Podcast Episode 7

Welcome to Episode 7. We have officially passed Lucas by one episode. Granted it is easier for us to put together an episode. In this episode we discuss graphic novels and the potential of the graphic novel. We also mention Maus, I got a few details wrong, but I was right about it winning a Pulitzer Prize. So far it is the only graphic novel to do so. We discuss whether or not there are other graphic novels of the same caliber. We talk about time travel, a topic that we revisit several times during our discussion. We also discuss Star Trek and whether or not a society like the Federation of Planets could actually exist. Finally, we end the episode with our Battle Royale discussion. This week who would win in an automotive deathmatch James Dean or Lindsay Lohan. Sound off on any of the topics we covered by commenting on Twitter account or our blog.

The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 7

Podcast Episode 6.5

Welcome back, this is episode 6.5. This is an interim episode. There are only two of us this time around. We talk about comics and comic related issues. We would say that we are doing this in honor of Comic-Con, but we don’t want Comic-Con to start thinking to much of itself. We also don’t end the episode with our traditional deathmatch. We will bring that back next time. I digress. We talk about how comics have great potential, but that instead of living up to that potential, they disappoint us regularly. Send us your comments.

The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 6.5

Podcast Episode 6

Welcome back, this is episode 6. Rhett starts things off with a rant about the state of the Gaming Media or how sites dedicated to video gaming review and report on video games. We then move on to are family vacations really vacations or should we re-label the with something more appropriate. The next topic we discuss are video games that Vaughn played recently and may not play ever again. For our last topic we discuss whether or not video games can be seen as an art form. We then end our podcast with our Battle Royale discussion. This week’s contenders are Gandhi versus Martin Luther King Jr. This week’s Battle Royale is very different from our previous discussions, listen to see how it ends.

The Distracted Gamers Podcast Episode 6