Podcast Episode 64 – Part 1

Here we are again infecting your brains like the brain parasites from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn. You have returned to the podcast that is banned by the Geneva Convention and was used in Guantanamo as a form of psychological torture. Welcome back.

We have some small talk about the things that have been going on in our lives. Rhett’s been playing Dark Souls and the university has started again. Jason hasn’t been gaming recently, but looks forward to playing Wasteland 2 when it comes out. However, you didn’t come here to hear about us.

Chance starts out strong in his email. He enthuses about Phineas and Ferb and looks forward to seeing the Star Wars episode, when he can. Internet top ten lists are a favorite of his (ours too). We will definitely be bringing more to the podcast in the future. He does give us a bit of a chewing out over the student athletes getting paid for the likeness in games. Our opinion is that students should be at the university first for academics and second for athletics. IF the order is changed there’s something very wrong with colleges and college sports. Chance has also decided that maybe, just maybe there wasn’t a conspiracy around the 9/11 attacks, and as soon as someone tells me the name of the video I’ll post it. What else can I say? Chance’s wife is handling his finances, which is pretty normal (I wouldn’t trust him with money. He’d just spend it on games). He is lusting after the new 3DS and the GCW Zero handheld, which is understandable. And he flips a coin and Ellen Ripley wins in his opinion. Also, manish women creep him out.

Rhett then turns our attention to several new developments. Layoffs hit Nintendo Europe. They layoff 320 people. Seems a little disappointing you hear about thousands of layoffs and Nintendo just lays off 320 people, a little underwhelming. The creator of Oculus Rift says that VR is not mainstream and won’t be for at least 5 more years. The Google/Twitch deal falls through and Amazon swoops in and buys Twitch. Seems that Google was a little worried about antitrust laws. The new Piracy Czar is a former entertainment lawyer. Australia is suing Valve. Not someone in Australia, the whole country is suing Valve. The dentist who was charge in conjunction with Leland Yee has died. He supposedly set up arms deals. Eve Online fired 2 execs and closes one of its offices in San Francisco. GOG is now offering DRM free movies. Best Buy is predicting slow sales in the upcoming holiday season. Lizard Group that claimed responsibility for the DDOS attack that shut down Blizzard, Xbox Live, and Playstation Network lied about their involvement and the called in a bomb threat on a plane. Brand loyalty not an issue in the current console war. Italian researchers are using the WII balance board to help MS patients. The Mirror is claiming that Call of Duty is being used to recruit jihadists.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 64 – Part 1

Podcast Episode 63 – Part 2

Legendary Battle of the Action Heroes - Guns Edition

Thanks for tuning in to part 2 of episode 63 of the DG Podcast. We knew that you would be tuning in. I mean really, what else would you be doing? This is the podcast that gives meaning to your existence. Without it you would fade into oblivion. You’re welcome.

First off, Rhett and Jason discuss the recent Phineas and Ferb/Star Wars crossover. They did some very clever things with this crossover. First, they didn’t just replace the main characters and enact the story from A New Hope. They told a story in parallel with the story from A New Hope. It was highly entertaining. Next, while the show was definitely aimed at children they included in-jokes and nods that grown-ups will appreciate. Rhett and Jason both enjoyed the episode. Jason laughed through the entire episode and hopes that they will continue with the rest of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Rhett then brings up some top ten lists that he felt were funny. Both of the lists are related the DC Universe. The first list is the top ten things that DC would like you to forget about Batman. This list has some good ones: Joe Chill, steroids, swearing, guns, etc. The next list is top ten dumbest things that Green Lantern has constructed. This list boasts things like a baby basket to transport Speedy, giant construction workers, a giant teddy bear, etc. We also discuss a few of the dumbest thing from Superman: that he fat shames Lois, he was in a porn movie (a plot to discredit him with brain washing), randomly attacking cars, etc. However, we don’t do the full top ten for Superman.

Finally, the podcast wraps up with the battle royale between Casey Ryback from Under Siege, and Ellen Ripley from Alien. Casey Ryback is a former Navy SEAL turned chef. He has advanced training in hand-to-hand combat, firearms, explosives, and anti-terrorism. Ellen Ripley is a member of the merchant navy. She has a master’s degree in engineering, is an accomplished pilot, has survived the xenomorphs, has firearms training, and is a spaceship pilot. Let us know what you think. The next round of combat features Indiana Jones versus J.J. McQuade. The Nazi fighting archeologist versus the Texas Ranger/former marine. Send us an email to weigh in.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 63 – Part 2

Podcast Episode 63 – Part 1

That’s right. You didn’t think we could do it, but we just proved you wrong. That’s right we got the podcast out on time for once. Take that you internet haters. We can do it.

On the host front, Jason’s kids are back in school and he was trying to remember when school started for him. His daughter now start school before Jason had to start his last job. It seems a bit extreme for a kid. Rhett has been playing Dark Souls, trying to develop the right skills to play the game. Dark Souls is a difficult game and playing it with the right mind set and skills makes the game easier.

Chance really got a charge out of our last episode. Evidently he enjoys discussing religion and conspiracy theories. When we recorded the episode we didn’t intend to bring religion into it, but Jason feels that Scientology, far from being a religion, is a conspiracy theory all on its own. However, we discuss faith and religion for a bit before moving on to conspiracy theories and mistrust of government. Let me just say right up front that the government has done very little recently to inspire us to put our trust in it. He has also let us know that the Retron 5 console has a huge flaw. It either wrecks the Nintendo cartridges or the cartridges wreck the console. So, don’t get one until they fix the flaw. Finally, he is looking forward to the new tournament. Hopefully, we will be able to deliver on its promise.

In the news dump, we go through several stories of interest. Movie revenue is down this summer. Titanfall is now free on PC at least temporarily. Sony to close Playstation Home in Japan. EA cracks down on FIFA 15 cheaters. DDOS attacks target MMO’s. Play Dishonored on Steam for free, again at least temporarily. Top democrat tries to use Reddit to rebrand net neutrality. Recent polls indicate that female gamers now comprise 48% of all gamers. NCAA appealed court decision regarding the use of student athletes in video games. The global Counterstrick event breaks attendance records. Lizard Island Observation game teaches students to think like a scientist. Tax credits are now available for game developers in the UK that make games that are culturally British. Sucker Punch studios layoff employees. Activision is looking into moving into movies. Time Warner cable signs deal with Netflix. Bungie has to return founder’s shares to music composer. Delaware passes laws to allow heirs to access digital property. Puppygames co-founder says that customers are worthless. Riot Games says no larger prize pool for League of Legends. Konami shuts down fan remake of Metal Gear, after they had given permission. 92% of game sales in 2013 were digital. UK WOW subscribers to get rate hike. Warner Brothers interested in defunct Microsoft movie studio.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 63 – Part 1

Podcast Episode 62 – Part 2

Legendary Battle of the Legendary Legends

We got together and hashed out our next Battle Tournament. I took a while which is why this episode is late. However, you can now look forward to a new round of tournament debates. We also hope that this doesn’t go on too long. To that end, we have adopted some rules for this time around. The major rule is that no debate will go on for more than one episode.

We start the episode with small chat about what’s been going on for us. Rhett has been maxing out the achievements on Batman: Arkham City. We briefly discuss fighting games and the impossible task of trying to master the combo moves. We also discuss a bit about our martial arts experience. That particular story involves a broken tooth and a broken nose. It’s a great story. We wrap this segment up with a discussion about the something that might be a bad trend in gaming: prepaying for alpha and beta versions. If you’re not sure what we are talking about take a look at Kickstarter and the various video games that you can back. This isn’t the same as buying a preorder. You are investing in something that may never come to be and with no guarantee that you will get your money back if the project fails. The game producers can then push out the games in alpha or beta status without proper testing. They have also made their money on the game without actually producing the game.

Rhett takes us into the realms of conspiracy theory and new age rhetoric. There is a prevailing theory among the intellectual elite that if and when we make contact with a more advanced alien civilization they will invariably be a benevolent society that has eliminated all war and conflict among themselves. After listening to our thoughts on this type of society we would like to hear your thoughts.

This works quite well with Jason’s subject. Periodically, he enjoys reading up on conspiracy theories. He enjoys a good laugh. We talk about several that are among his favorites: the Roswell conspiracy, Area 51, the Reptilians, the Tuskegee experiments, etc. If you want to have a good laugh check out the history of the Scientology. I tell you, some of the things people believe in. We also talk about some of the reasons that people keep believing in these conspiracies. Our main belief is that no one trusts the government.

Finally we get to our new tournament. On that note we give you the Legendary Battle of the Action Heroes (Guns Edition). There are too many action heroes to list them all in one tournament so at least for this time around the heroes in the tournament, while they may have used their fist on occasions, they used guns. In the first battle we have John McClane from the Die Hard movies facing off against Gabe Law from The One. Next week we will debate a battle between Casey Ryback from Under Siege against Ellen Ripley from Alien. Who do you think will win Ellen or Casey?

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 62 – Part 2

Podcast Episode 62 – Part 1

Another week and another late podcast. We have no excuses, but we also don’t really care. If we said that we did we would be lying and you know where liars go right? Detroit. That’s right, just think about that for a moment. Do you really want us to go to Detroit because we don’t.

We shoot the breeze for a while. Jason has been trying to teach his daughters how to swim with mixed success.

Chance snipes at us for a while (we did get the podcast out late), plus he wanted Rhett to acknowledge that he participates in corporate America whether he likes it or not. While Rhett argues that it’s not the corporations that are the problem, but the government that permits the corporations to act that way. We also get a recommendation for the movie Flashpoint Paradox from DC. This reopens our discussion about superheroes that kill their opponents. What do you think, would Gotham be better off with Rorshach patrolling the streets or would it devolve into Chaos as Rhett suggests? He has also been getting some good deals on games for the N64 recently and getting into retro gaming. He has a few suggestions for how to get more listeners by inviting people to do interviews and podcasting together. His email ends with mentions of Jason eviscerating his email, #KillAuntMay, Howard the Duck falling to Aunt May, and him cosplaying as Batman at a local comic-con.

In the news dump there was some interesting news and some items that were so pathetic that we even hate to mention them. Action Comics #1, the debut of Superman, is for sale on eBay. Fans are circulating a petition to put Robin Williams in the next Zelda game. Animated film White Tiger Legend is nearing completion after a single man put in four years of work. A new city sim is coming out and the big selling point is an offline mode. Gamescon just wrapped up and that’s about it, nothing new. Xbone is going to start supporting the mkv file format, a step forward for pirated movies and TV. Lady Gaga is obsessed with Japan and apparently offended the Japanese by cosplaying with a shirt with Korean symbols on it. Kim Kardashian defends her atrocious mobile game. The organizers for the Minecraft event have disappeared shutting down their various social media accounts. Snowden says that he has more damaging information on the NSA yet to be revealed. Depression game is now available on Steam. Microsoft has bought the exclusive rights to the next Lara Croft game, but only for one year. Robin Williams is going to be an NPC in World of Warcraft. Former CEO of Microsoft now owns the Clippers. A 16 year-old created a browser addon that tracks political contributions. Sierra, creator of the Ultima video games, is going to be creating games again. Twitch accounts have been hacked. PS4 tops sales for July. Microsoft says that it still supports the Kinect. Assassins Creed: Unity will have micro-transactions. California couple has been imprisoned for keeping their children locked up so they could play World of Warcraft. An article in the Wall Street Journal says that it might be proper, depending on the employer, to put your World of Warcraft leadership skills on your resume. Game developer Obsidian has secured the rights to the Pathfinder RPG setting.

We also have decided what we are going to do to replace our recently finished Legendary Battle of the Legendary Legends. We will be revealing it in the next episode of our podcast.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 62 – Part 1

Podcast Episode 61 – Part 2

Rhett and Jason finally got together and finished episode 61. You’re welcome. We know that this is the high point of your week. We hope that you haven’t done yourselves any injury waiting for this episode.

This episode begins with a discussion about what Rhett has been doing recently. He has been revisiting some Nintendo 64 games that he enjoyed when he was younger. Some of these games are like a time machine in some ways. We put the game in and suddenly we can play our old save files. He has also been playing Batman: Arkham City, his favorite of the Arkham games.

This naturally leads into a discussion about Batman since Jason has been watching Batman Beyond. We discuss the animated series and movies that have been released recently from the DC Universe. For one reason or another Jason got in a discussion about Mark Hamil who had done the voice for the Joker for several years. He has even done the voice for the Joker in the Arkham series video games. To see some of the range of Mark Hamil’s voice acting talent check out this video of an interview he did on Conan.

We wrap up the episode with another Battle Royale: Aunt May versus Howard the Duck. Right off Rhett admits that he would prefer if they both died. I think that is the general consensus everywhere. However, we have to have a winner. Either the giant space duck or Aunt May who can’t seem to die. We even theorize that maybe the entire Marvel Universe would fall apart if Aunt May dies. She may be the personification of an eternal force like Galactus. Anyway, #killauntmay.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 61 – Part 2

Podcast Episode 61 – Part 1

Welcome back to the podcast. If I said I was sorry that it it late or that it wasn’t Jason’s fault I’d be lying. What can I say? We enjoy tormenting our listeners. Dance minions, dance. Maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh!

Rhett recently went to see the Guardians of the Galaxy and thoroughly enjoyed the movie. He did have some criticism of the film, but what nerd wouldn’t. He had a great time watching it and said that the movie was well done, but that there were a few things about the characters and they way they were portrayed that didn’t match with the source material. We are nerds and when they deviate from the original material we get upset. So, if you wanted to see the Guardians as they were written in the comics you will be disappointed, but you will still enjoy a good movie.

In our listener email (thanks Chance), we get a bit political. I know that Chance enjoys it when we get political. We like to throw our fan a bone now and then. We talk about corporations and how they are getting a hand from the government to grow out of control. That may be a bit of an exaggeration. Then we talk about Microsoft losing $400 million on the Xbone. Sony is subject to a class action suit. Evidently someone is rather upset about something with Killzone. Sony is accused of false advertising in regard to Killzone. Chance is also trying to get a Panasonic Q Gamecube for less than $300 all the while complaining about the price of use games. He sides with us on Jubilee winning against a random 20-year old, but doesn’t care. He wants to see Howard the Duck versus Aunt May (#killauntmay).

In the news dump we have quite a bit of news to get through. First off Robin Williams died, apparently suicide. God of War writer says popularity of post apocalyptic video games is that they reflect real world tribulation. Father takes his sons to the Middle East to teach his boys about realities of war as opposed to video games. Twitch get muted for copyright infringements. Netflix is making more money than HBO. New on Twitch: a fish plays Pokemon. Snowden is granted 3 more years of asylum. Felicia Day sold her Youtube channel. Shovel Knight is doing well and is worth a look. 800,000 subscribers leave World of Warcraft. Risk glorifying video games can exacerbate risk taking activity. There is a new Hearts of Iron video game in the works. Verizon admits that they throttle bandwidth for unlimited service, but it’s just to get people to stop using too much bandwidth. A British group is criticizing violent video games that glorify violence in the Middle East. An Arizona man wants to raise money for his “Year Without Privacy”. This nutjob says that we should have no privacy whatsoever and the government should spy on us more, serious nutjob. An Oxford study claims that one hour of gaming a day is good for kids. And finally, Tropico 5 is banned in Thailand.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 61 – Part 1

Podcast Episode 60 – Part 2

Welcome to the DG Podcast. In case you didn’t know it’s Wednesday and hopefully your week is going well. If it isn’t then listen to our podcast and it will be worse. If it isn’t you can have a full refund.

We open our discussion talking about board games that we enjoyed as kids and adults, and some that we didn’t. In our discussion we talk about Axis and Allies, Stratego, Scotland Yard, Electronic Star Wars Battleship and a few others all made our like list. A few that made our other list were Risk and regular Battleship. What games did you enjoy as a kid or even now?

Our discussion then turns to the new comics that were released by Marvel this month. We have several comics coming out this month. Deadpool is now married to a succubus. A new comic line is being run called Rise of the Incarnates (they might have a PR problem). Ironman and Nova are going after Cyclops and who can blame them. Cyclops and his dad have a heart-to-heart. The secret Avengers go after someone or other. Something is happening with the Iron Patriot, but who know what. Ghost Rider is fighting another D-list super-villain, Kang the Conqueror is getting his Revenge on the Avengers, the Ultimate Fantastic 4 blows chunks, the New Avengers have to destroy one world to save another. Vampire Jubilee is sucking some guys blood. Let me just tell you that there’s plenty more nonsense where that comes from.

At the end we leave you with the Battle Royale you haven’t been waiting for: X-man Jubilee (20-year old non-vampire version) versus a random 20-year old female with a box of fireworks. Jubilee has one of the most useless powers ever, at least the way they have been portrayed so far. They had to make her a vampire to make her effective in combat. She has some training in hand-to-hand combat and battle tactics. The random 20-year old female has a box of fireworks that are at least as accurate if not more so (she might have the advantage). Listen to the podcast for the outcome.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 60 – Part 2

Gaming Perspective

Sitting here grinning over a few old bits of data on a cartridge seems silly.  Silly perhaps but meaningful in its own way, battling the nefarious forces of darkness bent on destroying the world, or even galaxy.  It’s hard to define accurately the feeling of nostalgia when it comes to video games.  Little bits of excitement wrapped around doing things you remember doing decades before.  Simple and refined and oh so darn fun it becomes a connection to your older self.  A self you keeps trying to remind you to settle down and have some fun.

Recently our super fan Chance sent me an old Nintendo 64 he bought at a DI.  Already having one he sent it my way out of the kindness of his dirty little heart.  I owned an N64 in the past and through various stupid scenarios I no longer possess the magical device.  Magical it was at the time since the greatest Christmas’s I can ever recall revolve around receiving games for the thing.  The first year I cheated and decided to carefully open some of the presents and reapply the tape was the year I got The Ocarina of Time cartridge.  The ensuing fights afterwards when my brother or I would refuse to stop playing despite food or slumber became epic.  We both knew that in the end when we stopped the other began and our adventure would reach an untimely end until complaining brought it back around.

Though it’s difficult to recapture that experience, plugging the console in and starting up games I haven’t played in a great many years brought something special back.  A something special that I’ve been grasping at for some time with my recent gaming choices. The lack of excitement seems trivial but you know it when its gone. Recent drama and dare I say “first world problems” brought this interesting event some perspective.  On the same day I got it I was greeted to complaints from my father about how his HD 3D TV has died.  Though my shrug brought annoyance from him it is just a toy, an unnecessary and overly expensive toy.  Yet later that day amidst many signs and portends my cell phone gave up the ghost as well.  Yay for coincidences.

It’s hard to define how much these little bits of luxury become so necessary and important to our everyday lives.   Suddenly you stop to exist as a person, you no longer consume information nor receive digital comfort the way you once had.  Yet with all this going on I decided to sit down and play my new Nintendo.  A Nintendo gratefully received and one that brought back an odd moment of joy and reflection which I seem to lack now.  Thus it was Saturday night that I sat and fought with the Imperial forces bent on destroying the Rebel Alliance and found out that life wasn’t so bad.  At least until I fell off into a ravine because the controls are terrible.

Podcast Episode 60 – Part 1

Here we are at the end of another week, back to churning out another podcast for the ungrateful internet. You’re welcome. Please note that we are of above average intelligence for an internet lurker. We can actually spell, and our grammar is pretty good. What’s your superpower?

Unfortunately we didn’t get an email from Chance this week. We had the substitute episode and threw him off. However, he did send us his first podcast and if he doesn’t post it, we will.

Since we don’t have a Chance email this time we go strait into the news dump. This week in geek news the federal government passed a law in the House that all cellphone should be unlockable, Sony settles the class action suit for the hacking of the Playstation Network, the UK prime minister’s adviser is seeking to pass legislation that will make theft of virtual objects from MMOs punishable with real-world penalties, games are a good way to educate people on HIV according to a study, Google is buying Twitch, Farcry 4 developer goes to Nepal, CD Projekt RED (developer of the Witcher games) says sex has a place in games as long as it is subtle and non-interactive, ISPs are afraid Netflix is powerful enough to start charging them, Verizon will throttle the bandwidth of unlimited subscribers, gamers are angry with Rust developers for developing games in tandem with Rust, very few game studios are paying Youtubers to cover their games, AARP is afraid that the digital fastlanes will leave their constituents in the dust, research indicates that using video games or TV to relax doesn’t work form some people, Gearbox responds to the class action suit aimed at them for Aliens: Colonial Marines. Don’t worry I don’t spoil anything we said about these announcements and there’s more news in the podcast.

In addition, we talk about Comic-Con, since that just ended recently. If you have done a search to find any news or reveals to come out of the Con you know that it has been a big disappointment this year with the biggest announcement being the new Mad Max movie trailer, not in any way comic related. Some of the things that you will have seen at the Con are the new Wonder Woman outfit, Thanos, test footage from a possible Deadpool movie (I had to search for like five minutes for that, so you’re welcome), a clip from the Batman/Superman movie (sorry couldn’t find a good one, it has been taken down), Interstellar trailer, Galaxy Quest and Fight Club are getting sequels (too bad they’re just comic book sequels), Tekken 7 trailer, Witcher 3 demo, Godzilla 2 will feature Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah, Halo: Nightfall was featured, the Flash TV series was featured, etc. Basically what we have found out is that Comic-Con sucks this year and has really gone down hill.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 60 – Part 1