Podcast Episode 90 – Part A

We are back for another episode of the DG Podcast. If you take the time to listen to the podcast, you will discover a wealth of information and intelligence. You will be enraptured by the content that will be presented. Your IQ will rise like a zombie from a grave. Your love life will be transformed and Don Juan will be stricken with envy. That is unless you are one of the legion of troglodytic, brainless, oafs so prevalent on the internet, and I think we already know into which category you fall.

On the show tonight are Rhett and Jason as usual, with Lindsay joining us from her deathbed. Yes, Lindsay has one foot in the grave and one foot on a banana peel and she still joins us for the podcast. You can’t buy that kind of devotion. Rhett has been retro gaming with the likes of Shinobi III and others. Lindsay has mostly been trying not to die while picking up games for her PSVita. Jason hasn’t done anything of note, at least not on the nerd front. He does share an experience that he feels was handled with style by the mother involved and wishes he could have been there to help teach the idiot involved a lesson.

Chance sends us a great email this week and Jason reduces it down to several sentences. First, Leonard Nimoy has passed. Chance has been trying to finish Breaking Bad. He has been able to resurrect a small part of his old laptop that contained his novel. His novel is about why there are jerks on Earth. He expresses some curiosity over playing pen and paper rpgs and asks for some suggestions on where to start. We naturally provide them. We touch on restoring old gaming systems and Chance talks about his preferences as far as which systems look the best. He talks about the most expensive Genesis cart he’s found. And finishes with his recent comic buying experience.

The news dump this week provides us with some entertainment:

  • FCC passes net neutrality
  • 42 player AI only Civilization being run
  • Swatting revisited
  • New Toe Jam and Earl game
  • Capcom apologizes for rumor of Resident Evil co-op
  • Modders create Resident Evil co-op
  • PC version of GTA V delayed again
  • GDC event rules
  • Developer uses DMV patrons to test his mobile game
  • Dead or Alive 5 game breaking bug
  • Kanye West developing a video game
  • Batman: Arkham Knight rating
  • Top reasons for buying new consoles
  • Dying Light special edition price tag
  • £80,000 raised for gamer charity
  • Steam has 125 million active users
  • Blizzard Diablo 3 microtransactions
  • Final Fantasy Mystic Quest scam
  • Games for Change awards finalist announced
  • What color is the dress

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 90 – Part A

Regret from a cynical man.

It is perhaps a given that I will be cynical when it comes to the vast majority of internet personalities.  I myself have coined the phrase “Douchiepie” in place of PewdiPie (or however you spell that ridiculous name).  Whether or not this is justified is another story.  Over a year ago the story about the death of a man who goes by the name of JewWario was read on our podcast.  Not knowing who he was and simply seeing the twitter response I was somewhat dismissive of his passing.  Recently I had the opportunity to view some of his work on Youtube and I must admit that I regret dismissing him out of hand.

JewWario, as his name implies, is a Jewish gamer who posts videos on Youtube, one of his specialties are import games.  Though somewhat goofy he comes across as a very competent and knowledgeable individual who genuinely seems to want to share what he knows with everyone else.   A website he was heavily involved with describes perfectly his encouraging attitude towards imports as its called youcanplaythis.com.  His interests are a specialty thing yet he never manages to come across as elitist or restrictive in any way.

What is striking about the man is his overall encouraging and loving demeanor.   He was a genuinely caring person.  Countless stories can be found of him stopping everything he was doing simply to talk to a fan.  He cared very much for those who listened to him and made every effort to be encouraging as well.   His best known moment was a candid conversation he had at the beginning of his regular Friday live stream.  I could describe it but its best to simply let him do so in his own words.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tN60yFjO-g

Getting to know him better about a year after his passing has made me not only regret my cynicism but regret not knowing the man at all.  Its hard to find very many genuine people and he very much seems to be one of them.  Not having known him I didn’t feel his loss as much as I felt the loss of someone I could have known.  Do I regret my Douchiepie comment?  Absolutely not what are you ridiculous?  I do know however that Pewdipie may actually be a decent person despite his just terrible contribution to the internet.

Perhaps even more unfortunate was the way JewWario passed.  His suicide it seems, surprised everyone, including close friends.  The ever encouraging JewWario gave very little indication he struggle with depression at all.

Every time something like this happens you hear the call for more dialog on the problem.  Those who have dealt with depression often sigh dismissively at the efforts because they have heard this before.  Depression is, and always will be, a monster, a ravenous foe that consumes relentlessly pouncing upon those we least expect to succumb to it.  The passing of Robin Williams is a perfect example that it can affect even the most joyous of us.

I don’t have any answers for you today but I think an honest man would admit that JewWario was a good person and the world is worse off without him.  Perhaps, at the very least, we can all find a way to lessen the burden of those around us and find a way to stave off depression for another day?  This cynical man will see you next time.

– Rhett

Podcast Episode 89 – Part B

Legendary Battle of the Action Heroes - Guns Edition

We open the show with an experience that Jason and Rhett shared recently. For her birthday, Lindsay wanted to play a certain game that she owns. This particular board game is based on a wildly popular MMO. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. We played a board game that is based on an MMO. We played…wait for it… World of Warcraft the Board Game. The experience was a positive one over all. Would we play the game again…yes I think we would. Could the game have been simplified…yes. This particular game was the most convoluted game that we have ever played that wasn’t a video game. If you have the opportunity to play the game, do so. You will enjoy the experience and you will be glad the computer does so much for you in WOW.

Rhett brings us back to the topic of retro gaming. There is a very good reason for it. He received a Sega Genesis, a Super Nintendo, and a Dreamcast in the mail recently. As such, he has taken to playing these consoles almost exclusively recently. He has also been exploring how to improve his retro gaming experience. Turns out that with the Super Nintendo the plastic for the original production runs contain bromine which causes the plastic to yellow and become brittle. So, he found a process to reverse the yellowing and embrittlement. In the process he also discovered several examples of excellent paint jobs that have been given to some of these consoles to hide the yellowing and protect them further. He has also found out that for years we have been living with substandard video quality on our consoles. The original video cables we all used the yellow, red, and white cables compress the video, thus reducing the quality. In Europe, where the use a different standard they have been enjoying the video quality we should have gotten.

Some of the beautified consoles:

In the tournament tonight we have John McClane facing off against Tequila Yuen. Both McClane and Yuen are cops. McClane isn’t afraid to get dirty to take out the bad guys. He is resourceful and tough. Yuen in dogged in his pursuit of evildoers. He is quick and nimble. Who will come out on top? In the next round of our tournament we have Frank Martin versus Mad Max.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 89 – Part B

Open Letter to League of Legends Players

Recently an open letter was posted to the League of Legends (LOL) forums by a player named Ice Weasel X. The aim of his letter was to educated the parents of LOL players because,

“I have seen numerous stories of children who routinely disconnect mid-game because it’s bedtime, or their parents decide that they’ve played enough for the day. Some of these stories have come from parents themselves, proudly stating that they are firm about making their children stop playing at a specific time.”

Evidently if you quit mid-game it screws up the stats of the other nine players in the game and Ice Weasel the 10th wants to make sure that parents are aware of the consequences of their actions. That by making their children obey the rules and set proper priorities, these parents are adversely affecting the LOL statistics of up to ten players including their child.

I know that you recognize the need for parents to impose restrictions and enforce the rules. Ice Weasel the Unknown says as much. However, he then asks that parents teach their children not to neglect their responsibility to other people,

“While it is admirable that you are teaching children some responsibility to schedules, please stop neglecting to teach them responsibility to other people. Unless your child is playing a Custom Game, his actions will permanently affect the statistics of up to 9 other people. Don’t enforce behavior that involves disregarding other people. Do you want your child being callous to people in face-to-face situations too?”

This is in fact a false equivalence. The two situations here are not equivalent and quitting mid-game will not lead to anti-social behavior. In fact, LOL has a group chat where the players can apologize for leaving the game early which is exactly what would happen in a face-to-face situation. How many of us when we were growing up would be out playing with our friends when we were called home for dinner, bedtime, trip to grandma’s, homework, etc? What did you do in that situation? Leave without a word? Apologize briefly and then go home, promising to return later? I guarantee you did the latter.

You aren’t asking for courtesy in your open letter. What you are asking for is consideration. This is where you make your mistake. You are asking that parents place a higher consideration on your video game and your player statistics than anything else. Let’s think about that for a second. First off this is a game. This is one of the first things that Ice Weasel V + V points out. In the real world which is more important: bedtime or a video game? If you answered video game you are an LOL player and wrong. Second, your player statistics are made up numbers that tell everyone how well you play a video game. Are they more important than bedtime? The correct answer is, “No”.

If you actually think about what this open letter is asking, think about it dispassionately, you will realize how discourteous you are being to the parents of LOL players. You will also realize how presumptive you are thinking that you can give unsolicited parenting advice for a situation that is a non-issue. What you should be doing with your open letter is calling for LOL players to be more courteous to other players and more importantly to their parents by turning off the game when their parents tell them to. Had parents of LOL players asked for advice on what they should do in this particular situation you would be justified in doling our the advice. However, as a blatant non-parent you expose your ignorance with this letter.

I call for all parents, especially Ice Weasel 100/10’s parents, to keep it up. Our children need boundaries and they need them enforced consistently. This helps them to know that we care about their welfare. They also learn to follow the rules, something that can only help them throughout the rest of their lives. In fact, we should turn off the computers more often and teach our children a healthy respect for face-to-face interactions over virtual ones.

Podcast Episode 89 – Part A

Yet again the DG Podcast brings you knowledge and quality entertainment and like the proverbial horse we can lead you, but we can’t make you drink. That’s right. I said it. You have the intelligence of a horse. Start listening to the podcast and I might be tempted to upgrade your to dolphin, maybe even chimpanzee.

We have Lindsay with us on the podcast this episode. So the usual banter is a little longer. Evidently she’s been playing Dark Souls. So far, she has gotten further than she’s gotten before and hasn’t died yet. Rhett has been doing more retro gaming. His Dreamcast came in from Goodwill. The same Goodwill that overcharged him for shipping. Plus, one of the controller was broken. Jason has been reading Gotrek and Felix. We explained some about that last time. The book he is reading now is called The Anthology. While he has enjoyed the book, he wonders if they couldn’t have come up with a better title.

Chance sent us an email, as per usual. We really do appreciate his emails even though Jason butchers them. Unfortunately for you, you don’t get to enjoy his prose style. He recently got a new laptop and had a novel experience at the same time. The Best Buy employee gave him great customer service. He also learned that the SNES has an eject button, who knew? He lays out his requirements for gameplay because of the negative reviews of The Order 1886. Is intrigued by Darkest Dungeons and compares it to Illbleed. Gives Rhett an “I told you so”, and proves that Goodwill overcharged him on shipping. And finally, he boggles at the prices being charged for old video games in Utah.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the news dump:

  • Settlers of Catan movie rights
  • Bungie pissing off Destiny players
  • Invader Zim to get a comic book
  • First images of Aquaman
  • Blizzard testing microtransactions in China
  • Kickstarter for Delta Six controller
  • Rogue Legacy, Shovel Knight, Wasteland 2
  • Twitch fan con event
  • Australia’s new copyright infringement laws
  • Developers weigh in on Metacritic
  • Comcast says data caps are mandated by law
  • Sega Network investing in western market
  • Definition of a gamer
  • Couple plays Call of Duty while son suffers brain injury
  • Tim Schafer defends Peter Molyneux
  • Buffalo, NY promotes computer game design contest
  • Dr Greg returns to gaming
  • Unreal Engine 4 to offer grants
  • Reddit donates 10% of profit to 10 charities
  • Canada extends video game tax cuts
  • Analyst predicts 80 million PS4 units sold by 2019
  • Pax East Panel – promote atheism in games
  • Steam chat censors mentions of torrent sites
  • Microsoft to be more accessible to developers
  • UK House of Lords try to classify internet as public utility
  • Master Chief motorcycle helmet

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 89 – Part A

Podcast Episode 88 – Part B

Legendary Battle of the Action Heroes - Guns Edition

We have a great show for you tonight, not that you care. We bring you culture and refinement and you slum it with the idiots on YouTube and League of Legends. But that won’t stop the DG Podcast. We will persevere. We’re worth it. I don’t mean to you. I mean to us. Why would be persevere for people who like a guy who hates barrels? Really, you would think that I was talking about you?

The show today opens with more on retro gaming and what we did for Valentine’s Day. Rhett and Lindsay decided to go to store in town that deals quite heavily with retro gaming and had an awful time of it. Evidently, this new surge in popularity that retro gaming has received has caused this particular store to adopt some rather unsavory business practices, not illegal, they just leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. So they ended up at several other stores, not strictly retro gaming stores, but they found better deals. Rhett also had a run in with Goodwill. He’s been looking for a new Dreamcast console and he found one on the Goodwill website. The site is like eBay, but the proceeds go to a better cause. However, they are rather deceptive in their practices. They don’t bother to put their shipping costs anywhere on the site and don’t inform you as to what you will pay until after you are already committed to buy. Then when you complain they treat you like an idiot and tell you that the information is on the site.

Jason played a game called Guillotine with his family. It is loosely based on the French Revolution. The object of the game is to obtain as many points as possible by beheading as many nobles as possible. Rather fun and morbid at the same time. He also talks about a website that he isn’t happy with either. Paperbackswap.com had an interesting model. You could post any book, hardback, paperback, audio, and the other members of the site could search your books and request that you send them. You would send the book to them and get a point when they received the book. You would then use those points to request books from the other members. They have decided to start charging $0.59 per transaction. It isn’t a great expense, but it is annoying. So, Jason and his wife, in trying to get rid of their points before they started charging searched for books they might like. Jason ended up finding out that one of his favorite book series had more books in it than he’d been aware. Gotrek and Felix, a Warhammer series, about a dwarf, Gotrek, seeking to atone for past dishonor by dying in battle travels with his human companion Felix. Felix being honor bound to record Gotrek’s death in an epic poem. The world is horrible with everyone and everything trying to kill you, and Gotrek travel around trying to find the biggest and the baddest monster or demon in order to kill it or die trying.

The match-up for tonight is between James Bond and John Matrix. James Bond is a superspy. He uses his smarts, skills, and tech to defend the free world. John Matrix is a retired clandestine operative that uses his muscles and his magic gun that fires exploding bullets to kill bad guys and rescue his daughter. Both are legendary and feared for their skills. The next match-up is between John McClane and Tequila Yuen.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 88 – Part B

Podcast Episode 88 – Part A

Full description to follow. Not that you will appreciate the effort of typing up the description or the effort of trying to enlighten you. I shouldn’t be surprised. This is the internet after all. Land of Disenchantment where people like PewDiePie make money being idiots. Is that really where we want our culture to go. The DG Podcast is trying to drag you into the light of reason and intelligence. Just let the ignorance and stupidity go. I know it will hurt, but it’s for the best.

Since there is no email from Chance tonight, we talk about Darkest Dungeon. This game employs a number of video game mechanics and story telling techniques that make it a very enjoyable game. You take control of a party of up to four adventurers and employ them to explore the various dungeons, warrens, swamps, etc. that surround your base town. Now, that may not sound like much, but you have to be careful as you explore since the monsters, traps, ancient books, etc. will not only test your characters’ fortitude, but their sanity as well. In fact, your characters can breakdown in the midst of a dungeon. Pushed to the breaking point, your characters can develop psychological problem and this starts to affect the morale of your other characters to the point that your entire party ends up in the looney bin. Speaking of asylums, you can unlock one in town where you can send your characters to have their various problems cured. You also need to periodically return to town to let your characters recover from the ordeals of dungeoneering. The consequences of not returning to town can be dire.

Jason mentions to Rhett that he picked up the Game of the Year edition of Dishonored at the library. Dishonored has some unique elements. The main energy source for the world is whale oil, which is surprisingly effective in real life. Anyway, you play the bodyguard of the empress. She is killed and you are blamed, thus Dishonored. Afterward you go on a quest for vengeance, picking up unique items and powers on the way. You even receive a clockwork heart that beats when hidden items are near.

The newsdump this week:
We start the newsdump with the news of an open letter to parents of League of Legends players. A League of Legends player has written and posted an open letter to parents to tell them that they need to let their kids finish their matches no matter what, as a courtesy to the other players in the match. Bedtime, dinner, have to leave to visit granny – doesn’t matter your kid is playing League of Legends. It is imperative that he finishes the match.

  • Peter Molyneux has received death threats over his kickstarter
  • Elder Scrolls Online to add vanity items
  • Matt Higby resigned from Daybreak Game Company (Sony Online Entertainment)
  • Mortal Kombat X Will Feature More Realistic Portrayals of Women
  • Dying Light Top PS4 game in January
  • Ubisoft says Q3 earnings solid
  • More about politics and broadband
  • The Whitehouse and cybersecurity
  • Blizzard World of Warcraft Pet Sale Generates $1.9 Million for Red Cross
  • Law & Order: SVU has cyberharassment episode
  • Sega layoffs and restructure
  • Republicans versus Net Neutrality
  • Turkish government investigating violence in Minecraft
  • 2K Games and Evolve Season Pass issues
  • Etc

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 88 – Part A

Podcast Episode 87 – Part B

Legendary Battle of the Action Heroes - Guns Edition

At last the DG Podcast is back. I hear your collective sighs now that you realize that all is again right with the world. I know that if it wasn’t for us your pathetic lives would be meaningless. Well, you can put away your implements of self harm, you lives again have meaning. You’re welcome.

On the show we have a guest, our die hard fan, Chance. He joins us at the special request of Rhett. Rhett asked Chance to join us on the show because, one he’s a gamer, and two he a retro gamer. That’s right, we are talking about retro gaming. Retro gaming has experienced an upsurge in popularity recently. There are a quite a number of reasons for this. We all remember our first games fondly. Plus, now that we are older and have some disposable income and families we are interested in sharing our first experiences with our families. There are also those bozos out there who just want to own everything.

How should I introduce our conversation? We talk about the Atari consoles, the ones that caused the first video game crash. We talk about the NES that re-established the public’s confidence and desire to buy video games. We talked about the Sega offerings, the Genesis, the Dreamcast, etc. The advances in the consoles. We also talk about some of the games that we really enjoyed as kids and that we would like to play again or would like to share with our kids. We talk about Bubble Bobble, Castlevainia, Battletoads, and others that I just can’t remember.

Since we had a guest on the show no battle. We will resume the battles next week with the showdown between James Bond and John Matrix. Let us know who you think will emerge victorious.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 87 – Part B

Podcast Episode 87 – Part A

So, you have returned. Pretending as if you didn’t know what you’d done. You make me sick. When you make a mistake, cowboy up and take responsibility for your mistakes. That is the only way you will learn, well, that and listening to the DG Podcast. That is what we are all about, dropping knowledge on the ignorant masses. When the masses (read you) aren’t ignorant anymore then our work will be done.

Rhett and Jason have been busy this week. Rhett has been retro gaming this week. He’s been pricing Sega Genesis and Dreamcast consoles and playing Mount and Blade, along with other retro games. Jason finished Infernal Devices and the ending was rather different than he had expected.

Chance has had a crappy week so far. He had a thief in his store. Not only did the thief make off with store merchandise, but he also made off with Chance’s phone. This piece of human filth calls himself Randy and in addition to his crimes tried to return stolen merchandise to the store for cash. In other news, he loves Beyond Two Souls, the Percy Jackson series, and Mankind The Story of All of Us. He doesn’t like the artwork of John Romita Jr. and he has finished the Justice League cartoon and is looking for another series to watch. He like Fury, but he isn’t impressed with Superman’s new power or costume change.

What time is it? News Dump Time:

  • Nintendo working to release old games and smartphone games on the 3DS
  • Ninja Tourism is on the rise
  • Darkest Dungeon is on Steam
  • Dark Souls 2 is getting final DLC and it changes the ending
  • DC Comics is going through another overhaul
  • Minnesota man swatted while streaming Runescape
  • First major update of 2015 for Xbone has dropped
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition and Shadows of Mordor win big at Dice
  • Sega trying to resolve issues with eLicense
  • Netflicks announces Zelda series
  • Marvel announces women only Avengers team

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 87 – Part A

Podcast Episode 86 – Part B

Legendary Battle of the Action Heroes - Guns Edition

I really don’t know what more I can possibly do. I have heaped ridicule and scorn upon you and still not a flicker of recognition has come our way. I guess I could try honey rather than vinegar, but you don’t deserve that. Let’s be honest, shall we. When you do something to deserve praise, we at the DG Podcast will recognize it, and we both know that’s a long shot.

Jason discusses his recent activities. When you get your own show you can do it too. He recently watched Big Hero 6, G.O.R.A., and the Wind Rises. Big Hero 6 is a superhero movie produced by Marvel and Disney. It is quite entertaining, but there could have been some further character development of the secondary characters. G.O.R.A. is a Turkish sci-fi. That’s right a Turkish sci-fi. The in jokes and the plot are at least marginally entertaining and he is looking forward to the second half. The Wind Rises is evidently the last Hayao Miyazaki picture. It is the story of the designer of the Zero the Japanese fighter plane used during World War II. It has a more oriental ending than Americans are used to . The ending is very bittersweet while we Americans like to have a happy ending. He also talks about a book that he’s been reading, Infernal Devices. It is a steampunk novel set in London. The main character has inherited his father’s business making fantastic clockwork devices, but he didn’t inherit his father’s genius. He is then embroiled in an intrigue involving his father’s acquaintances and his devices. The author’s writing style is reminiscent of Dickens and Cooper, but is more entertaining.

Rhett brings of a couple of things to our attention in this episode. First we discuss the Need for Speed mobile app and the micro-transactions evidently you now have to pay for gas if you want to use the app. We also discuss shovelware and the possibility of another video game crash like the one that occurred back in the 80’s. Also, Superman is getting another power. Evidently, the power will be quite dangerous and Superman will have to learn to deal with being a hero and the fact that he might end the world at the same time. Rhett also wanted the following images posted to the blog:
Going Super Saiyan
Tom Cruise kills Oprah

In tonight’s match up we are featuring Jules Winnefield versus John Rambo. Jules Winnfield is a sophisticated hitman. He is not in the least afraid or squeamish when it comes to doing the deed. John Rambo is a Vietnam vet and a trained killer. He is also slightly crazy. Interesting to note, in the book First Blood, Rambo dies at the end. The next match up will be between James Bond and John Matrix.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 86 – Part B