Justice League Gods and Monsters. I’ve heard good things so far. I keep holding out hope that one day DC Animated will make another flick as good as Flashpoint Paradox. Anywho…the email, as it was and is:

What is up, you two gimpletons? I just got in from work way later than I intended. I got out and found out I’d left my headlights on all afternoon. What on earth possessed me to even turn on my lights in bright effing daylight I couldn’t say. I don’t recall doing it, but I did, and of course my battery was deader than Bobbi Christina. I had to wait for a friend to come out and give me a jump. At least I had cables in the trunk for that. She ended up getting out a half hour later than I, so I got to sit in my nice warm car and make unpleasant areas of my body all swampy. But she jumped my car and I made it home safely, so I suppose there are worse things that can happen. Who knows? Maybe God was sparing me from some horrible auto accident. Either that or he heard Rhett’s prayers and just decided to eff with me a little.

The day started well and we had good sales, so things weren’t a total wash. I decided to make a quick stop by Savers on the way in to work just to see if they had any new old games on the shelf. Man, did they ever! I ended up snagging quite a few games from assorted systems for .99 cents to 1.99 apiece, but the crowing grab was a black label (as opposed the green Playstation Hits labels) copy of Castlevania Symphony of the Night. It was complete and the disc was pristine! Also nabbed Donkey Kong Classics for NES, which made me pretty happy. Among the other titles were a completely new and factory sealed copy of Incredible Crisis for PS1, some new copies of Urban Yeti and Pinball of the Dead for Gameboy Advance. Good stuff. I plan on Keeping Castlevania and Donkey Kong, but I’ll probably sell the rest. That makes twice in two weeks I have scored retro gold at the local Savers store. And would you like to know why? Hmmmmm? Because I knew a guy who was looking for two games I had. He wanted them for his girlfriend, and I sold them to him for cost plus shipping just to be a nice guy. I said to him “I’ll let you have them for cost because I could use the Karma.” Karma responded by dropping gaming gold in my lap, Rhett Peterson. Karma. It’s a thing. Yes it is. No, you’re dumb. It is too a thing. Uh huh. Is too. Whatever. Pssssh.

That said, I’ve never actually played SOTN. My college roommate had a PS1 and he spent so much time playing that game, so I was still relatively familiar with it. You know what? That game holds up really well! The voice acting is garbage, but it’s a pretty game even by today’s standards!

I hate to hear that Doc Jason bailed on the show for part B. I would say that means it won’t be Hobbitized, but with Rhett still in the mix that is no guarantee. I guess I’ll know tomorrow or whenever it is y’all get around to uploading the show. I’m going to pause the writing of this email for now, and hopefully by the time I finish it I will have watched Justice League Gods and Monsters. The trailer makes it look pretty good, but we shall see.

Okay…on a completely random note, I upgraded my laptop to Windows 10. I’ve played with it for all of 10 minutes so far, so I don’t have much of an opinion as of yet. I will say the install process from download to finish took well over 3 hours, which to me is crazy long for an OS upgrade. It keeps pressuring me to sign in and use this One Drive nonsense. It is some sort of cloud storage, and honestly, I am rabidly ANTI-Cloud. I prefer to keep my documents and files local and stored on a hdd or other physical media device. Hopefully there is a way to disable that part. From watching the videos about 10, it made it look like you could use Cortana just by speaking her name. I’ve tried that many times already. She either doesn’t respond like that or she is just ignoring me. If she’s like most other women in my world, it’s probably the latter. One thing it kept from 8 that irritates the crap out of me is having to sign into your Microsoft account in order to unlock your device. Again, there may be a way around that but I haven’t messed with it enough to find out yet. As for the new Microsoft browser…it seems alright. I’ll probably just keep using Firefox out of habit, though.

I am not even sure why I hopped onboard the 10 train, to be honest. My only explanation is morbid curiosity more than anything. If I end up not liking it, I will just downgrade back to 7 Ultimate. I was running 8 since it came preinstalled on my laptop. To tell the truth, I never hated 8 like so many people did. It had some irritating issues, like having to install a third party start button (which works wonderfully, btw) but I have to say I’ve endured far worse operating systems. My first pc came equipped with M.E. if that tells you anything. I also went through the Vista rodeo. So to me, 8 was reliable and stable. I didn’t like it as much as 7, but I always felt like the hate it gets is irrational.

Well, I am at work, so I’ll end this for now. I hope you two gentlemen have a fantastic show tonight.

#KillAuntMay #KillTheNewAuntMay #DoNotPeeOnMyParadeRhett #GetOffaMyLawn

Episode 110A

You have found your way to the DG Podcast. How you did that and why are a complete mystery. However, while you are here you might as well enjoy yourself – you might even learn something new and improve the general tone of the internet.

Read Chance’s email here. Jason reads it very quickly to save on time.

Jason gets some new games this week. He got Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare, Destiny, Halo 4, Halo Reach, Fuel, Resident Evil 5, and Rage. He also looked into some nerdy topics like warp drive and obscure gadgets and tech, crazy scientific experiments. Rhett has been watching the X-Files and isn’t happy – let him tell you why.

In the news this week:

  • Ant-Man good reviews
  • New Street Fighter character
  • Guilty Gear comeback fail
  • Jamie Lee Curtis is not nerdy
  • Men dressed as Spartans get shutdown by police
  • League of Legends player gets suspended
  • Journey on PS4
  • Fallout 3 trains explained
  • Rob McKellen Star Wars VR game
  • Knights of the Old Republic II gets update
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Pro gaming league to address performance enhancing drugs
  • Xbox One to get keyboard & mouse support
  • 4th Quarter info from Microsoft
  • Microsoft class action suit to proceed
  • New GTA V update could break mods
  • Witcher update
  • EA changes Origin accounts
  • Study on Jeep Grand Cherokee hack
  • Space Jam 2 w/Lebron James

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 110A

Thursday Email

What is up, you two paste eaters? I cannot believe you two are doing the shows on the day of Thor now. I heard Jason is being Mr. Good Husband and doing what his wife wants by playing volleyball on Fridays. Doc, if you want to rule volleyball, I’ll let you in on a secret that will make you unstoppable. Three words, my friend : Secret American Steroids. You get you some of those and you will be a beast of the net.

How is your week thus far? Hopefully you’ve been gaming some. I would be gaming right now, but no, I’m eating up some of my Thursday evening tapping out an email because reasons. As soon as I am done I will be playing Dragon Age Inquisition so hard it will need a rape crisis counselor by the time I am finished with it. It will be the first time in a long time that my PS4 has been used for anything other than Netflix. A game might send it into shock. I was supposed to have gotten a second game in the mail today from Amazon, but oh no. Amazon has screwed me twice in one day. First, as Rhett already knows, they sent a wireless adapter I ordered to Portland, Oregon. Nevermind that my shipping address in Amazon’s system says neither Portland nor Oregon. Secondly, I was supposed to have gotten a game. That came in. Sort of. I got an empty case anyway. No game to be found. It was Mafia for the original Xbox. I was really looking forward to playing it too! Mother Puss Bucket!!!!

I don’t really have a lot of commentary on the last episode. I do take exception to your rather dismissive views on Amy Shumer. Usually, I find female comedians about as funny as a papercut on my sack, but Shumer is hilarious in my opinion. She’s a bit racist and blunt, and her abject lack of craps given is refreshing in this age of political correctness. She isn’t afraid to say the sort of things many of us are thinking, and I dig her. And no, Rhett, not because she’s blond and attractive. I really don’t think she is very good looking, but she is funny as crap!

I wanted to share a funny/sad story with you. Normally I don’t pay any attention to people who insult me on Facebook, but today this girl said something so beyond the pale stupid that I couldn’t help but reply to her. The subject was about spanking kids, more specifically schools that still use corporal punishment, and because the article was from a notoriously liberal source, it of course decried physical punishment as barbaric, or as they put it, “Stone age.” Anyway, I put my two cents in on the subject, and took a very pro-spanking stance. This girl immediately lights into me, calling me all sorts of unpleasant names and basically told me to go die. To make matters even funnier, she used R in place of Are, and UR in place of you’re, and her entire diatribe was one long unbroken run on sentence. Another man shared my opinion and she said she wanted to stab him in his sleep and cut his head off. Then she called him a faggot. So, not only was this girl beyond stupid, but while she was rabidly against physical punishment, murdering people (quite gruesomely I might add) for disagreeing with her seemed kosher. I mean, there are certainly all kinds of idiots online, but she was a special kind of special. The funny thing about people with a liberal bent is that while they preach tolerance, they are super quick to launch into personal attacks against those who disagree with them. I would have been offended had her stupidity not been so damned funny.

Well guys, I really don’t have much more to add. I just don’t. So I’m gonna go for now and play me some Dragon Age. Peace, love, and steroids to you both. #KillAuntMay #DoNotPeeOnMyParadeRhett

Episode 109B

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

You have found the one and only DG Podcast. Welcome and despair. The internet is exploding all around us with idiocy and lunacy and the DG Podcast is your island of calm in an ocean of insanity. So, take a break and shore up your defenses.

Jason tried to remember a David Carradine movie he saw years ago. He found out the name of the movie and that it was a sequel. He played a civilian/bounty hunter/cop with a cybernetic gauntlet. The name of the movies were Future Force and Future Zone. In his research, he discovered a movie Jim Belushi/John Ritter movie called Real Men. John Ritter and Jim Belushi have to save the world by giving an alien a drink of water (I wish I was making that up). We also talk about more Dawn of War and some of the units that you can get, such as the Baneblade, and another Rhett made Lindsay watch two classic movies: Shaolin Soccer and Big Trouble in Little China. The latter is being remade by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Plus the Batman.
Batman and the Flash

This episode Rhett and Jason review the 20 Greatest Spider-Man Villains Of All Time – according to some guy on the internet, and whether or not they would make good movie fodder.

  1. Carnage
  2. Rhino
  3. Jackal
  4. Sandman
  5. The Lizard
  6. Electro
  7. Vulture
  8. Mysterio
  9. Morbius
  10. Hobgoblin
  11. Chameleon
  12. Iron Man
  13. The Kingpin
  14. Kraven the Hunter
  15. Sinister Six
  16. Scorpion
  17. Morlun
  18. Doctor Octopus
  19. Venom
  20. Green Goblin

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The Distracted Gamers Episode 109B

Episode 109A

Thanks for looking into the DG Podcast where those two denizens of the internet’s shadowed corner plot to forcefully raise the intellectual quotient of the internet. You know how it is – the internet is a wasteland and if no one else is going to do it, it might as well be them.

Rhett attended a demolition derby recently, played the Arkham Knight – Batgirl DLC, and watched the Last Ship. Jason has been reading the Twist and playing Dawn of War.

Read Chance’s email since he thinks so highly of Jason’s summarizing skills.

In the news this week:

  • Amy Schumer Star Wars photo shoot
  • Attack on Titan trailer
  • Warcraft movie news
  • 1000s attend funeral of Satoru Iwada
  • Destiny weapon update will nerf op weapons
  • Levi Harrison – Esports “injuries” more common
  • 1313 Tweeted by Macmillan
  • League of Legends ambush backfires
  • WOW PvP getting mercenary mode
  • Bases Loaded coming to PS4
  • Dead Island 2 publisher drops developer
  • Rust – Gender and Race will be random
  • UK court kills personal copy ripping
  • Kickstarter for animated Zelda killed by creators
  • Reddit imploding
  • Judge approves $60 million settlement in video game case
  • Shenmue 3 kickstarter update
  • Sexism in video games form of bullying
  • Colin Cowherd leaves ESPN over Esports
  • US digital sales climbs 18% in June
  • Violent video games can affect mood
  • PC Arkham Knight not to be fixed till September
  • Epic Games forum hacked
  • Video game streaming service from Comcast
  • Konami removes Kojima from Metal Gear Solid box art
  • PETA issues statement on Iwada’s passing (the scum)

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 109A

Email Time Yet Again

Come state facendo due stronzi? Spero che hai avuto una buona settimana finora. Google translator probably butchered what I was trying to say there. But Jason is going to butcher the rest of my email anyway, so I suppose it’s neither here nor there. So what have you two humanity despising rabble rousers been up to this week? Played anything good? I have to say y’all have me curious as crap to try out that Dawn of War. As I was listening to one of the last episodes I kept thinking you were saying “God of War” and I was all “That wasn’t part of the story. What the Hell are they talking about?” :/

I’ve had a busy week with the usual crap. Only this week I had 2 solid days of unpleasant customers. Usually I only get one every so often, and they can usually take up several hours of my day as I try to get them squared away. This week I had 7 in 2 days. It was nuts. One of them even yelled at me. If only phones had a button that could make people remotely detonate. Other than that I’ve been sitting around hating rich people and plotting their demise.

I’ve been trying out DC Universe Online. Rhett and I have been trying to coordinate a session, but our schedules haven’t been meshing well. Either I was working or he was off playing Captain Good Boyfriend. I hope Lindsay is feeling better, by the way. She probably caught some illness because of prolonged exposure to the Curmudgeon Prince. His dourness literally sucked the joy out of her bones and caused her to have an autoimmune reaction to it. But that’s just my theory.

Well, I’m sure you heard that July 15 was Amazon Prime Day. They touted it as being bigger than Black Friday. Yeah…so my stupid self stayed up to see what was being offered. Honestly, after all the build up and hype it was like waking up on Christmas Day, making a bee line to the tree all excitedly, only to find out that every present under the tree was socks. Every. Single. One. It was such a waste of time. My wife bought a few things for the tiny female person gestating inside her womb, and I did too. I got my son a new wireless adapter for his pc, and that was about it. They had jack and squat that I was interested in. I was hoping against hope there would be some great gaming deals or some such, but nope. At least none in which I had any interest.

Speaking of great gaming deals, Toys R Us had Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 for $39.99, and after watching gameplay on Youtube I’m actually thinking this game could scratch my Elder Scrolls itch until the next real one comes along. The problem is that I’d have to also buy a PS+ subscription, and…I don’t wanna! Ugh! Though it would be cool to play some games with Rhett and then tell Jason how awesome it was. 😉 I would say it would be cool to play with both Rhett and Lindsay, but I don’t think she could handle my obscenities and sophomorically perverse humor, and I’m not really interested in being a decent human being who controls what he says in front of polite company, so…

Rhett,on the other hand, is used to me. He may not like it, but at this point I’ve given him sufficient soul callusses so he can take my heathen ways.

It is with some trepidation that I am optimistic about Sega turning things around, as Rhett said in the News Dump. (I really need to see about getting a new intro bumper for that. One more polished and Lindsay friendly, perhaps? Oh…and for the record, the music directly preceding and following a show or segment is called a bumper, not a jingle!!! Jingles are brief musical advertisements. There. Glad I got that off my chest. I’ve been hold that in for a while now.) I freaking loved Sega back in the day. As a matter of fact, when I sold off most of my gaming collection this week, I axed most of my Nintendo stuff and kept all of my Genesis games. So that should illustrate my affection for Sega. IF…and this is a big if…Sega were to ever decide to really wow me, I have two words that would make my soul explode: Dreamcast 2.

How awesome would that be? If the Nintendo NX falls flat on its face and the Wii U continues to languish, there might just be room in the market for a new piece of hardware from the House of Sonic. I know it will never happen (as a matter of fact I can hear Rhett laughing to himself and saying exactly that) but I can dream, can I not? Imagine them releasing a new console with the first good Sonic game in fifteen years or so and I think they could make a go of it. Even if they wanted to, though, I don’t think they have the financial wherewithal to proceed. I’m not sure they could even secure outside funding for that matter.

So…trailers. Man…the trailers were freaking sweet. I’m retarded for the Suicide Squad already! I get that Jared Leto’s Joker is off putting for some, but my thing is this – he is a fictional character that is up for interpretation. I don’t think Leto could have shot for a Ledger or even a Nicholson type Joker without the fans getting all butthurt and dogging on him. His Joker seems more psychotic than any of his predecesors. At first glance I like what they’re doing with him. Speaking of Batman movies, they are making a freaking Killing Joke animated movie!!!! That is my very favorite Batman tale, and I love DCU animated movies, so I’m beyong jacked for it! That said, I don’t know how they’ll handle the whole nudity/rape scene. That would push an animated flick to MA I think. So they may have to either gloss over that scene or just imply what happened to Barbara Gordon to keep it even remotely kid friendly. Actually, scratch that. There is no way to make Killing Joke kid friendly. There just isn’t.

Well that’s it for now. At work and I am about to go home. So…yeah. Adios.
#RichPeopleSuck #DoNotPeeonMyParadeRhett #KillAuntMay #Blahblahblah

Episode 108B

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

This is the DG Podcast. That’s right. You have found us. When you go please replace the rock. We like the dark and the damp in our little corner of the internet.

This is it, the episode you’ve been waiting for: The DG Podcast Batman episode. First we cover the incidentals like Wayne’s World, which Rhett watched recently. We have both been playing Dawn of War as well. We also talk about Satory Iwata who passed away recently. He was a visionary as the president of Nintendo and if he hadn’t taken the reigns Nintendo might not have succeeded in the console wars and the advances in video game tech.

Finally we get to the Batman. Recently two trailers were released one for Dawn of Justice and the other for Suicide Squad. This sparks plenty of debate and discussion on the new movies, the direction that Batman is going, what we make of the Suicide Squad movie, our predictions concerning the movies, characterizations of Batman and Superman, and more. This ends up being a two hour episode. There is so much that we cover that we don’t get to the next round of the tournament. We had a good time with this episode and we hope that you do to.

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The Distracted Gamers Episode 108B

Episode 108A

Welcome to the DG Podcast where we would like you to listen and comment, but we don’t actually care if you do or don’t.

Jason butchers Chance’s email.

In the news this week:

  • World of Warcraft Movie Armor
  • Conan O’Brien @ Comic-con
  • Star Wars panel @ Comic-con
  • ESPN body issue – Marvel insert
  • Rogue One Movie to start shooting
  • Fear the Walking Dead
  • Simon Pegg in new Star Wars movie
  • Warner Bros apologizes for Batman:Arkham Knight snafu
  • Unbreakable 2
  • Ghostbusters cast photo
  • removes Japanese Rising Sun Flag
  • Fallout 4 & Elder Scrolls Online @ Quakecon
  • Lizard Squad attacks Daybreak Games
  • Canadian teen gets 18 months for swatting
  • Capcom 3d printed Street Fighter deal
  • Ubisoft explains prices of digital vs physical media
  • Youtube vs Twitch
  • Secret proposal from Facebook
  • Microsoft cuts jobs
  • Ark Survival download count
  • Sega CEO refocus on customers
  • Bloodborne update
  • WII won E3 exclusives
  • Etc

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 108A

Episode 107B

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

You have found your way to the once again to that dark corner of the internet where lurk the emotionless and the curmudgeon. There is no escape once you have begun your journey. The event horizon flashed by so fast that you didn’t even notice you were caught in the pull of the DG Podcast. So, now that you are here you might as well enjoy it.

This podcast covers a wide array of topics. We talk about Terminator Genisys, time travel, Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Kate and Leopold, Batman, bootlegging, Al Capone, Mickey Cohen, Eliot Ness, Fallout 3, vampires, and more. Jason is back for this episode. We know that you enjoyed the break, but now the break is over.

This week for your enjoyment, or Jason’s whichever: The Top 10 Reasons He Didn’t Like the Hobbit Trilogy:

  1. Trilogy/Pacing
  2. Sandworms
  3. The Dwarves
  4. Elven Indifference to Dwarven Plight
  5. The White Council/U.N.
  6. Action Sequences from Non-Action Scenes
  7. Dwarf/Elf Romance
  8. Constant References to Lord of the Rings
  9. Introduction of Material from Lord of the Rings
  10. Peter Jackson

Rhett added Bard’s portrayal and characterization and the whole Laketown situation.

In the featured bout in our tournament we have Samus Aran facing off against Dig Dug. Samus is a well equipped and versatile combatant. She has multiple weapons at her disposal for handling any and all eventualities. Dig Dug has mad digging skills and a harpoon that can be used to violently explode his opponents. Next week Mike Haggar will face off against Megaman. Let us know what you think.

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The Distracted Gamers Episode 107B

Episode 107A

Rhett and Lindsay go at it in this cross gender podcast.

Rhett reads Chances email with no editing. Rhett and Lindsay argue cosplay for an extended period of time. We go over the news and talk a little Destiny.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 107A