Podcast Episode 37

Tonight’s podcast is going to be delivered on time. No thanks to Jason. Its not that he tried to derail the podcast again, but we just don’t want to thank Jason. If this seems strange to you, you haven’t been listening long enough.

In tonight’s email we learn about Chance’s dilemma, either buy an Xbox One or loose his testicles. We also talked about advances in limb regeneration. We got some more information about the merger between Comcast and Time Warner and why we should be worried. Chance gives us his views on a new trend, complete digital delivery of video games. He also stumps for Captain Marvel in the battle between Captain Marvel versus Doctor Strange.

In the news dump, Rhett can’t get our intro music to work so we skip it for this week. We will try to get everything worked out and blame Jason and bring it back next week. Irrational Games, the studio behind Bioshock, is closing. The director is saying that he wants to focus on more indie type games. What he’s really saying is that he didn’t make back his money on Bioshock Infinite and can’t keep paying that many employees. We also discussed digital only delivery of games. We also mention briefly the new trailer for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It looks impressive, and we hope it does well. There’s more, but you’ll have to listen.

Jason then talks about why you should buy an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3 this year. There are several reasons to buy one of these systems. They both have massive game libraries. New games are still being released for these systems and will be for a while yet. However, they are both getting older and support and game releases will stop eventually. For the Xbox, if you want do anything but play games you have to have a gold account, which isn’t free. All of the things that you have to pay for on the Xbox is free on Playstation 3. The online multiplayer, the streaming youtube, etc. all free on PS3. In addition, the PS3 has the better hardware, even after the improvements that the Microsoft made to the 360. So if you only have enough cash to buy one, buy the PS3.

Rhett lets us know exactly how he feels about multiplayer achievements. You can guess where this is going. Rhett doesn’t like them. Jason is mostly in agreement. Neither of us are very diehard when it comes to multiplayer gaming. Yes, this is a bit hypocritical considering that we do our podcast while playing an mmo. Listen to our reasoning it will make sense.

Tonight we return to the battle between Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange…and again we appeal to the fans. Jason did some more research and still thinks the fight goes to Doctor Strange, and Rhett with Captain Marvel. Jason feels that Doctor Strange is on par with Shazam the wizard who gave Captain Marvel his powers and as such is more the more powerful of the two. He also has the ability to “take” another being’s powers and banish demons and humans. Rhett thinks that Jason’s argument that the creation can’t be more powerful than the creator is flawed and that since Captain Marvel’s powers are god given they are more than a match for Doctor Strange. So, here are links to the official Marvel wiki and you can research Doctor Strange yourself. And here is the official DC wiki for Captain Marvel and the Captain Marvel page on wikipedia. There’s more info on the wikipedia page than on the official DC page, kind of sad. So read up, and come up with a coherent argument and let us know.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 37

Podcast Episode 36

Sorry about the lateness of tonight’s podcast. Yesterday was Singles Awareness Day or Valentine’s Day as it is also known and Jason, everything is his fault, was on a date with his wife. Now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

First up are the emails. We have a few tonight. Both Chase and Vaughn sound off on our discussion last week about interesting superhero crosses. We get things like Hulk/Two-Face, Batman/Punisher, and Kitty Pride/Catwoman. Just think about that last one. That sound you just heard was the heads of thousands of nerds across the internet exploding. The emails also mention a new program by Gamestop that will permit people to put an Xbox One on layaway.

In tonight’s news dump we demo our new news dump intro, thoughtfully provided by our listener Chase. In the news dump itself we talk about the Norwegian mass murderer who wants his PS2 upgraded, 40 years of Star Wars, Comcast buying Time Warner (we should be worried), the flappy birds fiasco, Simcity and Battlefield 4 didn’t have horrible launches, and more.

Rhett talks tonight about a favorite subject of his, post apocalyptic futures. He opens the topic with a discussion of the new show Continuum. He had discussed the show with Chance and decided that: (1) Chance likes it and (2) we needed to talk about post apocalyptic futures. We talk about several movies that explore that theme: Waterworld, the Mad Max Series, the Postman, Judge Dredd, Demolition Man, etc. We wanted to stay away from the zombie apocalypse and discuss some more likely scenarios, like nuclear holocaust or government takeover by corporations.

In tonight’s scrum we pit Captain Marvel(DC) against Doctor Strange. Captain Marvel has super strength, stamina, speed, invulnerability (magical and physical), and can cast magical bolts of lightning. Doctor Strange is the most powerful sorcerer in the Marvel University. This is a rather simple way to say that his magical prowess is second to none. In the ensuing melee Rhett comes down on the side of Captain Marvel while Jason sides with Doctor Strange. We can’t come to a decision and want to get your thoughts on the topic.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 36

Podcast Episode 35

Tonight on the podcast we experiment a little with our format. We only have 35 episodes so it isn’t like we are set in our ways yet. If it was 50 episodes you wouldn’t get us to change for anything. We have seen in the past few podcasts that Rhett does more reading than gaming. So he is trying to cut down on the reading by condensing it more. Our experiment isn’t entirely successful however, but we will keep working on it.

In Chance’s email he extolls the virtues of swearing and points out its rich and diverse heritage. Rhett says more power to you, but I don’t swear. Jason finds it entertaining when Rhett censors Chance’s emails. He also votes down Rogue in her bout with Magneto. We also find an answer to one of the things that will improve this year over last year for Chance, here you go.

As far as the news goes we cover a light saber training school in Italy, more fodder for the powers that be to despise video game consoles, the Beethoven of Japan is a fake, and much more, so much more that our experiment doesn’t work as successfully as we’d like.

Jason then delves into the Amalgam Universe and we discuss superheroes from the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe that would make awesome amalgamated superheroes. The topic was inspired by this article. If you aren’t familiar with the Amalgam Universe, it was a comic line back in the 90’s that crossed superheroes from the Marvel Universe with superheroes from the DC Universe. They crossed Superman with Captain America, Batman with Wolverine, Solomon Grundy with the Hulk, etc. So we came up with some of our own.

Rhett came up with something on the spot. Video games have gotten easier over the years. If you haven’t noticed think back to games like Battletoads where your lives were limited as were your continues. You can argue that we have more options like easy, hard, and insane, but that just illustrates the point. If you can’t beat the game you can always adjust the difficulty, not so with older games. We understand the motive behind the move. If you can’t sell the game you don’t make money, but that doesn’t mean we should always play games on easy.

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We also finish up two bouts in our Legendary Battle of the Legendary Legends tournament. First, we make a final decision in the Magneto versus Rogue match. Then we decide the outcome of the Silver Surfer versus Wolverine battle. Next week we will have Captain Marvel(DC) versus Doctor Strange. This should be an interesting bout considering both of their powers are magic based.

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The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 35

Podcast Episode 34

We have quite a bit to discuss tonight. We talk tonight about the massive battle that just occurred on EVE Online. EVE Online is a space MMO. Evidently the battle lasted 21 hours and cost $300,000 in real money. There were 7,548 characters involved in the battle from 2 coalitions. This battle now claims the record for the most Titan class ships destroyed, 75. The previous record was 12. You can find more information at the EVE Online battle write up.

Rhett reads Chance’s email. And we start to wonder about his sobriety during the reading, Chance’s not Rhett’s. We have always wondered about his sanity, not his sobriety.

We also talk about revealing personal information online. Which is the topic of Jason’s dissertation. He has created a facebook app that asks questions about this very thing and then provides an evaluation on how safe your public data is. You can find the app at apps.facebook.com/facesurvey.

Then Jason talks about an article that provides reasons why 2014 will be better than 2013. We talk about hope, intelligence, troops returning, funding of the war on terror, replanting redwoods, etc. We think that these things, while good in and of themselves, fail to be proof that 2014 will be better than 2013.

Rhett then talks about video games and invites anyone who wants to join him. He enjoys playing Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War. He is currently playing War of the Roses on Steam. We also just purchased Dark Souls and will let you know what we think of it.

Finally we end the podcast with tonights bout from our tournament. For your consideration we have Magneto, The Master of Magnetism, versus Rogue, the Powerhouse from the Bayou. Magneto can manipulate metal through his mastery of magnetic fields. He is also able to project force fields, generate EMP bursts, channel his power through his body to increase his strength and durability, and more. Rogue on the other hand is much more of a wild card. She can kill with a touch. We decided that she would have her Ms. Marvel powers just to cut down on the confusion, so super strength, stamina, durability, etc. We feel that she has a good chance of winning this bout. Rhett does point out that Magneto has beaten Rogue on occasion. Jason counters that Rogue is afraid of her powers and tries to never use them in an offensive capacity unless forced. However, we decide to throw this open to voting. Let us know who you think would win and we will decide the winner next week.

Let us know what you think about the topics discussed tonight and about tonight’s Battle Royale so we can call it next week: versus on our Twitter account or comment here our blog.

The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 34