Episode 106A

We now return you to your regularly scheduled inanity. That’s right the DG Podcast has returned and is bringing you the best that the internet has to offer. Rather depressing isn’t it. Still we work with what we have to hand. So, on with the show.

We finally got an email from Chance, the slacker. He says that he’s been off having fun in the sun at a beach in Florida, a likely story. We have a good time rehashing the reveals from E3. There’s quite a bit to talk about even though E3 is over. The details are still sketchy at this point, but with Shenmue 3, Final Fantasy VII, and No Man’s Sky coming, not to mention the new Elite controller from Xbox, Tomb Raider, Uncharted 4 and more, there’s no end to the discussions that will arise in the coming months. Unfortunately, while the email started strong we end with the news about Spider-man (shakes head in despair).

This week in geek news:

  • Apple bans Confederate Flag
  • Up surge of racial tension
  • Batman Arkham Knight recalled from Steam
  • Voice command
  • Fable Legends
  • Ark and Total War: Attila top sellers on Steam
  • Internet not a basic right
  • Destiny deals with emoji snafu
  • Nazis and Confederates
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Fan got Fallout 4 for bottle caps
  • Fallout Shelter
  • ARK developer offering bounty for hacking reports
  • Shenmue 3 developer explains how Kickstarter will be used
  • Shenmue 3 developer wants $10 million on Kickstarter
  • Redbull, Destiny, and Bungie
  • Game about type 2 diabetes
  • People Can Fly splits from Epic
  • Connecticut swatting case results
  • Xbox One comes free w/Halo Master Chief collection
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  • $1 copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • Playstation TV
  • Real life horror maze adapts to scare you more
  • New Robins are a teen gang
  • But wait there’s more!

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 106A

Episode 105B

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

Once again you have found the DG Podcast, where two intellectuals slum it online. We use the term “intellectual” in the loosest sense there is. However, they are tirelessly working to make sure that you remain informed on the important things in life like video games, movies, and comics.

Rhett has been playing his way through Watch Dogs and This War of Mine. He has plenty to complain about with Watch Dogs, but has quite a bit to say about This War of Mine, most of it quite good.

In this episode you will experience the top 10 things wrong with the Star Wars prequel trilogy:

  • Sabrestaff
  • Jar Jar Binks
  • Tatooine
  • Whiny Anakin
  • No Attachments
  • 2 Sith Rule
  • Boba Fett
  • Clone Troopers
  • Darth Maul Dies
  • Midi-chlorians

This week in the featured round of our tournament, Little Mac faces off against Ryu. Little Mac is a legendary boxer who regularly beat bigger and stronger opponents. Ryu is one of the main protagonists from the Street Fighter series. He is strong and trains to be the best. Next week in the tournament we will feature Lara Croft against Mario. Let us know who you think will win and why.

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The Distracted Gamers Episode 105B

Episode 105A

You have stumbled into one of the darker corners of the internet. We are the DG Podcast and we defy you to listen and take an interest in internet geek life. It wouldn’t interest you. You have to be interested in video games, comic books, movies, sci-fi, and things of that nature. So, unless you enjoy scintillating conversations about topics of a nerdly bent, keep surfing.

This week has been all E3. Microsoft, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Sony, all the big names, all the small names get together and boast about what they are dreaming up for the near and not so near future. We got some interesting surprises and some rather safe bets for the coming seasons.

Some geek news to go with E3:

  • Shenmue 3
  • Fallout 4 – Fallout Shelter
  • Bard’s Tale IV
  • Rare game pack
  • The Division mobile app cancelled
  • Fallout 4 – no paid mods

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 105A

What Were You Thinking, George?

In just a few months we will be privileged to experience a new Star Wars movie. We will find out whether JJ Abrams is truly a fan and has caught the spirit of the originals, or if we are in for more disappointment. You can guess where I stand. I have been a fan since I was five. I used to watch two movies as a kid, Star Wars: A New Hope and Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. That should give you a clue.

The original Star Wars trilogy was amazing. A New Hope came out and blew people away. They would come out of the theatre and get in line again. The original trilogy set the bar against which SciFi movies are still measured. After watching a new SciFi movie people will start the comparisons, “It wasn’t as good as Star Wars”, “Star Wars did it better”, “It was as good as Star Wars”. That last isn’t heard very often, but you get the idea.

Star Wars became culturally significant in several way. It made it okay to be a SciFi fan and it proved that you could make a great SciFi movie on a limited budget and be wildly successful. It also showed how well SciFi could be made. If the characters, story, effects, etc are done well the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Which means that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that series creator, George Lucas, would come out with three more. With all the nerd love, a new Star Wars trilogy was more an inevitability than a possibility. However, it seemed that Mr Lucas had forgotten what made Star Wars amazing, and we were subjected to the likes of Jar Jar Binks, midichlorians, and whiny Anakin Skywalker. The new trilogy was an almost total disappointment and a quasi-insult to those who consider themselves fans of the franchise. However, with as bad as Anakin and Jar Jar are the midichlorians were by far the worst thing about the new trilogy. I hear you scoff, but heed my words and you will learn the truth.

The midichlorians ruined everything. At first, the Force was a mystical energy field generated by life itself. It was a power beyond the natural and it captured our imaginations. Then the midichorians came along and all that wonder was thrown down in ruin. No more was the Force a mystical energy field that bound all living things together. Now it was the energy produced by microorganisms in the blood. It no longer mattered how hard you worked to become a Jedi, your power levels were predetermined by the amount of microscopic hitchhikers you had in your blood. Listening to the will of the Force is also rubbish. You don’t listen to the will of the universe or the dictates of the mystical lifeforce of the universe. Now you listen to the whisperings of the microscopic freeloaders in your bloodstream. What do they know about the universe? For them the universe flows around inside fluid filled tracks to the rhythmic beating of whatever the being uses for a pump.

If you are still unsure why the midichlorians are the worst thing about the new trilogy, there’s more. How are these microorganisms supposed to be able to infect the diversity of species that are depicted in the films? Anyone with an inkling of microbiology will tell you that the majority of microorganisms usually adapt to one host and rarely cross to another species and you’re telling me that this particular affliction happens to infect all the sentient life in the universe plus some forms of animals and plants?

I hope that I have impressed upon you the true horror that is a result of the midichlorians. However, I’m not through. There’s more. What happens if you lose some blood? Give a blood transfusion? Take antibiotics? Get a blood transfusion? What happens if you get an autoimmune disease? If you get a blood transfusion do you automatically become Force sensitive? If so, and this might be kind of cool, this could give rise to a Jedi serial killer. He hunts down Force users and drains the midichlorians from their blood, injects himself, and becomes a powerful Force user. If the sensitivity gain is permanent, he can keep draining midichlorians and becoming more and more powerful. If not, he has to keep draining Force users to maintain his powers. If you get a disease that suppresses your immune system, do the midichlorians go wild and increase your powers? If your immune system is hyperactive do you lose your Force powers altogether? How about a scientist or an affluent individual decides that the Jedi shouldn’t be taking Force sensitive children anymore after they took his/hers and develops a virus that destroys midichlorians. Suddenly no one in the universe is Force sensitive. This also ruins the power levels of the Jedi. If you can’t just filter the midichlorians from someone else’s blood can you just culture them? If you can you can create your own super soldiers. I wonder why the Empire never thought of this. Culture midichlorians, inject into the stormtroopers, train, and you have troops that are much more terrifying and Luke and the Rebels would never have gotten close to the Death Star.

I admit, I am looking forward to the new Star Wars movie. I am in hope that JJ Abrams will redeem the series. He has a fairly good track record. He has a problem with lens flairs, but still a good track record. However, he needs to do something about the midichlorians. Ignoring them completely should be the least he could do. Putting in a short conversation about how the midichlorians are an indicator of Force sensitivity, but not the cause would be the best thing he could do. Get rid of the midichlorians!

Episode 104B

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

You have found yourself in one of the bright spots of the internet. I know what you’re experiencing – a little nervousness, some disorientation, sweaty palms, hair loss, weight loss, weight gain, heart palpitations, hunger, fatigue, lucidity, etc. It’s nothing to worry about, you’ve just stumbled into the Twilight Zone. at least from an internet point of view. It’s the substance and depth that has you confused.

With the start of E3, your intrepid internet hosts, Rhett and Jason review some of the news that has been suspected, surprising, and lackluster. We will be dedicating the this and the following episodes of the podcast to E3 and the idiocy of the gaming industry.

In this episode you will experience:

We will bring you more news later this week.

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The Distracted Gamers Episode 104B

Episode 104A

There were some technical difficulties while recording this podcast and while some people would have taken those as a sign, we pressed on to deliver that geeky goodness that is the DG Podcast. Please, hold your applause to the end. That’s right. We persevere where others of fainter heart would fear to tread. We don’t do it for the acclaim, though we don’t deny that it has an impact, we do it for the fan.

With Rhett going out of town, the DG Podcast got recorded early this week. Rhett and Jason have been working through the Dawn of War II campaign. It is an interesting approach on the RTS genre. The campaign was made to be co-op and works better that way. Jason has also been working through the Starcraft campaigns and watching the Battleborn trailer. It is looking quite impressive. Rhett has been playing through Wasteland 2.

In geek news this week:

  • Halo 5 updates
  • Sony registered new patent for PS4
  • Justice Department video game
  • Amazon PC gaming plans
  • Fallout 4 which consoles will it be on?
  • Watch Dogs
  • Batman – Commissioner Gordon
  • Changes at DC and Marvel
  • New Comic about Rebel Pilot
  • Chinese government bans more anime
  • Game of Thrones
  • S.K. Pierce Mansion
  • NBA 2K 15 is getting a famous writer(?)
  • Japan gets weirder – find out how
  • Witcher 3 Glitch
  • This Glitch
  • An incident with a Drone

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 104A

Episode 103A

Rhett and Jason have just finished another podcast. What have you done this week that’s been nerdy? Have you listened to the podcast? Have you contacted the hosts to let them know what you would like to hear in the podcast? If not, get on the ball here. There are several topics you could sound off on. We’ll only make fun of you for a little while as we discuss your ideas, we promise.

So what have our two host been up to this past week. Jason has been reading the Vampire Files, playing Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War and not much else. Rhett on the other hand has been playing Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zero, Bloodborne, Nidhogg, Wasteland 2, and Dawn of War: Dark Crusade.

In Chance’s email he apologizes, complains about work, laments that he hasn’t been doing many nerd related activities, mentions Falling Skies, discusses Superman versions, talks about Elder Scrolls Online, and says that he means to get into the Convergence series.

In geek news this week:

  • Fallout 4 trailer
  • Fallout 4 fake leaks
  • Funhouse (former Inside Gaming) – Microsoft in talks w/Konami to buy Silent Hill
  • DOTA 2 tournament offers $11 million purse
  • Netflix to open in Spain
  • Bungie raises > $1 million for Nepal earthquake relief
  • Rock Band 4 not for PC
  • Witcher 3 Xbox One issues
  • USA Freedom Act now law
  • Activision Blizzard tells SEC not using conflict minerals
  • Valve refund policy
  • Rumor – Nintendo console to run Android OS
  • Gamefly opening streaming service
  • Anita Sarkeesian accuses Witcher 3 of sexism

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 103A

Chance’s Email – Email Email Email

Before I begin the email officially, I wanted to publicly apologize to Rhett for being such a douche tool earlier this week. There was no real excuse for what I said, but in my defense I get super mouthy when I am writing tired. Still, what I said was totally disrespectful, and I was way out of line for it. Now, that said…email away.

Gentlemen, let’s broaden our minds. Lawrence? I decided since the wife is at work tonight and I got off early that it might do for me to send an email BEFORE you record. This of course presumes you are recording tonight, which you might not be given your gruesome deaths in the supremely profane and highly offensive DGP Bracket of Certain Doom. 😉 (Oh…and I cannot believe you let Lindsay listen to it, Rhett! You know the average mortal isn’t equipped to process my brand of vile humor!) It has been a looooong week, fellas, and it looks to be even longer. Our vacation begins next Friday, but the downside is that I have to work 10 days in a row prior. Ugh. Not only that, but we are training a new person, which is always fun. At least she’s intelligent and talented, which is more than I can say for some of the people that have meandered through our employ in the past. I haven’t been gaming much this week aside from spending a little bit of time earlier this week with Darksiders on the 360. It is a fun game, and after I finish crapping out this email and cooking some homemade bacon burgers for my son, I’ll probably hop back on and play it a little more. My only other gaming related activities this week involved picking up some naked original Xbox games and one PS2 title on the cheap from Savers. Yep…been slow on the nerd front.

Oh…I have been watching Falling Skies. LOVE. IT. I will admit it’s not the most well written show, and it has huge plot holes (like the earth being overtaken by aliens that possess technology sophisticated enough to traverse the universe, but still can’t quite seem to nail tech that allows them to detect humans hiding three feet away behind a burnt out car for some odd reason) but it is just a great, mindless series. I highly recommend it as a popcorn muncher.

Okay, your Superman iteration list. I read the series about the Real Life Superman. It was genuinely good. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and while it sounds ridiculous on its face, it is a worthwhile read. It was about a kid named Clark Kent of all things who gains all the powers of Superman, but ages, has kids and a wife, and for whatever reason can alter his physiology in such a way as to allow a nurse to draw his blood. It was a really endearing and cool story. Toward the end he becomes an old man who has lost a lot of his power, and he gets really introspective and it is interesting watching him deal with his maturation. Not your typical Superman fare by any stretch, but it was very well done. Heck, some of my favorite Superman stories were deviations from the original character. Red Son Superman still remains my favorite iteration of Supes! (My 2 Red Son Supes figures are among the only pieces I still possess from my action figure collecting days. Yeah. I was one of those. )

It was weird as crap to hear Rhett just forcibly insert the email in part B. He said, to be fair, that it would sound disjointed, and…well…he was right. I was hoping to hear Jason’s response to my questions about the whole vampire blood drinking issue. I thought the topic Jason brought up was really interesting and found myself caring and having an opinion for some odd reason. 😉

I read into the Occulus Rift pricing y’all mentioned. It is really not that bad when you consider that if you’re going to be spending that kind of scratch, getting both the Rift and a capable gaming pc isn’t exactly a rip off. I know y’all aren’t as geeked about VR as I am, but I’d love to have a Rift or Morpheus or even the new FOVE I read about not too long ago.

I still haven’t read the Convergence books I bought. I’m actually going to simply get them digitally and read them on my wife’s Kindle Fire that she never uses. At five bucks a pop, it’s too damned expensive to buy the physical books all the time. I’m also getting the entire run of Y the Last Man because I have heard it’s a really good series. Either of y’all read it? I’m looking forward to diving into it with all the fervor Jason has for Gottrek and Felix!

So the other day I was talking to the manager of my local Gamestop. We b.s. all the time since we work in the same mall and I know his wife. We were discussing Elder Scrolls online for PS4. I told him I am super torn on that game. When he asked why I replied that because I LOVE the Elder Scrolls series, but I equally HATE online gaming. He looked at me with the expression of disbelief that I’m used to getting at this point whenever I say that and asked me what I hate about online. I said “other people.” He nodded and laughed. I know it’s free of the monthly subscription fee now, but I still do not have a PS Plus subscription. I just don’t want to spend the fifty bones, but if I were a betting man I’d wager I will cave. I just cannot say no to the Elder Scrolls.

Okay, that’s it for this week, guys. I gots burgers to cook and games to play. So till next week, don’t do anything lethally stupid. #SorryIwasADickThisWeekRhett #DoNotPeeOnMyParade

Oh…and on Monday we are going to try to find out what our baby’s gender is. We are hoping for a girl. I told my wife I will turn her into a gamer/geek girl if she is. My wife threatened divorce if I tried. lol

Episode 102B

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

So, Jason and Rhett have been playing various retro games. Jason has been playing Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War. This leads us to discuss some of the darker aspects of the universe as well as some of the more entertaining. We talk a little about Caiphas Cain and Gotrek and Felix. We have mentioned them before, but it’s worth bringing up again. Rhett have been shifting back and forth between Bloodborne, Company of Heroes 2, and looking forward to the free Metal Gear game he’s getting for having a Playstation account.

The list Jason elected to review this week is: 10 Insane Alternate Versions Of Superman You Won’t Believe Exist. Here are the Supermen on the list:

  1. Real-Life Superman
  2. Barack Obama Superman
  3. High Councillor Superman
  4. Bruce Wayne: Superman
  5. Centaur Superman
  6. Harvey Dent, Superman
  7. Communist Superman
  8. British Superman
  9. Tarzan Superman
  10. Amish Superman

We then talk a little about the various outrages that have been going around the internet. We touch again on Simon Pegg and the soldier that got married on Memorial Day. We really go off on the idiots who made an issue of the wedding, pointing out that if anyone has a right to get married on Memorial Day it is a soldier. The soldiers who died in service to our country would turn in their graves over this.

In today’s bout we find Manny Calavera facing off against Terry Bogard. Manny is a grim reaper and carries the scythe to prove it. Terry Bogard is a redneck trucker with awesome martial arts skills. The next bout in our tournament will pit Doomguy/The Marine against Link of Legend of Zelda fame.

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The Distracted Gamers Episode 102B