Podcast Episode 102 – Part A

Sorry for the delay people. It has been a busy day. So many orks to kill and space marines to save. Not to mention the real world stuff like mowing the lawn and cleaning the rain gutters. Have fun with the podcast and get outside – you’re looking pasty.

What have we been up to this week? Not too much. Jason has been playing Guns of Icarus and Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War. He also posted some musings about vampires and whether or not they could actually kill someone. Rhett has also been playing Guns of Icarus. There was also a video for the new Starz show Ash vs the Evil Dead and one for a Pacific Rim/Dexter’s Lab/Power Puff Girls mashup.

Without our usual email from Chance we move right into the news dump. In the geek news this week:

  • The Star Wars Battle Pod
  • DC & Marvel competing to piss off their fans
  • DC Convergence Event
  • New Batman is Commissioner Gordon
  • LGBTQ+ Gaming Event – GX3
  • Texas slashes money from video game support
  • Bungie bans cheaters from Destiny
  • Spotify not to stream games
  • Konami still making console games
  • New Need for Speed needs internet connection
  • FIFA 16 to feature female teams
  • Wildstar going free-to-play
  • Ted Cruz is not a fake gamer
  • Occulus Rift – $1500
  • Twitch banning adult game streams
  • Playstation Plus free game for June
  • Amiibo truck hijacked
  • WII blamed for RV fire
  • Bethesda deactivating illegal Elder Scrolls Online keys
  • UN says half world pop online by end 2015
  • Simon Pegg – controversy

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 102 – Part A

Vampires: How Fast Can They Drink?

I don’t usually go in for vampires. I enjoyed the Blade movies. I know that might not be the correct thing to say, but they aren’t bad. I also liked the Vampire Hunter D movies, especially Bloodlust, and the Vampire Hunter D novels. I own quite a few of the Vampire Hunter D novels as well as quite a few of the Noble Dead series by Barb Hendee and J.C. Hendee, but that’s about it. I won’t turn my nose up at a vampire movie or book (unless it’s the Twilight Series), but I also don’t go out of my way for a vampire movie or book. That said I have been reading the Vampire Files by P.N. Elrod recently.

The Vampire Files are about Jack Fleming. He is a vampire working and living in Chicago during the 1930’s. He works as a writer and assists a private agent (read investigator). I don’t think that I will continue with the series, but the writing is good, it just isn’t what I look for when I look for reading material.

Now the reason that I bring up vampires is that there is a scene in the book I was reading where Jack hypnotizes a woman and nearly kills her when he bites her and starts drinking her blood. He manages to stop himself in time, but it got me thinking about vampires and their ability to kill almost instantly from a single bite. I thought is it really possible for a vampire to drain that much blood that fast? Could a vampire actually drink enough blood to kill someone? How much blood is in the human body? What is the average stomach capacity? And how long would it take for a vampire to drink enough blood to kill someone?

Here are a few facts about blood and stomach capacity:

For the information of the stomach you can check Google or hypertextbook.com – Stomach Volume.

So, it would appear that a vampire could indeed drink enough to kill a person. If you have 4 liters of blood and the vampire’s stomach can expand to 4 liters – you’re dead. Now if you have 4 liters of blood you only need to lose more than 40% percent of your blood before you die. Approximately 1.6 liters would be 40%. That is definitely within the realm of possibilities.

Vampire’s can definitely kill people. What we need to answer now is how long would it take a vampire to drain enough blood to kill someone? Basically they are using their fangs (or tongue-mouths if you watch Daughter of Darkness) which are probably comparable to the needles used in blood donation. Now according to the Red Cross website it takes about 10-12 minutes for them to take 1 pint of your blood. 1 pint = 0.473176 liters and it takes about 10 minutes to drain that much blood. To drain 1.6 liters, which is about 3.4 times greater than 1 pint, would take approximately 34 minutes. Vampires have two fangs so we could argue that they can drain blood twice as fast making the time about 17 minutes, hardly what you see in books and movies. Now the big assumption is that vampire fangs are like the needles used in blood donation. It is probable that they are smaller. I also didn’t take into account that vampires would be actively siphoning the blood, but I doubt that would make a dramatic difference, maybe shave a minute or two, but 17 minutes is a reasonable amount of time. Can you imagine a vampire movie where the vampire had to spend a quarter hour with each victim, and that’s just to put them in danger of dying. It would take about 42.5 minutes to drain 4 liters of blood. In a 2.5 hour movie a third of the movie would be the vampire exsanguinating one victim. I had to include exsanguination in here at least once in a vampire post.

In conclusion, vampires are quite capable of draining enough blood to kill a person. However, it is doubtful that they would be able to do it in a short amount of time. You should be able to save a vampire’s victim if you act fast enough. The vampire would be vulnerable while you figure out how to save the victim and then implement you rescue plans.

Podcast Episode 101 – Part B

Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters

We hope that you had a good Memorial Day. We also hope that you had a barbeque and ate lots of barbeque food while hanging with people who should be more important to you than the internet. Remember that in the chain of importance the internet goes at the bottom. Since we are live people we are above the internet and we make you more awesome.

Rhett has been watching Turn with Lindsay. They also hung out and did the Memorial Day food thing together. Additionally, they already have their tickets to see Mad Max. By the time you read this they will have already seen it. Evidently the actor who played Toecutter, he doesn’t play Toecutter, in the original film is also in the new movie. Also Tom Hardy, who plays Mad Max, evidently had a problem with the way the director filmed the movie. Jason on the other hand has been playing Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. He did have a Memorial Day barbeque with his in-laws. It’s Memorial Day, you do things like that.

For our list today we move away from video games, comics, and movie and indulge in a few conspiracy theories:

  • The spy who died locked inside a duffel bag
  • Frank Olson jumped to his death after the CIA dosed him
  • Karen Silkwood’s car accident
  • Crime novelist who hanged under strange circumstances
  • Danny Casolaro’s “suicide”
  • The U.N. secretary general’s plane crash

Rhett then introduces a topic that touches very loosely on Memorial Day: the Video Games that we have lost. We reminisce about a couple of war games that started the trend. We talk about Call of Duty and Medal of Honor. These started the first-person war shooters and sparked the multiple sequels. We also discuss a Call of Duty game set in the Vietnam War, the Korean War, and American Civil War. There are certain game mechanics that would have to be ironed out for a game with flintlock rifles.

At the end we introduce our new tournament: Legendary Battle of the Classic Video Game Characters. In the first round we pit Ryu Hayabusa against Guybrush Threepwood. Ryu is a ninja from the Ninja Gaiden series. This is Ryu from the original Ninja Gaiden, not the current gen consoles. Guybrush Threepwood is a pirate wannabe from the Monkey Island series. He is very goofy and succeeds mostly through dumb luck. In the next round of the tournament Manny Calavera will face off against Terry Bogard. Let us know what you think and take a look at the roster and let us know who we forgot.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 101 – Part B

Podcast Episode 101 – Part A

We here at the DG Podcast would like to take this opportunity to improve the intellectual content of the internet. Let’s face it, if there’s anything in this world that needs improvement it’s the intellectual content of the internet. I mean cat videos and photos. Is that what we want future generations to know about the internet? They will think that they descended from a bunch of idiot. Listen to the podcast and help us change the internet for the better (it needs it).

So, what have Rhett and Jason been up to this past week? Jason had the chance to play Guns of Icarus. Rhett found an excellent deal on the game and introduced Jason to it. You fill a role on an airship and fight ship to ship. The battles are intense and game is quite fun. Rhett has indeed been playing Bloodborne, but hasn’t been playing it as much since he’s been watching Dexter, exercising, playing Nidhogg against Lindsay, and trying to see Mad Max.

This week in Chance’s email he reveals that he is now looking for a new job. There has always been a certain amount of tension between him and work. If you know of anything in IT that is what he is looking for. He is also going to be rocking out with his son at the Halestorm concert this weekend. He enjoyed getting his butt handed to him in last episode’s bracket (you worry us man), and is already preparing a surprise for our next bracket. The first season of the Flash is over and he is looking forward to the next. He thinks it is totally normal to want to be naked with Scarlett Johansen despite what Lindsay thinks and accuses Rhett of jealousy toward his facial hair.

In the geek news this week:

  • Sony E3 streaming experience
  • Microsoft Digital Store not cutting into Steam’s business
  • Windows 10 last operating system from Microsoft
  • Riot Games testing League of Legends feedback system
  • Take 2 sues BBC over GTA film
  • British Columbia League of Legends player pleads guilty to illegal activity
  • EU member countries try to kill net neutrality
  • Bandai Namco 35 years of Pac Man
  • French billionaire wants to buy Time Warner
  • 2 video game related items found in Bin Laden’s house
  • Microsoft offers digital TV tuner
  • Daybreak bans H1Z1 players for cheating – can apologize via video
  • Leaked World of Warcraft movie photos
  • Leeroy Jenkins
  • another attempt to cancel Patriot Act
  • Appeals court dismisses some of damages in Apple case
  • Chris Christie dismisses fears of government spying
  • InXile Bard’s Tale IV
  • World of Warcraft Honorbuddy issues
  • Microsoft punishes testers of Gears of War remake
  • Sony Liverpool closes – Formula Fusion coming
  • DLC for Bloodborne
  • Bloodstained/Castlevania Kickstarter
  • Blizzard Heroes of the Storm erases Tychus’s cigar
  • Ask Playstation – Life is Strange: Where is episode 3?

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 101 – Part A

Email Time Yet Again – from Chance

Hey guys, I heard Doctor Jason is effing up the rotation this week and having y’all record on a Thursday night, so even though I’m depressed, angry, and incredibly sleep deprived (I’m coasting on the fumes of 3 hours of sleep) I didn’t want to leave y’all without a word or two. So, here is an email from your dedicated 1 man fanbase. I will say it works out, because tomorrow night I will be rocking out with my son when we go see The Pretty Reckless and freaking HALESTORM in concert! I love you guys, but if the choice is writing an email to the show or seeing Lzzy Hale, well…you know your place. 😉 I have to keep it relatively short, all things considered, as I am at work and I’m still nursing a bruised ego from the ass chewing I got from the boss yesterday. It was unholy. Basically he came back and tore us and our department down. He hated everything. We’ve been working our tails off to get the place looking better than ever before and it still wasn’t enough for his smug self. I try not to hate people, but I really hate my new boss. He is an egotistical piece of crap. The funny thing is, everything he hated, the freaking head of our corporate furniture business loved when she came in last week. I decided today I am done with retail. I’m on the job trail now, and I’m looking to pick up some i.t. certifications so I can move into that industry. My father in law is an i.t. guy with IBM, and both of my brothers in law are in i.t. as well, so I have some great brains to pick in that regard.
The problem with my department is the business really requires you to branch out and network with local designers and property managers, and I am NOT a schmoozer. I do not get chummy with people. Honestly, I’m not the right guy for my job, and never have been. I’m the type of guy who wants to show up and be left alone while I do my job until it is time to go home. I’m honestly about as socially inclined as Rhett, believe it or not. So I think after 18 years in retail, it is time to move on. Anywho, enough about my whiny self.

Well, episode 100 was masterfully executed, so congrats on that. Here is hoping you guys finally break out and the show catches fire! I look forward to hundreds more episodes from you clowns. I laughed my ass off at your Chance bracket. As I told Rhett, y’all jokers have one coming. I’m working on the DGP Throwdown Bracket of Certain Doom, and if all goes well I will have it in your hands by next week. Right now I’m choosing the cast of foes, and they are as random as they are deadly, I assure you. For the record, I’d totally have kicked Abe Lincoln’s ass. One punch and he would be out. We know the man couldn’t take a shot to the head, after all. I think Lindsay was the most vocal she has ever been on this episode, and I enjoyed her take on things, even if she thinks wanting to be naked with Scarlett Johansen is somehow immoral. It’s not immoral, dammit! It’s a normal danged reaction woman! lol

Oh, and Rhett, eff you in the bad place for dissing my goatee. It is magnificent. You’re just jealous, I do believe. 😉

Last night I caught the season finale of The Flash. Man, that’s a great show. I know it’s easy to pick apart, but it’s so light and not up its own butt like some other shows are, and it is hard not to be entertained. I cannot wait for season 2. I’ve heard Jay Garrick and Hawkgirl will be putting in an appearance or two!! And possibly the Green Lantern, who is my favorite character since Jesus according to Doc Jason.

As for gaming this week, I started and beat the game Mafia II on 360. It was one of this month’s freebies, and it was so much freaking fun. It is impressively immersive, and the story, while not terribly original, was still compelling enough that you grew to like and even marginally care about certain characters. I highly recommend it if you’ve not given it a go before. Now here is where Rhett tells us how he’s been playing…Bloodborne. Again. For the hundredth time. 😉 Well, that’s it for now. I really do need to be about wrapping some things up here at work, lest I incur the further wrath of my ass faced manager. Don’t do anything lethally stupid, fellas. #nosmartasshashtagthisweek

Podcast Episode 100

This is it folks. We have finally reached episode 100. Life got in the way a time or two, but we are finally ready to point out our insecurities and faults. I mean other people’s, not ours. We are awesome and so will you be by basking in the radiance of our awesomeness. You could be 100 times more awesome just by listening to the podcast.

The hosts of the show do their best to describe what we’ve been doing recently. Lindsay has been playing Destiny on her new PS4 and watching Fairy Tail. Jason has been watching cartoons: Hellboy, and Dominion Tank Police. He’s also been watching some Marvel movies: Thor: Dark World, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and the Marvel One Shots. Rhett has returned to Bloodborne. He has also been watching Kung Fu movies like Bushido Man.

Chance sent us two emails this week. The first one was in regard to episode 100 the second was about the spoilercast we did on Age of Ultron and his assessment of the movie. He clears up his obsession with Green Lantern and reminisces about how he found the DG Podcast and became a fan. He talks about GMOs and we let Lindsay respond. He also discusses his personal life. He liked Hawkeye’s character development and The Vision. He didn’t like Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, the Black Widow/Bruce Banner relationship, or Ultron.

In the news dump:

  • Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – character has tattoos like Brock Lesnar
  • Twin Peaks un-cancelled
  • Guillermo del Toro regrets Silent Hill
  • Russian military tank controls look like dual shock controller
  • New rock, paper, scissors game
  • More Kojima/Konami drama with YouTube video
  • Blizzard bans +100,000 World of Warcraft players
  • Larry Shearer leaves the Simpsons
  • Nintendo World Championships return in 2015
  • More Marvel weirdness
  • Preview for new Supergirl TV show

We then turn the discussion to superheroes killing bad guys. We talk about why the superheroes don’t kill, why they do kill, and the justifications that are given. We also talk about superheroes that have killed in the past and no longer do so.

In the new bracket that we introduce in this show we have one man standing against ten opponents. It is our superfan, Chance, versus 10 contenders. The contenders are:

  1. Batman
  2. Green Lantern
  3. George Takei
  4. Bilbo Baggins
  5. Abraham Lincoln
  6. Deadpool
  7. Gandhi
  8. Darth Vader
  9. Lzzy Hale
  10. Elmo

Find out how Chance did against this motley array of opponents

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 100

The Avengers: Age of Ultron – Spoilercast

The cast of the DG Podcast, Rhett, Jason, and Lindsay, just got back from watching the Avengers: Age of Ultron. So, we are going to talk about our impressions and get very specific about the story, the characters, and the scenes. That said, stop listening if you’re sensitive about spoilers, we don’t hold much back.

What can I say so that I don’t tell you everything, but intrigue you enough to listen to our comments. I guess that I can tell you what you’ll find just about anywhere. The Avengers, made up of Captain America, Black Widow, Ironman, Thor, and the Hulk, are doing their job destroying Hydra. In the course of their operations civilians are put into jeopardy and they discover two new superpowered individuals: Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. In order to protect the civilians, Tony Stark has designed autonomous Ironman replicas, but his ultimate goal is to design autonomous units with artificial intelligence so that the Avengers become obsolete. In the pursuit of this goal he inadvertently creates Ultron. Ultron then decides that he needs to destroy humanity and uses Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch to do so. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch then join the Avengers when they discover just what Ultron intends to do to mankind. Ultron also creates the Vision as part of his ultimate upgrade, but is unable to upload himself into the body. The Avengers manage to steal the body from Ultron and in trying to upload a new AI, create the Vision who then helps them defeat Ultron.

So, what did we think of the Avengers: Age of Ultron? Did we like the movie? What did we think of the inclusion of Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, Ultron, and Vision? Did the story make sense? What worked well? What didn’t work? Would we watch the movie again? Was the movie true to the comics, at least in spirit? Did the actors do justice to the heroes they portrayed? What about the special effects? Did they add to the movie or detract? We answer all these questions and probably some you didn’t think about in the podcast.

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Avengers: Age of Ultron Spoilercast

My Top Superheroes

Everyone has their own list of their favorite superheroes. You can’t swing a dead link on the internet without hitting a top list of superheroes. Even people who formerly wouldn’t admit to having favorite superheroes now have lists. I chalk this up to the recent successes in superhero and comic based movies. Suddenly it’s mainstream and hip to like comics and superheroes where once it was the realm of pasty-faced loners living in their mothers’ basements. So, since we are inflicted with their list of favorite superheroes I feel no compunction against sharing mine with you.


Spider-man has always been my favorite superhero. I got hooked on Spider-man as a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons. I think that my first exposure to Spider-man was watching Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Spider-man teamed up with Iceman and Firestar to fight crime. They lived together, evidently in Aunt May’s house, and when needed one of them would trigger some knickknack and their hidden equipment would emerge from panels, etc in the walls. Evidently, Firestar was created for this show and then introduced into the comics later. Originally the Human Torch was going to be the third member of the group, but couldn’t because of licensing issues and so Firestar was created.

Spider-man is one of my favorite superheroes for several reasons. First, I identify with him because of his origin as a nerdy awkward guy. Even after gaining his superpowers he’s still the same nerdy, awkward guy. Peter Parker, Spider-man’s secret identity, wasn’t the most popular kid in school. He wasn’t a jock, did well in school, had a hard time talking to girls, wasn’t rich. He still had these problems even after becoming Spider-man. I am a nerd. I like video games, Dungeons & Dragons, did well in school, am shy and awkward (just ask my wife). I find myself draw to Spider-man because of our similarities.

Second, Spider-man always tries to do the right thing. Peter Parker could have used his superpowers to stop a simple theft, but he didn’t and his uncle Ben died as a result. That was when his uncle Ben’s lesson about great power and great responsibility really sunk in and he truly became a hero. Spider-man isn’t an antihero or even a reluctant hero. He fights crime because he has the ability to do so and to do otherwise would make him less a man and tarnish the memory of someone he loved.

Third, he has problems. That’s right, his life isn’t perfect. His life continued normally after gaining his powers. His life didn’t magically improve when he acquired his powers, if anything it deteriorated. Not only did he have to continue to deal with his personal life, now he had superpowered villains trying to kill him. As Peter Parker, he had to deal with school, work, social life, etc. Then he had to turn around and try not to die as Spider-man.

Captain America

Captain America is the ultimate Boy Scout, not only is he a decent, honorable man, but he can kick your butt seven ways to Sunday. One of the main things about Captain America is that he embodies the values that all superheroes wish they possess. He is the superhero’s superhero. He isn’t the fastest or the strongest, but despite all that other superheroes wish they were Captain America. Spider-man looks up to Captain America, and he is the one person that Wolverine truly trusts. Why is that? Because he’s Captain America. He is brave, unselfish, honorable, decent, courteous, and more. He is the one hero that we can always count on to do the right thing all the time, every time. Captain America is heroic, not because he has powers. He is heroic because of who he is. The powers just help him. He would strive to be a hero no matter the circumstances, which is why he was chosen to be the first test subject in the super soldier program. He embodied all of the characteristics that they were looking for.

I was so pleased when I heard that Captain America was coming to the big screen. I was worried for a while that Hollywood would erase all that was decent and right with Captain America and turn him into what you would find in every other third-rate action movie. However, going against type, we got one of the best superhero movies ever.


Many people but Batman higher on their lists. I really like Batman. I remember watching reruns of the old Adam West/Burt Ward television series as a kid. I still remember watching Batman the Animated Series when it first came out. I have seen every Batman movie from the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton offerings to the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale trilogy. Batman has always interested me and impressed me. He is smart, tough, and resourceful. He knows that Gotham City is corrupt and dangerous and he does everything in his power to clean it up and make it a safer place for normal people. The criminal element rightly fears him and his brutal and effective ways. And face it he is one of the coolest superheroes of all time. However, there are some things about Batman that push him further down my list.

Batman is almost an antihero. He’s dark and brooding. He doesn’t like anyone and very few people like him. He doesn’t kill his opponents, but he certainly isn’t afraid to maim them in horribly permanent ways. People will say that he has to be brutal in dealing with evil. He doesn’t have the advantage of superpowers. He has to put his opponents down quickly and make sure they don’t get up again or he’s toast. While that is substantially true, why doesn’t he invest in more tasers or knockout gas?

The next thing is his money. Don’t get me wrong. I would love to have as much money as Batman. The problem is that I can’t identify with him as well as I can with some of the more down-to-Earth superheroes. I have the same problem with Ironman. As Bruce Wayne, Batman has so much money. I just have no concept, no way to relate to the guy. His socioeconomic status an mine just don’t see eye to eye.

The last thing is the most annoying my opinion. Naturally, superheroes have to defeat the bad guys. We wouldn’t like them if they always lost. Why would we root for a superhero when we know he was going to lose every single time. However, Batman carries this to the extreme. Whenever anyone asks the question, “who would win” the answer is always rabidly Batman. Batman vs Superman? Batman. Batman vs Darksied? Batman. Batman vs Captain America? Batman. It has nothing to do with examining the characters’ powers, experience, and weaknesses. Batman wins because he is Batman. That is so much crap. Superman would smear Batman across the landscape if they were really going at it. The only reason that Batman won is because Superman really didn’t want to hurt him. In other words, he was holding back. Batman had to go all out and won, but it wouldn’t have mattered a bit if Superman hadn’t been holding himself back.

The Sovereign Seven

Now this in an obscure one. I came across the Sovereign Seven a number of years ago at the library. I have found the library to be an excellent resource for comics and the selection keeps improving. Anyway, the Sovereign Seven is a DC Comics offering featuring a team of seven individuals gathered by the team leader, Cascade. Each of the seven were of royal heritage, but were exiled because they would not submit to the Rapture. Indeed they were rebels seeking for a means to defeat the Rapture and take back their homeworlds.

The leader of the Sovereign Seven, Cascade, her story is a little different. Cascade is the daughter of Maitresse, an ally of Darksied. In fact Maitresse freed Darksied after he had been imprisoned on the Wall. Cascade’s mother was imprisoned on her homeworld where, like Darksied, she is absolute ruler and can reshape the planet according to her whim. Cascade isn’t trapped however, her power enables her to teleport herself and other through time and space, which is how she gathers her companions.

After gathering the others, Cruiser, Indigo, Rampart, Network, Reflex and Finale, the seven end up on Earth, courtesy of Big Barda and her Mother Box. They tangle with Lobo who was transporting Big Barda in a Tantalus Web. The effects of the web were to turn Big Barda into the ultimate object of male affection. She would morph to suit the tastes of whoever viewed her. For a time she became Czarnian just like Lobo.

The team consists of Network a telepath, Cascade who can teleport through time and space, Cruiser a powerful telekinetic, Rampart who can build shields of any configuration that protect against physical and psychic damage, Reflex – the largest of the seven is also the quickest – able to dodge most anything, Indigo a master escape artist and tactician who can blend in in any environment, and Finale is the weapon master of the seven. Together they fight various foes, Darksied’s Female Furies among them, from their base in the Crossroads restaurant on Earth.

The series wasn’t that popular and I’ve recently heard that there were problems with the series, at least problems from a fan perspective, but I very much enjoyed what I’ve read, but I don’t think that the Sovereign Seven lived up to its promise, which is too bad.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The next superheroes on my list are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I remember when the Turtles cartoon first came out. It was amazing. It hasn’t really aged well, but what can you do. That aside what isn’t there to like about the Turtles? They were reptiles, always cool, and they were ninjas, put the two together and you had a winning combination. Now, of the Ninja Turtles my favorite has always been Leonardo. First, I like swords. And second, my favorite color is blue. I realize that only applies to the movies and the cartoons. In the comics all the Turtles wore red. The comics, as I found out later, were also great. Now, back to Leonardo. Besides the weapon and color combination, Leonardo was always the most noble of the group. He was the one that really embodied the aspects that I look for in a superhero. He was honorable and decent. He made you want to be better yourself. He had the qualities that make a person heroic. The other Turtles were great and all, but Leo was better.

Interesting fact about the Ninja Turtle, they were created by the same accident that gave Daredevil his powers. However, since they aren’t Marvel creations they can’t actually claim it in the comics.


Deadpool makes this list for a variety of reasons. Sure, he is an antihero not a hero per se and he will back-stab and betray his allies, but every once in a while he comes through and saves the day. Now that isn’t why he makes the list. He makes the list mostly because in a world where superheroes take themselves too seriously, he doesn’t. He knows he’s in a comic book and he will talk to the audience as they read. Even in the Marvel vs Capcom 3 game, if you win as Deadpool he will harangue you for sitting on the sidelines while he does all the work. I am also glad that he was included in the Ultimate Alliance game. He provides some much needed comedy relief, shouting things like “I won, I won” or “And now I’m better at doing whatever it is Wolverine does!”. Deadpool was once a normal human being until he was diagnosed with cancer and volunteered for the Weapon X program. Yes, that program, the one that fused adamantium to Wolverine’s skeleton. In the Weapon X program Deadpool was given Wolverine’s healing factor which cured his cancer and irreparably disfigured his face. The process also had the added side-effect of unhinging him a bit, which is why he talks to himself and knows that he’s a comic book character.

Interesting fact about Deadpool, he’s “dating” Death. Thanos is in love with Death and is willing to destroy the universe for her, but evidently she would rather have Deadpool. Go figure.

There you go these are my top picks for my favorite superheroes. Let me know who your favorites are and why. What makes you prefer say Batman over Superman or any of the other hundreds of superheroes out there. Who would you like to see translated to the big screen, hopefully without the standard Hollywood must put its mark (read damage) on the character adaptation. You can let us know what you think by commenting on our Twitter account or comment here our blog or go to the forum. You can also email us at
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Podcast Episode 99 – Part B

The DG Podcast has returned. We are back for another episode. We are now one step closer to episode 100. We realize that you are a kind, intelligent, caring individual. Which is why we aren’t sure what it is that keep you from supporting the intelligent, witty repartee that is the DG Podcast. We have several theories some involving alien abduction and others about NSA brainwashing, but we can’t go into those. However, we do challenge you to break off the shackles that bind your mind and join the DG Podcast in bringing more intelligent conversation to the wasteland that is the internet.

Rhett has had a busy week playing Shadows of Mordor. That isn’t to say that’s all he’s done. He has also been re-watching the Netflix Daredevil show with Lindsay. He’s seen it, she hasn’t. He also helped Lindsay move. She wanted an apartment where she could have her cat. Jason has been busy trying to do geek related things, but all he could remember was watching the Punisher and Punisher Warzone and reading Casino Infernale. He did remember that he’s been watching Better Off Ted, a hilarious show, that ended before its time. We also talk about the recently published images of the Suicide Squad and how we are a bit hesitant to fully geek out about the new movie.

Jason then decides to pander to superfan Chance by reviewing 20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About Green Lantern. Some of the things that you will learn about Green Lantern are:

  • He doesn’t like Batman
  • He was almost in a comedy starring Jack Black
  • He had a starfish as a sidekick
  • Hal Jordan wasn’t the first Green Lantern
  • Batman painted himself yellow and beat Green Lantern like a punching bag
  • Hal Jordan went crazy and started killing everyone
  • Chris Pine might be the next Green Lantern
  • Green Lantern will have a crossover with Star Trek

We then start in on the politics of green biofuels and GMOs. Basically, the genetic modification food has been the goal of humanity from the beginning. If you don’t think that primitive farmers tried to increase their food yields and increase the resilience of their produce and livestock you are fooling yourself. We have just taken the next step in the process and are now tinkering with the DNA directly.

The podcast winds down with some new from the new Star Wars movie. There has been more information revealed (leaked?) to the public about the story. A first look at Commander Phasma, portrayed by Gwendoline Christie. She will be playing an Imperial Officer who is chasing Finn, John Boyega, after he defects. It has also been confirmed that she has been practicing with a lightsaber.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 99 – Part B

Podcast Episode 99 – Part A

Welcome back to the DG Podcast where we hand out internet enlightenment like it’s going out of style. Do you feel like you could use some more style in your life? Do you feel like the internet is passing you by? Well, it probably is. But if you act now you can bring the DG Podcast into your life. Now, I’m not going to claim that it will fix everything in your life (we don’t do miracles), but your coolness and style factors will go up by at least a factor of one and what’s not to like about that?

Rhett and Jason have been lame this week. Jason has been watching videos on Youtube from WatchMojo.com. They specialize in top ten lists. Their videos are alright. He had some difficulty finding food for his pet salamander. The fish he usually gets at Petsmart were all killed by an infection. Petsmart had none left. Rhett relates a goldfish related anecdote from his time at Walmart. He and Lindsay have been watching Gotham. He has been playing Shadows of Mordor, taking a break from Bloodborne. We talk a little about some of the peculiarities of playing Mariokart. Rhett spends his time during this episode taking a quiz about the Avengers.

We do have an email from Chance this week, right on time. The thing is that he is brief, not his usual loquacious self. He wants to get to bed early for free comic book day which is tomorrow. He plans on getting some free comics and maybe taking some pictures with some cosplayers. In anticipation for free comic book day he picked up Batman, Harley Quinn (really?), and Action Comics. He enjoyed PT the game/trailer for the new Silent Hill game, while lamenting its loss (we don’t know for sure that it will be lost). He is looking forward to the next thing that will replace the now finished action hero tournament, and is looking forward to episode 100. He also had an experience that I would like to have one day – he had to interview someone for a position where he works. I would like to be on the other side of the table someday. Though I get his sentiments.

In the geek news this week:

  • Microsoft age check app used to check video game character ages
  • Cosmic DC event – Darksied War
  • Banjo Kazooie has spiritual successor
  • PT is down – new Silent Hill game cancelled
  • Twitter prohibits game embedding
  • H1Z1 adds default female character
  • Xbox Live Gold – free this weekend
  • Bungie sells t-shirts for earthquake relief
  • Hilary Clinton will anti-violent game stance hinder election bid?
  • Florida Supreme Court upholds Xbox murder conviction
  • GaymerX teaming up w/Flame Con
  • Rand Paul – resolution of disapproval against FCC
  • Valve gives developers ability to ban players
  • PS4 lifetime sales 22.3 million units
  • Spiderweb software leaves IOS and Apple
  • Free Market Capitalism
  • ESPN host comments negatively on video game tournaments
  • Ouya looking for buyer
  • Gamestop to raise money for Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Default female skin for Minecraft
  • Teen burned for supposedly stealing PS3

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 99 – Part A